Liberals, Warming Alarmists & Junkies – Its All About Feeling Good

As someone who reads a huge amount about Climate Change, and not just sceptics blogs and articles, but both sides of the debate, Aardvark has noticed that for many believers in Anthropogenic Global Warming there is an unshakeable belief that they are right and CO2 is the major player in Climate Change.

The belief that they are right, and that science can ever be settled is unshakeable, when their prophecies of Environmental Doom fail to happen, they gloss over the failure and scream stridently about taking the moral high ground,  leading by example and others will follow.

A case in point is Juliar Gillards regime in Australia, having gone back on an election promise not to introduce a Carbon Tax, Gillard promptly did just that.

Has the rest of the world followed Australia’s example?

No, Canada and Japan have left Kyoto since Durban became the third COP failure in a row,   British Columbia were  going to introduce a carbon tax because they believed others would follow their example.

No surprises that British Columbia have now abandoned the carbon tax, as no one else wanted to join in the economic suicide fest.

Recently Aardvark was emailed this observation on the psyche of Liberals and Warming Alarmists (Hat Tip GG Girl), despite much googling Aardvark has been unable to find the author of this work, so if anyone knows who wrote this insight into the Liberal mind, or indeed the author should read this,  please let Aardvark know so they can be duly credited.

Whether it’s global warming, spending cuts or votes for prisoners, you always know which way liberal opinion will fall. It’s predictable, and predictably depression – especially as liberals hold such sway in politics and the media.

I think liberals are like junkies. Junkies strip away all the extraneous stuff in their lives until it’s just them and their fix. They live for the pleasure of taking drugs, and will resort to all kinds of low behaviour to get what they want.

Liberals have their own fix, and it’s the sense of ‘goodness’ that comes from expressing sympathy for others and trying to do something to remedy it. It’s an emotional response they believe makes them a better person – it’s right, it’s good and it puts them at the cutting edge of human evolution. It is a sentiment beyond reproach, the key to making a better world and the proper response of any self-respecting individual.

The trouble with such moral certainty is that it puts itself beyond reproach. It is so right and so decent, that anything that robs it of legitimacy must be wrong. This is why liberals use the junkie’s trick of stripping away all the extraneous stuff – the stuff that gets in the way of their fix. As soon as you start examining why a person is suffering – whether it’s unavoidable, whether they brought it on themselves, whether any attempts to deal with their plight might cause yet more suffering – then the moral certainty becomes less obvious.

If you block out all this stuff, however, and focus purely on the instinctive emotional response to someone’s suffering, you will enjoy a warm moral glow that makes you feel good about yourself. Simply by feeling this way, you can believe that you are on the side of the angels against the forces of evil.

This is why liberals are indifferent to the reasons behind someone’s suffering and in the unintended consequences of their ‘solutions’. It’s also why they are ready to fabricate and distort reality in order to get their fix. Liberals create narratives that justify them leaping to the rescue. They will conjure up problems and label people as victims as a pretext for showcasing their compassion, and (in their minds at least) being a force for good in the world.

For instance, there can be no doubt that racism has been on the decline for years. And yet listening to the anti-racism lobby, you’d imagine it was rife. That’s because the liberal establishment are keeping the spectre of racism alive. Whether they are willing to admit it or not, liberals need causes like racism to show off their moral superiority and to feel that they are doing good.

Since liberals need to convince themselves and others that they are ‘good’, they like conspicuous remedies. Not for them solutions that eschew deliberate acts of do-goodery. Better outcomes might be achieved by leaving people to their own devices, but where’s the show of compassion in that? This is why they prefer grand designs dripping with good intentions. These are something liberals can get behind, and thus give them their fix. They need to believe that good intentions matter and make a difference.

For these reasons, I think that liberals are fundamentally egotistical. They might truly believe they’re on the side of goodness and light, but ultimately they confuse doing good with feeling good. And the fact that they are willing to deceive, coerce and impoverish people in order to get their fix makes them very dangerous indeed.

About Tory Aardvark

Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. It’s not just liberals who acknowledge the reality of anthropogenic climate change. A realist view on the world is not limited by political bent.

  2. lymlitte nypo

    manofffireandlight, grand name , i think you are somewhat missing the point old chap. If indeed as a man of fireand light you may perhaps endorse the sentiment of “whose reality” , perhaps not ! The point is that there is far more evidence that it is not indeed anthropogenc, if indeed it is happening at all , why is does the use of the word realist always translate to mean something awful, sad I think. I am a fence sitter on the entire debate. If indeed it is not man made, nor if indeed it is not happening at all then that would be a very good thing would it not ? we could all have a party and be happy.

  3. Liberalism sounds a lot like Münchausen syndrome by proxy – using exaggerated or imaginary scare stories as a pretext for interfering in peoples lives – for their own good of course. /sarc off

  4. Brian G Valentine

    I have a different view. I think enviros act the way they do because of the shame they are burdened with from the things they do when they think no one is looking – they take out their shame for their behavior on everybody else.

    Religious zealots do the same thing. Their motives are so transparent

  5. it’s all about the money.

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