Environmentalist Thinking Is All About Limits & Hating People

Primitive Tribes have never progressed beyond a certain point because anyone who gets ahead is subject to shaming, threats and coercion, we in the developed world know this ethos as socialism

The Green and environmental movement has this obsession with limits to everything, we are consuming too much they wail, people in the developed nations need 4 planet Earths to meet their current consumption levels.

This desire to limit everything is the same primitive thought response that has stopped many of the so called primitive tribes from ever evolving beyond,  the hard hand to mouth existence they have known for thousands of years.

This hard drudge of a life is the dream of ecomentalists like David Suzuki, long time human hater Paul Ehrlich who wants to kill off 80% of humans while making sure the remaining 19.99% live in abject poverty. The other 0.01%  can continue with 21st Century life as normal, because someone has to be in charge and self appointed Green environmentalists always know best.

The pessimism of Environmentalism devalues and distorts the natural human desire to progress as greed and destruction, something that must be prevented, and failing that punished.

One discovers when engaging alarmists that it is more about the background narrative and belief system that people make an emotional commitment to than it is about factual evidence or rational/empirical science. This limits perspective continues as a leading threat to human development and progress toward a better future. It’s continued widespread acceptance everywhere demands a more robust response.
The belief in limits is a primitive perspective. Anthropologists refer to it as the “limited good” view of life. Tribal peoples have long seen only so much good available to them and if some members of a tribe take more of any thing then it is believed that the others are obviously losing out. So tribal people use shaming, threat and coercion to make the more successful members (e.g. in hunting or planting) share with the rest of the group. For years I observed firsthand this shaming of “greedy” tribe members among the Manobo tribes of Mindanao. It undermined the motivation of others to get ahead

The core belief of socialism, the Occupy movement, Green environmentalists and every NGO playing a part in the great man made Global Warming scam.

Too many people still hold to this primitive limited good view of life. They believe that if some people have been more successful, then it must have been at the expense of the rest of us. The successful (the 1%) have taken more of the limited resources that are available to all of us.

All too depressingly familiar, success is to be condemned, denigrated, a dirty word.

The limited good view is also associated with the belief that to desire more, to want to consume more, or to get ahead is quite obviously evidence of greed and selfishness. Increased consumption violates the belief that the simple low-consumption lifestyle is morally superior. This is related to the similarly primitive belief that humanity is a curse on the planet, greedy and destructive, a defiled intruder into pure nature and that people do not really belong here. There is a demonic element in humanity that leads to the ruin of life and nature. Many ancient religious traditions hold to the belief that there was a pure and perfect beginning, a creation that was spoiled by defiled and fallen people. Since those early people destroyed the original paradise, life has been in decline toward some coming disastrous ending.

Like all declinist visions, this posits an enemy (devalued, dehumanized, demonized) that is attacking something good and pure, and now an emergency plan of salvation must be enacted to rescue the pure entity by eradicating the dangerous, destructive enemy. In contemporary environmental visions, a pure and inherently good natural world must be saved from evil humanity. The salvation plan aims for the restoration of what the devotees believe is the lost paradise or utopia.

The logical implication of such beliefs is that humans must be restrained from their destructive ways of consuming too much, of using too much of nature’s resources. They must be regulated, held back, and even punished.

Their desire for a better life, and the use of resources that this requires, is the cause of nature’s destruction; it leads to the exhaustion of limited resources. Earth must be saved from this destroying vermin that does not respect the sacred limits of life.

Time and time again, these Environmentalists sheer naked hatred of people surfaces.

Limits thinking has been an essential element in the environmental narrative of imminent apocalypse that has become lodged in the public consciousness over the past decades. And consequently it has inspired endless obstruction of human endeavor to create a better life for all. An endeavor that needs abundant and inexpensive energy supplies. I remember Bill Rees, with his dark vision of all resources as strictly limited, then arguing that human economic development should not only be halted, but actually reversed. He once stated that income should be limited to $8000 annually per family.

Dr Bill Rees know as Dr Doom, another advocate of  a return to the Agrarian Age where people go to bed when the sun sets because there is no longer electricity, by now  to operate a power station is deemed as progress and thus punishable.

Interestingly, this is the level, according to some models of the Kuznet’s Environmental Curve at which people, having met their basic needs, then turn to improving their environments. The Kuznets Curve shows that when people are wealthy enough they then naturally take better care of their environment. It has become obvious that economic development does not destroy nature but actually saves it. It is only in the poorest areas that severe environmental degradation is still occurring.
David Suzuki, a disciple of Rees, also shares the view that a return to a limited primitivism is the salvation of the world. He has argued for such things as returning to the use of oxen in agriculture, just as they do in Cuba, a shining example of agricultural productivity for the rest of the world to follow.

Now this is confusing, cattle we have been told by the Greens are evil because they emit both CO2 and methane, which is why there are projects underway to capture methane from cows.

Surely all the cattle would have to be cleansed along with the 80% of people to protect the remaining populace, and Gaia  from the CO2 Wolf.

These elite environmentalists, having attained a comfortable standard of living, now want others to refrain from the same levels of success and development. Through a centralized program of coerced redistribution and reversed development they would return all of humanity to levels of primitivism and poverty last known worldwide centuries ago.
This environmental narrative is profoundly anti-human because it is anti-progress, anti-success, and anti-development and growth.

The point to remember is that every aspect of the Green Dream program be it renewable energy, saving whales, hugging trees or molesting Bugs Bunny is inexorably linked to stifling human progress and aspiration, and ultimatley culling us, to protect what they regard as their planet.

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