Green Energy Is Dead In Spain

Spain has a record high for unemployment, twice the EU limit on budget deficit and a Green economy that has caused this mess in the first place.

The world was a different place at the beginning of the 21st Century, Climate Religion was at the height of its powers, people and politicians cowered in fear at the predictions of the coming environmental holocaust.

In the early years of the first decade of this century to stave off Global Warming as it was called then, countries like Spain and Portugal followed the Germans and Greened their economies on the German Green subsidy model.

Over a decade later the total economic failure of Green renewable energy has been plain for all to see, a US House of Representatives report concluded that there was no such thing as lasting Green jobs. Green jobs because of the huge subsidies they require kill more jobs in existing industries than they create  in the new Green industries.

This killing of real jobs, for short term low carbon jobs has cost Spain 2.2 real jobs for every Green job created, now with the economy in ruins Spain has stopped all the Green subsidies put in place by the previous Socialist government.

Spanish renewable-energy companies that once got Europe’s biggest subsidies are deserting the nation after the government shut off aid, pushing project developers and equipment-makers to work abroad or perish.

From wind-turbine maker Gamesa Corp. Tecnologica SA (GAM) to solar park developer T-Solar Global SA, companies are locked out of their home market for new business. These are the same suppliers that spearheaded more than $69 billion of wind and solar projects since 2004 that today supply more than 50 percent of Spain’s power demand on the most breezy and sunny days.

Saddled with a budget deficit more than twice the European Union limit and a ballooning gap between income and costs in its power system, Spain halted subsidies for new renewable-energy projects in January. The surprise move by Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy one month after taking office helped pierce investor confidence in stable aid for clean energy across Europe.

“They destroyed the Spanish market overnight with the moratorium,” European Wind Energy Association Chief Executive Officer Christian Kjaer said in an interview. “The wider implication of this is that if Spanish politicians can do that, probably most European politicians can do that.”

Kjaer is correct other European politicians can and will, abandon the money pit of renewables.

In Germany, that once strong bastion of Climate Religion the Green Energy transition is all but dead:

The German government no longer believes in the green energy transition. Doubts are growing in the ruling coalition government that the ecological project can succeed.

The project, which involves shutting down Germany’s nuclear power plants and an increase of the share of renewable energy to 40 percent, was a very ambitious goal, the parliamentary leader of the Free Liberal Party (FDP) Rainer Bruederle told “Welt am Sonntag”. “We will have to build a whole range of new gas-and coal-fired power plants – perhaps more than we first thought. It can not be that we are shutting down our nuclear power plants and then import nuclear electricity from France or the Czech Republic,” he said.

The problems for European renewables continue to mount as the EU has now declared Shale Gas to be Green, rich Green Liberal George Monbiot at the Guardian is busily throwing his toys out the pram and proclaiming that “Britain’s climate change policy is going up in smoke“, coal and gas emissions targets have effectively been abandoned in Britain.

The dash for gas has been given the Green light, which is kind of ironic,  all that remains is for other EU countries to turn the subsidy tap off in the same way as Spain and the Green renewable energy money pit will be gone, and not a moment too soon.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. Brian G Valentine

    Our European friends are learning the hard way, there is no reason to accept abuse for ever.

    Many abused spouses have learned the same lesson, and there is nothing left to do except pick up what’s left and move on. And make sure it doesn’t happen again.

  2. Spain is cutting ALL subsidies as their economy spirals down the drain and it is indicative of the depravity that you deniers wallow in, that you use their misery to highlight one of the cases of subsidy cuts. You have no shame, but then both we and you knew that.

    • So remind me, who it was who led Spain down the path to economic ruin, no need it was a GREEN SOCIALIST government.

      Indicative of the depravity that we deniers wallow in?

      You are almost as funny as your belief in man made Climate Change, religion has deniers, science has people who do not agree, denial is a faith based option.

      The EU has given the green light to shale gas, one of your leading religious organisations the IEA has said fracking will kill renewables dead.

      If you had actually read the links you would have seen the US House Representatives report that identified Spains problems as being caused by the Green economy,

      Face it, your CO2 scam is dead no believes the all the failed cries of Wolf anymore, the planet is cooling and tne great green dream is dead.

      All you believers (ROFL) stay on the moral high ground and freeze yer ass off in the comming 25 year cooling cycle, the rest of us will enjoy cheap energy from shale gas and ignore superstious Green Gaia believers who will be telling us that it is the warmest year since 1979 and we are all doomed unless we build wind driven solar dildos or something like that.

  3. It is laughable and hypocritical that you believe in something that has no scientific basis and accuse scientists of religious fervour. I do not believe in climate change, I believe in the rigour of the scientific method, which continually reinforces the scientific case for AGW. It is you who has bought the faith-based approach championed by the schills of the fossil-fuel industry and the (actual) religious fundamentalist whose anti-science agenda preaches of six thousand year old Earth.

    • You say you dont believe in the great global warming scam, yet you call people who dont see things the way you do deniers, the very same insult that the warmists use constantly.

      As to rigorous scientific method? The IPCC and science? You are kidding.

      Or is it the 76 scietists that filled in an on line survey and magically became the 97% of climate scientists that say AGW is real?

      Science never has been about consensus and it is never settled and no way is this science

    • Brian G Valentine

      “Scientific case” for AGW

      HA HA HA you’ve been had, the “science” behind this is sub-par to the “science” of phrenology.

      Astrology, by the way, is right, sometimes. So that makes it much more credible than AGW.

      Ordinary people think AGW is a joke, and their intuition is correct. LOSERS believe in AGW, and CHARLATANS reinforce that belief

  4. Whether you believe in AGW or not, you cannot deny that certain man made actions substantially ADD to the overall warming of the planet. I know that there are natural climate shifts, but it does not mean that it is 100% natural.

    • Brian G Valentine

      I can “deny” anything for which there is no evidence. Farming, man made reservoirs and lakes, deforestation – all of it, will change the climate – locally. The climate can’t be changed “globally” any more than the orbit can.

      The natural recirculation of the oceans – completely within 800-1000 years, say, involves an unfathomable transfer of energy, abetted or not by deep ocean geothermal heat. This is many orders of magnitude larger than any change in reflectance or absorbance of solar energy in the atmosphere or the ground surface.

      It is a comparable comparison to the influence of the Moon and Mars on the tides.

      People refuse to stop and think

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