Judge – Peoples Rights Are More Important Than Green Energy Targets

The Coalition Governments Renewable Energy targets are in tatters after a High Court ruling

The Green wind farm steamroller has finally been brought to a halt, not by politicians or public pressure, but by the sense of a High Court judge who has ruled that people’s rights are more important than lining the pockets of the rich. and foreign energy companies with British Tax payers money for Green subsidies.

Despite rejection of the proposal to build 4 wind turbines, the company concerned,  Sea Land and Power Ltd, thought it was their god given right to Hoover up Green subsidies and went to the High Court on the grounds that the East of England had failed to meet its renewable energy targets.

Villagers scored a major victory over the wind farm and green lobby yesterday.

A High Court judge ruled their right to preserve their landscape was more important than the Government’s renewable energy targets.

Mrs Justice Lang said building four 350ft turbines would harm the character and appearance of a beauty spot on the edge of the Norfolk Broads.

The proposal from Sea & Land Power and Energy had already been rejected by both council and government inspectors.

In what will be seen as a landmark ruling, the judge agreed, saying lower carbon emissions did not take ‘primacy’ over the concerns of the people of Hemsby.

Maria Ellis, a landscape gardener who petitioned against the turbines, said: ‘This has been hanging over us for ages because the company kept proposing it over and over again which just smacked of arrogance.

This must have been a big shock for Sea Land and Power Ltd who assumed that the sacred emissions targets that matter only to money grabbers like them and the Green ecomentalists, would assure they won the case.

This case has set a precedent by declaring that  people have the right not to have their lives and landscapes blighted by useless wind farms, built to fix a problem that simply does not exist.

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