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WWF Only Global Poverty Can Save The Planet

In October 2011 the WWF produced a report entitled Positive Energy how renewable electricity can transform the UK energy market by 2030.

If the WWF plan were to be implemented then the UK electricity market would be transformed, with only politically correct Green approved energy generation, rolling power cuts would be the order of the day, because, of course reliable gas and nuclear electricity generation would be illegal.

The WWF now have a new plan to save the planet, in line with the sustainable development meme from next months Rio+20 Earth Summit: Read the rest of this entry

Angela Merkel Fires Germanys Environment Minister

Norbert Röttgen Germany’s Environment Minister, the first Green political casualty more are bound to follow

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has fired her Environment Minister Norbert Röttgen for being Green and believing that renewables can power an industrial economy like Germany.

Merkel is a very astute politician and determined to hang on to power, Germany has often been quoted by the ecomentalists as leading the Green transition disaster in Europe, which is exactly what Merkel wanted people to believe.

The reality is different Merkel wanted to pay political lip service to the Green Dream while in reality, doing as little as possible, so chosing an ardent Green ecomentalist was a rare mistake for Merkel.

This last winter the lights nearly went out in Germany and the outlook for this winter is still far from certain.

German solar has been a huge financial disaster, and new financial regulations make it impossible to invest in off shore wind farms, which leaves the German Green Dream as good as dead. Read the rest of this entry

2007 Warming Alarmist Prediction – “Arctic Sea Ice Will Be Gone In Summer 2012”

Arctic sea ice has grown twice the size of Texas in 5 years, when according to warmist predictions the Arctic should be ice free now.

The world was a different place in 2007, the warming alarmists and their fear stories of Environmental Holocaust were believed by a frightened world, Climategate had yet to expose the junk science behind the Green political agenda, it was a time for all those complicit in the Anthropogenic Global Warming scam to make predictions that could not possibly be wrong, or so they arrogantly thought.

Take one Jay Zwally, a NASA Climate Scientist who predicted the Arctic would be ice free in the Summer of 2012, and to be fair Zwally was not the only scientist soothsayer casting the runes: Read the rest of this entry

German Banks & Investors Banned From Investing In Off Shore Wind Farms

Stricter financial rules in Germany now mean that off shore wind farms can no longer be financed by banks

Germany is in a serious mess with its energy supplies, the German government was stupid enough to bow to the hysterical screams of the Green environmental lobby and shut down all its nuclear power stations.

The Greens rejoiced, prematurely as usual, that nasty bunny bothering reliable nuclear power was gone, Germany would be powered by the Green dream of solar and wind power, what could possibly go wrong?

All of it to be precise.

Just about all of the Green renewables dream has gone down the tubes, a glut of solar panels, cheaper competition from China and cuts in the life blood of renewables, Green taxation on energy bills have killed German solar, stone dead.

In the greed driven rush to grab the Green subsidies, the normally efficient and detail obsessed  Germans have built a massive wind farm off Heligoland without any means to connect the wind farm to their national grid.

Tighter fiscal rules in Germany have now killed the off shore wind farm: Read the rest of this entry

Economic Reality & The EU’s Leadership On Climate Change

EU Climate commissar Connie Hedegaard and the con men from the Alliance of Small Island States (Aosis)

The warming alarmists take great pride in leading the way, taking the moral high ground, being morally superior in the vain and ill founded hope that other nations will follow their example and commit economic suicide.

The reality is that while one nation commits economic suicide, the others look on in wonderment, Australia’s carbon tax has proved so politically divisive that the Australian Labor Party got hammered at the polls, British Columbia enacted a bold set of climate change policies and assumed others would follow.

Assumptions can frequently be wrong as British Columbia’s environment minister Terry Lake has found out, in a recent interview Lake said: “I think it is safe to say that we expected more jurisdictions to be coming up and joining us in this kind of public policy, that hasn’t happened.

Leadership on climate change is dangerous and ultimately stupid, it only leads to job losses and energy poverty and now as the Euro crises grinds inexorably onwards, the warming alarmists are becoming concerned that EU is no longer in the vanguard of climate stupidity, Richard Black at the BBC: Read the rest of this entry

Is Rio+20 Sustainable?

The future we want, we being the UN, Green NGOs, environmentalists seeking the Green agrarian society with no growth economic models and draconian laws to protect Gaia.

The Rio+20 Earth Summit in June was supposed to be the relaunch of the Anthropogenic Global Warming scare, carefully rebranded as “sustainable development“, the aims of “sustainable development” are the same as those for the manufactured climate change scam, zero growth economic models, population control and a return to a pre-indsutrialised world.

Even before the rebranding had started, world leaders like Barry Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron had more pressing engagements, Cameron citied the Queens Jubilee, so the date of Rio+20 was changed so Dave could go, he still is not going,  “Little Nicky” Clegg,  the deputy Prime Minister will attend instead.

According to the spin of the environmentalists it is only the Big Satan, the USA that resists the global economic suicide pact they so desire, all the developing nations are fully behind the Green zero economic growth economy: Read the rest of this entry

The Sun Sets On Britains Solar Subsidy Boondoggle

Britain is to abandon solar subsidies which benefits the rich at the expense of the poor and jobs

At last a small ray of sense has flickered briefly from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) who are now working on a further cut in FeedIn Tariffs (FIT) for solar panel installations.

The Energy Act 2008′s Green taxation to support the solar industry has been described as “one of the most ridiculous schemes ever dreamed up” by Energy Minister Lord Marland, moves to cut the FIT were met with legal action by FoE and solar panel companies who cannot exist with out tax payer funded Green subsidy.

The resultant cut in the FIT to 21.4p per KwH has seen a marked drop in so called Green installations of solar panels, proving once again it was never about the environment, just an opportunity to make what the DECC now describe as “eye watering profits“, with a further cut in Green subsidy on the way,  the whingeing is already starting: Read the rest of this entry

Nationwide Warns Customers About Carbon Credit Trading Scams

The Nationwide Building Society/Bank regularly sends customers lists of financial scams to avoid, included in their latest newsletter to customers is Carbon trading: Read the rest of this entry

Damian Carrington Preaches To The Converted & Hopes That Sceptics Will Die Off Quicker

Damian Carrington eco propagandist at the Guardian, Head of Environment to be specific, it is not clear however if Gaia appointed Carrington or he bestowed the title upon himself.

As the great man climate change scam sinks slowly into irrelevance the warming alarmists are still trying to keep the Green Dream alive, by a number of methods varying from draconian laws to political re-eduction camps, and politically polarizing Climate Change as a Right versus Left battle.

One useful barometer of how warming alarmism is declining is to read the comments in the broadsheet propaganda outlet for Climate Religion, the Guardian, where the moderators are working overtime to remove politically incorrect comments and increasingly those concerned with real environmental issues, not the Green political agenda masquerading as environmentalism, are complaining about people like Caroline Lucas doing a disservice to the environmental movement.

In a lacklustre attempt to keep his spirits up and try to halt the decline in readers Damian Carrington preaches the usual Green lies to the converted and apart from wishing that climate sceptics would die of quicker manages to mention “fringe” 8 times and “Right Wing” 7 times: Read the rest of this entry

The Rise Of The Green Police State

Audi’s super bowl parody advert featuring Obama’s eco police force which will soon be enforcing Green Laws and regulations, all in the name of homeland security.

As the belief in man made climate change continues to decline so the Green ecofacists look to enforcing their ideology on others by way of draconian laws and with the usual fascist cries of it is time to suspend democracy.

The warming alarmist ideology is one of Big Government, enforced consensus with the party line and god help anyone who breaks ranks,  as reformed warming alarmist James Lovelock has found out: Read the rest of this entry