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Last Gasp Greens – Britain Must Give Up The Dash For Gas

The dash for gas must be ended say the ecomentalists, the future is unrealible heavily subsidised wind and solar

The reality has still to set in for the ecomentalists, no one is listening, no one cares what you say and the whole Green ecomentalist movement is peripheral to everything these days.

Global warming, climate change, climate disruption, sustainable development whatever the ever changing scam was all about, died at Rio+20 so the same old tired calls for Green energy and CO2 emissions cuts are just so much worn out Green rhetoric.

Poor Fiona Harvey at the Guardian, her whole reason for being, the centre of her personal belief system has fallen apart and she is having trouble adjusting to a post Rio+20 world: Read the rest of this entry


The Fad Of Climate Religion Is Ending

The Church of Climatology, a faddish religion at the end of its life

The complete and abject failure of Rio+20 has signalled the end of the great man made global warming scam, a last ditch attempt at changing the name of the scare again, this time to “sustainable development” made no difference, Rio+20 was the definitive failure.

The pre Rio+20 hoopla boasted of 50,000 delegates attending, the reality was that along with most of the important world leaders, 40,000 of the projected 50,000 attendees had something better to do that week, like watching paint dry.

The pews at the Church of Climatology in Rio were mostly empty, if there were ever a time when the converted were preaching to the converted Rio+20 was it. Read the rest of this entry

Warmists Praying For A Manageable Catastrophe To Prove Them Right

London flooded, thousands dead, all in all a warming alarmists wet dream

Most people when they were growing up were told the fable of the boy who cried Wolf once too often, and what happened when the Wolf really did turn up.

The whole warming alarmist scam has been based on crying wolf and using junk science after the fact, to give a false scientific basis for their continual failed predictions of environmental holocaust.

Now the warmists having cried Wolf once too often are being ignored, so the increasingly desperate warmists are praying for a major environmental disaster so they can say there were right and perpetuate their scam: Read the rest of this entry

Carbon Tax – Gillard Tries To Bribe Voters

Never trust a Socialist or a Green, and above all never ever trust a Green Socialist

Julia Gillards regime in Australia is in deep political trouble because Gillard lied to voters, when she was elected  Gillard promised she would not implement a carbon tax, a promise she promptly broke.

The whole saga of warming alarmism in Australia has been one of extreme action against the so called deniers, in Western Australia Matt Thompson dared to question Climate Religion and immediately became the target of authority who tried to destroy the family’s cattle business with reams of red tape and licence applications.

The ugly face of Australian ecofacism surfaced again when deputy leader of the Australian Green Party, Christine Milne promised in July 2011 “to punish newspapers which publish articles sceptical of global warming and critical of the Gillard Government.“, Joe Stalin would be so proud of his Green Liberal protegé. Read the rest of this entry

Rio+20 The UN Sustainable Development Scam Fails

The Rio+20 UN circus has ended in yet another failure, the switch from the Anthropogenic Global Warming scam to the sustainable development scam has failed crashed and burned.

The duplicitous Green NGOs like WWF, Greenpeace and FoE are outraged at the Earth Summit failure, their outrage is not so much that their dream of the Green Agrarian Society has been dashed, more that, the Green NGOs were not consulted and not invited to take part in the process.

Greenpeace et al have no one but themselves to blame, they long ago abandoned any pretence at science, caring for the environment or the wildlife they were formed to protect, instead they got behind the great Green con trick of all time, man made climate change.

Now as the whole Climate Change/sustainable development scam has collapsed, those most involved in pushing the junk science and never ending fear stories, have learnt the hard way,  the cost of continually crying wolf, people just ignore you. Read the rest of this entry

Majority Of Britons No Longer Believe In Man Made Climate Change

Latest You Gov poll for the Sunday Times shows that only 43% of Britons believe in Anthropogenic Global Warming, this figure is down from 55% in 2008.

The number of Britons who believe that the climate is cooling has risen from 7% to 15% in the same period.

Green Energy Fails Again Offshore Wind Farms Are Sinking

The latest renewable energy failure offshore wind, the turbines have crumbling foundations and some are sinking

Globally renewable energy has proved to be a very expensive, and unreliable source of power generation, unable to survive without the lifeblood of Green subsidy and backup from power stations on standby for when the wind blows too fast, there is no wind or the turbines freeze solid in winter.

The major problem has been greed, the warmists like to refer to the “dash for gas” when spreading lies about fracking, the so called Greening of energy sources should be called “the dash for Green cash”, because this is exactly what has happened.

The Greens and ecomentalists turned a blind eye to the scam, instead they proclaimed that industry believed in the Green agenda and the CO2 Wolf, when all along it was about grabbing the billions available in Green subsidy as quickly as possible.

The wind turbines in use on both land, and at sea, have a major design problem with the gearboxes and lubricants, to date no gear oil has yet been invented that can stand the pressures in the gearbox. Read the rest of this entry

Rio+20 – Hippies Declare War

Greenpeace have declared war on the financial sector and is going on to a war footing at Rio+20, without wishing to be a pedant surely Greenpeace were already on a war footing when they declared war on the financial sector?

This could mean that the global financial sector is now on  double secret probation, or, this time Gaia’s warriors really will be getting into their solar powered aircraft (so don’t expect night attacks) and armed with rockets made from sustainable bamboo, powered by fermenting bat shit and tipped with depleted tofu, striking at the heart of the industrial civilisation they despise so much.

Nothing less than a return to the Agrarian age will suffice for Kumi Naidoo, global head of Greenpeace, who is losing patience with financial institutions because they will not do what he tells them to do: Read the rest of this entry

Former Warming Alarmist – “This Meaningless Green Drivel”

Former warming alarmist guru James Lovelock admits he was wrong about man made climate chamge.

James Lovelock, was once a green guru and an exponent of the junk science of Anthropogenic Global Warming, now Lovelock admits he was alarmist and extrapolated too far made scary predictions of Environmental Armageddon.

Lovelock has admitted he was wrong and turned his back on the Green ecomentalists and their meaningless green drivel. Read the rest of this entry

Britain – Subsidies For On Shore Wind & Solar Will Be Gone By 2020

Prime Minister David Cameron, has at last woken up to the fact that the whole Green scam is not the vote winner it once was, Dave promised to lead the “Greenest Government Ever” and even went to the Arctic to bother huskies to underline his vision.

But that was 2006 and Climategate had yet to expose the junk scientists pushing the Anthropogenic Global Warming scam, so Dave like any other vote seeking politician,  was advised that Britain had become a nation of Greentards, and there were votes in eating tofu, growing a beard, wearing sandals, banging a gong and barking at the moon.

But that was 2006, 2012 is very different time, the junk science of the IPCC Greenpeace and WWF is no longer taken seriously by the majority,   the sham of the Green economy has been exposed and  the world now knows that there  is no such thing as lasting Green jobs.

Spain is a classic example where a socialist led Government jumped on the global warming bandwagon and Greened their economy, the current banking crisis in Spain has been triggered by amongst other things, the eye watering amount of subsidies paid to Spanish wind and solar. Read the rest of this entry