Rio+20 Another Epic Failure Looms

Even the most optimistic of the warming alarmists can see another UN slow motion car crash happening at the Rio+20 Earth Summit, following on from 3 spectacular COP failures in a row, Rio+20 is probably the UN and the Green environmental zealots last chance to force Agenda 21 on an unwilling world.

The people who attend these conferences claim to care about the planet, preach the Green low carbon lifestyle, and at least twice a year tens of thousands of ecowarriors generate huge amounts of the CO2 they fear so much when they get together to save the planet from people like us, enjoying the same 21st Century lifestyle as the Green zealots.

Hypocrisy has always been the very essence of Climate Religion, by their own values and stated ideals emitting this amount of CO2 is obscene and very damaging to the planet they claim to be saving for us, the Greens had a golden opportunity to practice what they preach with Ri0+20 and use modern means of communication, instead they have chosen to fly, use limos and stay in expensive air conditioned hotels.

Not very Green, or sustainable according to their preaching, but this is the environmental movement and the UN working together in tandem, so lies, corruption and hypocrisy will abound in Rio.

Despite the urgency of the task, negotiators have been hamstrung even before the event starts by the European financial crisis, US election campaign and longstanding differences between rich and poor countries. David Cameron, the British prime minister, and German chancellor Angela Merkel will send deputies. US President Barack Obama has yet to confirm. In their likely absence, the political weight will be tilted towards the emerging economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China, all of which will be represented by national leaders.

Climate Change, sustainable development is not a vote winner in the developed nations where 30 years of failed predictions of climate catastrophe, falling temperatures and billions wasted on Green energy projects like wind and solar have caused Climate Change to drop off the political radar.

Little did we know it at time, but the COP15 Copenhagen failure was the beginning of the end of the great man made climate change scam, at Copenhagen world leaders like Obama, inept British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and every other head of state were falling over each other to get to Copenhagen.

Obama flew in amid much adulation, and ironically, had to leave almost as soon as he got to Copenhagen, because the heaviest snow falls in years threatened to close all the airports on the Eastern Seaboard of the US.

This time, however, organisers do not expect any legally binding treaties. Instead the central aim is to start a process so that by 2015, the international community can agree on a set of global sustainable development goals — with targets for consumption and production, a mechanism for periodic follow-up and reports, and specific actions for key areas such as water, food and energy.

Targets for production from the collective farms established after the return to the Agrarian society, production targets set on this scale have an uncomfortable resonance with communism and the Soviet obsession with tractor production targets, only in the brave new Green world we will not be allowed tractors as they burn evil fossil fuels.

The need for change was underscored by the latest Global Environment Outlook, which showed the world’s environment is declining rapidly. In the past two decades, carbon emissions have increased 40% and biodiversity loss has risen 30%. The world community has missed all but four of its 90 most important environmental goals, with prominent failures on climate change, fish stocks and desertification, said the grim assessment, published by the UN Environment Programme. Without a new path of development and a change in consumption patterns, the pressure on ecosystems and poor communities is set to intensify as the global population is projected to rise from the current 7 billion to 9 billion by 2050.

The Global Outlook was never going to be anything but another tome of doom, biodiversity loss and scary fear stories because if it were not, then there would be no point in holding Rio+20.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. Steven Earl Salmony

    If we agree to “think globally” about climate destabilization and at least one of its consensually validated principal agencies, it becomes evident that riveting attention on more and more seemingly perpetual GROWTH could be a grave mistake because we are denying how economic and population growth in the communities in which we live cannot continue as it has until now. Each village’s resources are being dissipated, each town’s environment degraded and every city’s fitness as place for our children to inhabit is being threatened. To proclaim something like, ‘the meat of any community plan for the future is, of course, growth’ fails to acknowledge that many villages, towns and cities are already ‘built out’, and also ‘filled in’ with people and pollutants. If the quality of life we enjoy now is to be maintained for the children, then limits on economic and population growth will have to be set. By so doing, we choose to “act locally” and sustainably.

    More economic and population growth are soon to become no longer sustainable in many too many places on the surface of Earth because biological constraints and physical limitations are immutably imposed upon ever increasing human consumption, production and population activities of people in many communities where most of us reside. Inasmuch as the Earth is finite with frangible environs, there comes a point at which GROWTH is unsustainable. There is much work to done locally. But that effort cannot reasonably begin without sensibly limiting economic and population growth.

    Problems worldwide that are derived from conspicuous overconsumption and rapacious plundering of limited resources, rampant overproduction of unnecessary stuff, and rapid human overpopulation of the Earth can be solved by human thought, judgment and action. After all, the things we have done can be undone. Think of it as ‘the great unwinding of human folly’. Like deconstructing the Tower of Babel. Any species that gives itself the moniker, Homo sapiens sapiens, can do that much, can it not?

    “We face a wide-open opportunity to break with the old ways of doing the town’s business…..” That is a true statement. But the necessary “break with the old ways” of continuous economic and population growth is not what is occurring. There is a call for a break with the old ways, but the required changes in behavior are not what is being proposed as we plan for the future. What is being proposed and continues to occur is more of the same, old business-as-usual overconsumption, overproduction and overpopulation activities, the very activities that appear to be growing unsustainbly. More business-as-usual could soon become patently unsustainable, both locally and globally. A finite planet with the size, composition and environs of the Earth and a community with the boundaries, limited resources and wondrous climate of villages, towns and cities where we live may not be able to sustain much longer the economic and population growth that is occurring on our watch. Perhaps necessary changes away from UNSUSTAINABLE GROWTH and toward sustainable lifestyles and right-sized corporate enterprises are in the offing.

    Think globally while there is still time and act locally before it is too late for human action to make any difference in the clear and presently dangerous course of unfolding human-induced ecological events, both in our planetary home and in our villages, towns and cities. If we choose to review the perspective of a ‘marketwatcher’ who can see what is actually before our eyes, perhaps all of us can get a little more reality-oriented to the world we inhabit and a less deceived by an attractive, flawed ideology that is highly touted and widely shared but evidently illusory and patently unsustainable.


    This situation is no longer deniable. During my lifetime, many have understood the Global Predicament we are having to confront now, but only a few ‘voices in the wilderness’ were willing to speak out loudly and clearly about what everyone can see. It is not a pretty sight. The human community has precipitated a planetary emergency that only humankind is capable of undoing. The present ‘Unsustainable Path’ has to be abandoned in favor of a “road less travelled by”. It is late; there is no time left to waste. Perhaps now we will gather our remarkably abundant, distinctly human resources and respond ably to the daunting, human-induced, global challenges before us, the ones that threaten life as we know it and the integrity of Earth as a fit place for human habitation. Many voices, many more voices are needed for making necessary changes.

  2. Dear Steven Earl Salmony

    Back when I did my science degree, my prof wanted us to get to the point. He told us that if it takes 10 pages to write about a subject, we can easily do it in 5 pages. And if it takes 5 pages, we can still do it in 2.

    Surely you could have summarized your entire comment in about 3 lines.

  3. With careful editing my bet is a one liner.

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