Air Wars The EU vs The Rest Of The World

Air Wars – The EUs flying tax rejected by 30 nations, prepare for trade wars, aircraft being impounded, increased airfares and more economic misery for Europe.

January 1st 2012 the EU announced that it was unilaterally imposing a flying tax on all flights in, and out of the European Union.

The news of the EU Carbon tax on flying was greeted with global hostility, even before the tax became law China was warning of a trade war with the EU, by January 5th 40 Nations were opposed to the Green taxation, and by early February 2012 China and India had both decided not to submit any data to the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).

In March, Germany increasingly nervous about the economic impact of the EU flying tax was telling the EU to abandon the tax, last week Barry Obama called on the EU to abandon the “Lousy Tax Carbon Tax on Airlines

As usual nothing will dissuade Comrade Connie Hedegaard and the other unelected Green zealots at the Puzzle Palace in Strasbourg from following the Julia Gillard example and diving headlong into the abyss:

More than 99% of all major global airlines have complied with the first step of Europe’s controversial scheme to charge them for their carbon emissions.

The inclusion of aviation in the European Union’s emissions trading system (ETS) from the start of 2012 caused uproar from airlines in more than 20 countries including the US, China, Russia and Japan, but virtually all submitted the required baseline emissions data for 2011. Only eight Chinese airlines and two Indian ones did not comply by the 31 March deadline.

Connie Hedegaard, the European commissioner for climate action, said: “To put these figures into perspective, these [10] airlines represent less than 3% of total aviation emissions. So the bottom line is more than 1,200 airlines from all other countries but China and India have complied: implementation of the law is there.”

EU member states have contacted the Indian and Chinese airlines to remind them of their obligations, said Hedegaard, and extended the deadline until mid-June.

Well that was the spin put out by Comrade Connie’s little lap dog Daman Carrington in the Guardian on May 15th in an article “EU hails airline emissions tax success“, that pretends  all is  well with the EU flying tax and all but a fringe minority of airlines, were rejoicing at their costs increasing at a time when passenger numbers, and airline revenues are declining.

As Comrade Connie blinded by the light of her morally superior Green evangelism rushes, Titanic like to her appointment with the iceberg, the real question in Hedegaards mind should be can an all but bakrupt Europe afford the economic consequences of this:

Passengers face the threat of paying more for air travel if a trade war erupts over EU plans to impose a carbon levy on all airlines. A total of 30 countries – including India, Russia, China and the United States – have threatened to retaliate if Brussels tries to enforce its Emissions Trading Scheme on all airlines operating in its airspace.

So much for just the 10 airlines not complying with the EU ETS schemes, once again Hedegaard and the Green propaganda machine have lied.

Hedegaard, the Green Elite, WWF, FoE and Greenpeace do not care about loss of jobs or energy poverty, in fact they welcome the idea of poverty and a completely de-industrialised Europe, so they can implement their sustainable development dream.

European airlines could go out of business because of the continent’s economic weakness, the aviation industry’s leading economist has warned.

With the industry predicting that European carriers will lose £710m between them this year, Brian Pearce voiced fears that there could be some casualties.

Mr Pearce, chief economist of the International Air Transport Association, was pessimistic about the industry’s prospects in Europe.

“I think there is a serious risk to the financial viability of some airlines,” he said. “To an extent it depends on the economic outlook we see in Europe. We have already seen some airlines go out of business and there is a clear possibility it will continue.”

Casualties have included Spanair and Malev, the Hungarian national carrier.

The war is starting to hot up now with China and the EU threatening retaliation if aircraft are impounded at EU airports:

CHINA yesterday threatened to impound European planes if its own aircraft are seized, in the latest tit-for-tat over the EU’s unpopular carbon emission tax.

Chinese airlines, at the behest of Beijing, have refused to hand over data on their carbon emissions by Europe’s 31 March deadline.

And now authorities have warned they could hold up European flights if the EU tries to punish them for the breach.

EU climate commissioner Connie Hedegaard has said the carriers have until the end of this week to submit their data or face enforcement action such as fines or impounding aircraft.

“Chinese airlines are unanimous on this. We won’t provide the data,” said Wei Zhenzhong, secretary general of the China Air Transport Association, on the sidelines of an International Air Transport Association (IATA) meeting in Beijing.

The problem is no one can stop Hedegaard, she is not elected and is not accountable to anyone who does not share her Green sustainable development dream, yet another reason for Britain to get the hell out of the EU and leave the Green ecomentalists and their failed single currency experiment to wallow in their moral superiority   Green hell they are so determined to create.

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  1. Brian G Valentine

    Calling on all greenies reading these pages:

    Name a single positive thing the greenies in Europe or anywhere else have accomplished.

    Everything the greenies want to do is resisted by normal people, and yet they continue to push an unsustainable agenda everywhere; an agenda that puts people out of work and accomplishes little else.

  2. Agree Brian, now the carbon tax is about to come in here in Oz, people are weighing up the cost. This includes local councils, well who pays for this, the ratepayers! I bet not many people can afford to fly anywhere in Australia, distances between major cities so far apart anyway. Quaintarse is cutting staff and going off shore. And the greenies think this is improving our lives. I believe we should follow sensible sustainability schemes, but CO2 is not an evil gas. But they have hoodwinked people tooo long. See in Australia, they have banned wood smoke in areas that burn wood during winter. We are not all living in hot or tropical regions, in fact those places are sparsely populated anyway, because of water and monsoonal regions. They live around cities and big towns. Even in Tamworth, the night temps fall well below zero C in winter. Government here gave us a lousy $250 to help pay
    the cost of carbon taxing. When we are just coming into winter!

    • Brian G Valentine

      There is a disease in Australian ministries, called Krudd disease (also known as a case of the Krudds)

      – wherein Ministerial appointees or elected to office suddenly envision themselves as UN officials. They see themselves as extremely weak and unpopular in Australia, and cognitive dissonance sets in – where these people imagine themselves to be UN officials, and heralded as “visionary” by criminals and organised crime associates

  3. At Least Krudd did stop the ETS? The reason being that according to Penny Wong that this wasn’t the reason why they nearly lost the last election because ‘there is evidence the planet is cooling?’ But then they brought in the unpopular carbon tax even though Juliar said they would not bring it in prior to that election. Then she (Wong) said a few months ago the carbon tax was necessary to bring the economic balance to the blue not red. How do they reckon that alone will do it if they compensate polluting industries? Robbing Peter to pay Paul. Cheers from down under the gum tree.

    • Brian G Valentine

      You have Penelope Wong, and Tim Flannery – and we have Jim Hansen and Lisa Jackson, these are pretty much equal according to level of authority and lunacy.

      But we have Al Gore, and if it weren’t for him I don’t think the global warming lunacy would reach the pitch that “free” people have suffered from.

      Because of this, I am sorry for what the US has done to Australia

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