Green Energy Fails Again Offshore Wind Farms Are Sinking

The latest renewable energy failure offshore wind, the turbines have crumbling foundations and some are sinking

Globally renewable energy has proved to be a very expensive, and unreliable source of power generation, unable to survive without the lifeblood of Green subsidy and backup from power stations on standby for when the wind blows too fast, there is no wind or the turbines freeze solid in winter.

The major problem has been greed, the warmists like to refer to the “dash for gas” when spreading lies about fracking, the so called Greening of energy sources should be called “the dash for Green cash”, because this is exactly what has happened.

The Greens and ecomentalists turned a blind eye to the scam, instead they proclaimed that industry believed in the Green agenda and the CO2 Wolf, when all along it was about grabbing the billions available in Green subsidy as quickly as possible.

The wind turbines in use on both land, and at sea, have a major design problem with the gearboxes and lubricants, to date no gear oil has yet been invented that can stand the pressures in the gearbox.

Even with these known problems we are told that wind will be an important part of our energy makeup:

The foundations of some 1000 Danish offshore wind turbines are crumbling. Denmark faces law suits over the liability and the yet unknown bills for repairs. A large brawl in the wind industry is underway. Serious design flaws in the foundations of some 1000 offshore wind turbines are now leading to lawsuits against and financial losses of several Danish companies. However, there is no overview of the problem, its economic scale and who will have to foot the bill.

The Danes already have the most expensive electricity in Europe due solely to the huge number of wind farms that clutter the country and the enormous Green subsisdies they attract.

The fault was first discovered at the Egmond aan Zee wind farm in the Netherlands and affects those with single cylinder foundations.

Energy company engineers are now urgently investigating what extent the turbines have been destabilised. If repairs are necessary then turbines will be shut down one at a time to prevent energy losses.

Experts from Renewables UK, which represents wind farm developers, said it could cost £50million to fix Britain’s 336 turbines thought to be at risk.

All those billions in Green taxation and they could not even design an ocean resistant foundation, utterly priceless, when you consider the number of structures that have stood for years in the sea without sinking.

According to Recharge – The Global Source For Renewable Energy News the problem is called the scour effect as the picture below illustrates.

A question mark hangs over the long-term stability of Europe’s shallow-water turbines, after research linked to the Horns Rev 1 wind farm found that high-powered currents were causing the stone “armour” around the base of monopile foundations to collapse.

Exposed from behind this layer of shielding stone, turbines could potentially be dangerously destabilised by the effect of scour — the wave- and tide-driven sediment that can eat away at the seabed around fixed structures.

A team from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) carried out model tests designed to mirror the impact of offshore conditions on the three-layer cover of “scour protection” placed around the 80 turbines at Horns Rev 1, which, three years after installation, had sunk by as much as 1.5 metres.

Experiments in the current flume at the DTU testing facility in Lyngby established that “horseshoe vortices” — twisting flows created by a change in water pressure at the surface of the monopile — were working their way around the stones and carrying off soil from around the foundation, causing the stone armour to sink into the sea floor.

In the dash for Green cash any design was rushed out, just as long as the money could be grabbed and the Green zealots assured that CO2 emissions would be reduced.

No prizes for guessing who will end up paying the bill for sorting this latest Green energy fiasco.

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  1. Dude ,the new turbines don’t have gear boxes

  2. The problem is that they are cheaper to replace than repair. Spain has found this out. But really the problem is are they capable of maintaining a reliable electricity supply. Denmark is a cold country in winter.

  3. Jim one of the oil companies did note, without our oil your wind turbines would freeze up.They do have motors.

  4. Furor Teutonicus

    Germany built, at MY expense, a massive windfarm off the North coast.

    Now they can not use it because NO ONE will insure it.

    The reason being, they suspected that what you describe here, would happen, and foretold it. But the dictatorship here would have none of it, and went ahead any way.

    NOW we are expected to fork out for its “upkeep”, because “you never know, one day we may find some idiot firm imbicilic enough to offer us insurance.”

  5. Wind turbines use rare earths don’t they, which require smelter, and have they not killed lakes and farming land in China? What chemical is used in solar that is toxic and once used on the earth surface, nothing will grow there? Are solar cell recyclable?

    • Brian G Valentine

      Rare earth metals in magnets in wind turbines are all sourced on the free market from China.

      That is because environmental costs don’t exceed production costs in China as they do everywhere else – unfortunately, because extraction is not particularly polluting and rare earths are found virtually everywhere. So China wins, everybody else fails by letting China control supply.

      Solar cells cannot be recycled, at least easily. About the only quasi-toxic component that has to be removed from solar cells is cadmium, in Cd-Te thin film cells.

      More generally, windmills and solar cells are hazardous wastes.

  6. Brain: So is the mercury content in low watt electricity bulbs. I believe some countries insist they are separated from the general garbage and safely disposed of. That’s not the case in Australia as far as our town is concerned. When one finishes it is thrown in with the rest of the garbage.

  7. So the offshore wind boys have just discovered scour effect have they?

    What a pity they didn’t bother checking the literature from all the assortment of engineering projects that have been sinking foundations in the seabed for decades, the oil rig engineers for example.

    In fact the Victorian engineers who built bridges and structures such as Brighton Pier would have been able to enlighten them, this is hardly a new phenomenon.

    But hey, I suppose they had to get ’em banged up quick to get the money in, didn’t they?

  8. Not all turbines have gearboxes – there are a significant amount of direct drive turbines and the decision between geared and direct drive is a key one for wind turbine manufacturers.

    Additionally not all wind turbines require large quantities of rare earth metals – only those with permanent magnet generators (there are other options).

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