Rio+20 – Hippies Declare War

Greenpeace have declared war on the financial sector and is going on to a war footing at Rio+20, without wishing to be a pedant surely Greenpeace were already on a war footing when they declared war on the financial sector?

This could mean that the global financial sector is now on  double secret probation, or, this time Gaia’s warriors really will be getting into their solar powered aircraft (so don’t expect night attacks) and armed with rockets made from sustainable bamboo, powered by fermenting bat shit and tipped with depleted tofu, striking at the heart of the industrial civilisation they despise so much.

Nothing less than a return to the Agrarian age will suffice for Kumi Naidoo, global head of Greenpeace, who is losing patience with financial institutions because they will not do what he tells them to do:

Speaking on the day when he told the Guardian that Greenpeace is moving to a war footing as a result of the failure of negotiators at Rio+20 to agree clear policies and targets, he said: “We did not understand the financial markets but you have to appreciate that they are made not to be understandable. I know even financial journalists struggle to fully get it because its durability is based on opaqueness and a lack of transparency.

“We have been investing a lot of effort over the past couple of years to understand the industry and where the leverage points are and I think we are close to this point and finance institutions should be put on notice that not only Greenpeace but others are going to be putting them under much greater scrutiny.

“Our aim is to get all banks to say we won’t make loans to oil, coal, gas and deforestation-related activity. We want to shut off the flow of capital.

In other words destroy the western economies, cause widespread economic collapse and massive poverty in the west, an already stated aim of Rio+20 as the western life style does not fit their  “sustainable development” model.

Naidoo is also upset about the Rio+20 watered down text on the oceans and the fact that countries with elected representatives should dare to defy a self appointed Green guardian from an unelected NGO:

Naidoo said the final straw for him was hearing at 2am this morning that the text on the oceans had been blocked by Russia, America, Canada and Venezuela.

“What kept Greenpeace in the process was that it looked like we could get a decent deal on the oceans but we have now got a really watered-down text that has very little teeth,” said Naidoo.

“The irony is that the Venezuelan delegate shouted at 2am that they were not going to negotiate with Greenpeace because we had warned that we will publicly say that it is Venezuela and the US working together to block this. That, of course, would play out so badly for the political leadership to be put in the same camp as the US.”

It is going to be hard for Greenpeace and the other Green NGOs as the realisation hits home, they are largely irrelevant on the world stage now, too many years of failed predictions and laying guilt trips on people for an environmental problem that never existed have rendered them nothing more than a  strident fringe minority pushing a scientifically bankrupt agenda.

As Greenpeace co-founder Dr Patrick Moore recently said “The organization (Greenpeace) should at least base its positions on science“.

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  1. Re-primitization! Yeap!

  2. Brian G Valentine

    Wasn’t Greenpiece the outfit that wanted to eliminate chlorine from the periodic table?

    Think of it – a chemical element, wiped away by Greenpiece fiat. My oh my.

    The good news is, they have established more realistic goals this time! They have given themselves regulatory authority over the financial industry. Unfortunately their “regulations” would sink the industry. In rather short order.

    If they can eliminate a chemical element, the elimination of an industry should be a walk in the park

  3. catweazle666

    Ooh, Greenpi$$ are on a war footing, are they?


    “We know who you are. We know where you live. We know where you work.

    And we be many, but you be few.”

    Gene Hashmi, Greenpeace Communications Director.

    Yeah, right!

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