Carbon Tax – Gillard Tries To Bribe Voters

Never trust a Socialist or a Green, and above all never ever trust a Green Socialist

Julia Gillards regime in Australia is in deep political trouble because Gillard lied to voters, when she was elected  Gillard promised she would not implement a carbon tax, a promise she promptly broke.

The whole saga of warming alarmism in Australia has been one of extreme action against the so called deniers, in Western Australia Matt Thompson dared to question Climate Religion and immediately became the target of authority who tried to destroy the family’s cattle business with reams of red tape and licence applications.

The ugly face of Australian ecofacism surfaced again when deputy leader of the Australian Green Party, Christine Milne promised in July 2011 “to punish newspapers which publish articles sceptical of global warming and critical of the Gillard Government.“, Joe Stalin would be so proud of his Green Liberal protegé.

The carbon tax will inevitably cause prices to rise, and the government to become more unpopular, but no worries, Gillard has already thought of this, Australian business will face fines over a million dollars if they blame price rises on the new Green tax.

In March this year Gillards Labor government got the voters verdict on the Carbon Tax, Labor were wiped out in the Queensland elections, where a husband and wife team of, Premier and Climate Change Minister had been creating their own Green Hell. In an amazing stroke of irony, the incoming government intends to keep the former climate change minister on, so that “he can undo the mess he has created“.

To ease the cost of the carbon tax on individuals the Labor Government is giving carbon tax compensation to Australians, who as Jo Nova reports are spending their compensation in a way the ecofacists could never have thought of:

I’m humbled and delighted. People are finding all kinds of creative ways to use that carbon tax compensation. (Thank you!) Gillards naked vote buying bribe is a step too low for conscientious hard working Australians. Here Geoffrey Houston wrote to let the Prime Minister know (and CC’d me):

Dear Ms Gillard,

This note is to thank you for my Clean Energy Advance of $350, which arrived in my bank account yesterday. As a self funded retiree, extremely concerned for Australia’s future, it will certainly come in handy in the fight against your government’s destructive policies.

I have disbursed it as follows:

· $100 donation to the IPA, an organization working to defend free speech against the efforts of the Greens helped by your government and to reveal the futility and underlying deceipt of your carbon (dioxide) tax.

· $100 donation to the Liberal Party to support the fight led by Tony Abbott to win the next election and remove the carbon (dioxide) tax.

· $100 donation to Joanne Nova whose web site is a resource for all who wish to understand the science which refutes the alarmist claims underpinning your destructive carbon (dioxide) tax.

· $50 to Galilieo, a grass roots organisation campaigning to remove your carbon (dioxide) tax.

I will be pleased to disburse in a similar fashion any further bribes which you send.

Geoffrey D. Houston., PhD

The depth of feeling against the Carbon Tax is shown in a new poll where 65% of Australian voters are against the carbon tax.

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  1. Yeah, accept it was $250 for pensioners like me, but maybe this was for a couple. I think this government is in terrible trouble, now they are trying to push wind turbines, while the Danes are trying stop their falling over? What a government!

    • Wind turbines have had their day in most places, subsidy cuts will finish the wind industry off, the stationary turbines a monument to Green stupidity

      • Brian G Valentine

        Maybe Greenies can force artificial life support for windmills in perpetuity AND remain undemolished by having them designated, religious artifacts to be enshrined.

        But I can wait to see videos of them taken down, by felling them like trees. Tell me that won’t be popular You tube content

  2. jay donnelly

    Not nearly as good as the videos of the world trade centre towers coming down.
    Islamists make the best environmentalists! Hooray for them!

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