Carbon Tax – How Long Can Julia Gillard Survive

Australia’s carbon tax became law on July 1st, it is against the law to blame cost increases on the carbon tax in the Green socialist state Australia has now become

Julia Gillards minority government and their Green supporters dream of a carbon tax became a reality on July 1st, to the detriment of Australia’s economy and people.

The Greening of Australia has seen the real face of Green environmentalism, which has shown it self to be every bit as totalitarian as any communist regime. Christine Milne, deputy leader of the Australian Green party wants  “to punish newspapers which publish articles sceptical of global warming and critical of the Gillard Government.“.

The ghosts of dictators past must be dancing for joy, Australia, a country that has always stood up for freedom and resisted tyrants like Adolf Hitler is having its very own freedoms eroded from within by the Green followers of climate religion. In the middle ages people were punished for being sceptical of the Catholic Church’s teachings, in the communist/socialist totalitarian regimes of the 20th Century people critical of the government were also punished, these are exactly the same draconian measures that Green environmentalists want.

Now Gillard and the Greens have their carbon tax and have enacted punitive measures for anyone that dares to blame the carbon tax for the inevitable price rises this senseless tax will inevitably cause.

The carbon tax is deeply unpopular with 65% of Australian voters and despite Gillard offering bribes to business and voters the carbon tax is showing no sign of becoming popular.

The economic pain will be dulled by billions of dollars in sweeteners for businesses and voters to minimise the impact on costs, with the consumer price index forecast to rise by an extra 0.7 percentage point in the 2012-13 fiscal year.

The scheme allows emissions trading from 2015, when polluters and investors will be able to buy overseas carbon offsets, or ultimately trade with schemes in Europe, New Zealand and possibly those planned in South Korea and China.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s minority government says the plan is needed to fight climate change and curb greenhouse gas pollution. Australia has amongst the world’s highest per capita CO2 emissions due to its reliance on coal-fired power stations.

The per capita CO2 emissions of any country are an irrelevance, especially a country with a small population like Australia; according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics the population of Australia this day is 22,659,366.

Yet even as it starts, the scheme’s future is in doubt. The conservative opposition has vowed to repeal it if they win power in elections due by late next year and have whipped up a scare campaign saying the tax will cost jobs and hurt the economy.

Gillard, her poll ratings near record lows and her Labor party heading for a heavy election defeat, hopes that the campaign will quickly run out of steam once the scheme starts.

Following the huge defeat Labor suffered in the March 2012 Queensland elections, and current poll predictions showing a total wipeout for Labor in an election called today, Julia Gillards future is not looking that bright.

But voters remain angry that Gillard broke a 2010 election promise not to introduce a carbon tax and many observers think government hopes of a resurgence after July 1 are unlikely.

“The damage is already done,” political analyst Nick Economou at Monash University said.

“What will be interesting is whether Labor takes the lemming option and follows her over the cliff, or whether it decides that she is the cause of their problems and has to go.”

Gillard really set the precedent for coups in the Australian Labor Party when she ousted then Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, making him the first Prime Minister to be dumped before completing a full term.

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  1. It was a hung parliament last election. Now – I don’t think she acts alone but carries the can i.e. “The buck stops here’. Sadly, during the last election night coverage, Penny Wong, then the minister for the environment, (the openly lesbian senator whose partner has just had a baby), when asked if she thought that dumping the ETS by Kevin Rudd, was responsible for the swing against labor, she replied, “Nooo, there is speculation and evidence that the planet is cooling..’ She is now finance minister, and she openly said recently, ‘without the carbon tax we can’t bring the economy back into the blue…’ At least she is sort of honest in her own way. I think most people feel that if a carbon tax would improve the weather – go for it. (giggle, we want rain in Australia and for that we need heat, that’s why tropical areas generate more atmospheric H2O). But – of course we are a country that has for years, centuries, had droughts, earthquakes, followed by floods, Devastating storms and Cyclones one that destroyed Darwin nearly 40 years ago. But it won’t and the green dream of clean energy is not working is one drastic measure, but people build on flood plains still. They don’t have anti cyclonic buildings and …. like the people who live around Mt Vesuvius have forgotten about Pompeii & Heraculeum AD79. And the 1944 eruption and the 17 other eruptions since AD 79.
    This government has been crazy now its the illegal asylum ‘boat’ people. Like what happened in your part of the woods, when people smuggling was a rort and people were dumped in the Med before reaching land. This is happening here (well the ones we know about) people smugglers are deliberately scuttling boats and taking passports and ID’s away so people can’t be identified. .

  2. …” We were taken around from Calgary to Vancouver and finally landed in Edmonton. My legacy is most important expertise. Government, media and education aren’t there to explain to truth you r or enlighten you.

  3. traffiking I not sure what your comment means. Any way, Julia is gone, and some confusion over some funds she was supposed to have received before she was a politician, that were taken from union funds.

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