Sir Richard Branson Does A Rapid About Turn On All Things Green

Sir Richard Branson just a few short months ago was saving Antartica with Al Gore from CO2 emissions, now Branson says Green Britain is on the verge of joining the Third World.

Another Green evangelist profiteer has shown their true colours and ceased to be Green as the realisation dawns, that post Rio+20, the huge profits they expected to reap from the Great Global Warming Scam have dried up.

In January this year Branson was cruising Antarctica with Al Gore and worrying about the effects of Anthropogenic Global Warming on the continent, and especially the impact of Climate Change on krill stocks.

Still fired up with Green idealism in February, Branson wrote an article for Age of Energy: The Green Economy where he stated “We must put the planet before profit“.

BRITAIN will fall behind the rest of the world unless a “bold, brave” stance on airline growth is adopted by the government, Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson warned yesterday. Speaking at the launch of new Virgin Atlantic routes to Cancun and Moscow, Branson hit out at leaders who stand in the way of expansion at close-to-capacity Heathrow and impose steep taxes on air travel.

Air travel has long been a target for Green ecomentalists, regarded by the Greens as a major source of pollution, Green groups have always opposed new airport developments, expansion of existing airports and ideologically wanted to tax flying as heavily as possible to discourage anyone flying except, to United Nations Climate Conferences.

The folly of the EU flying tax was enthusiastically welcomed by Greens, so given Branson’s stance on all things Green just 5 months ago, you would be forgiven for expecting Branson to support the EU tax, as he believes the planet to be under threat from man made CO2 emissions.

“What we ought to be talking about is wholesale expansion to Asia, to Africa, to South America, and options on routes that are not currently serviced,” he told reporters.

“But it’s impossible, and it’s been impossible for the last 15 years. Britain came to a full stop 15 years ago.”

“Millions of travellers across the world are going to other European cities rather than coming to the UK and that affects every single aspect of the UK. In time it will turn into a third world country – it’s that serious.”

Branson said that Virgin will participate in the coalition’s ongoing aviation review, but only if it reverses its “farcical” blanket ban on considering a third runway at Heathrow.

“If by some miracle they think Heathrow isn’t the answer, then we will go along with it. But all the experts think Heathrow is the answer, so I think it will be very surprising if it’s not,” he said.

Increased numbers of airplanes on an increased number of routes, hardly the mindset of the committed environmentalist Branson was so recently being spun as, still there is one advantage to being Green, it can either be the colour of money, or it can be the colour of environmentalism, and both so far have turned a tidy profit.

As the profits decline from being Green, so others will follow Branson as they sweep their former Green credentials under the carpet and expect the rest to forget they were ever complict in the Great Man Global Warming scam.

About Tory Aardvark

Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. How can they sit and talk about something that is a philosophy not science? Until their false beliefs hits their pockets. Good on you Branson. Leave Gore on an ice berg and tell him it’s not melting.

  2. Branson knows it’s good business to cosy up to the alarmists, that way they always book his airline to the next global warming conference. Great showmanship and astute business nose, that’s what makes Sir Richard win. Perhaps he should change his aircraft colour to green, that would show more “conviction” to the alarmists a green doesn’t heat up as much as red……

  3. Yes Brian I find the red somewhat off putting. Green might satisfy all, eh?


  5. Funny when the green monsters come for our property these greedy criminals are perfectly fine with it BUT when it comes to their backyard they squeal like a bunch of pigs. What they forget is the plans of Agenda 21 is to bring ALL countries down to the poverty level. Not to raise them up but to drag them all down to poverty and dependency. A poor, uneducated, hungry population is easy to control. I don’t feel sorry one bit for this greedy creep. I hope Virgin Air goes down with a blaze. I hope Al Gore is on one of those planes as it quickly descends into the ocean. Al Gore has wheeled and dealed himself into untold riches. Whlle that fat pig tells us to ride a bike he drives around in a limo, flies all over the world, has huge energy hogs for houses, eats meat but wants us to live on carrot sticks. Don’t ya get it. It is DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO. Sorry Al it don’t fly here. If I could have one wish it would be to take Obama, Soros, All the Rockefellers, All the Rothschilds, Bill Gates, Ted Turned and Jane, Prince Phillip and the entire royal family, Al Gore and his entire family, John Holdren, Maurice Strong, Mikael Gorbechev and I am sure I could think of more………..and put them all on a boat to nowhere. No destination just floating in sea forever.

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