British Chancellor Demands An End To Climate & Renewable Energy Targets

Britains Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne is demanding an end to the Green stupidity of Unilateral Climate and Renewables targets.

The collapse of the Green dream in Britain continues as Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne demands an end to the pointless destruction of industry and the economy by Climate and Renewables Energy targets.

Osborne upset the Green ecomentalists in October last year when at the Conservative Party conference he said: “We’re not going to save the planet by putting our country out of business“, which caused uprorar,  not only amongst the self appointed Green gaulieters, but also within the Liberal Democrat segment of the lack lustre coalition government this country is stuck with until 2015.

There are obvious splits within the coalition government, never more so than between the Liberal dominated Department of Energy and Climate Change and the Treasury.

The previous Liberal Democrat Energy Secretary Chris Huhne was a much tougher and and more determined politician than his replacement Ed Davey, yet in every Cabinet battle where Huhne took on Osborne, Huhne lost, so in reality Ed Davey has no chance in the forth coming battle over the Green agenda.

The Chancellor has demanded that the Energy Secretary Ed Davey abandon the UK’s pathway towards climate targets. In a leaked letter, George Osborne says renewables are too expensive and suggests expanding plans for gas-fired generation. James Murray, editor of said: “Make no mistake this is an all-out assault on the entire green energy sector.”

The renewables industry is rightly worried about any more cuts to the Green taxation we all pay, because as the subsidies are cut, so peoples desire to be Green falls away, the cut to the Green subsidy for solar panels has seen a 50% drop in installations compared to the previous year.

The government’s adviser, the Climate Change Committee, says this will cause the UK to miss its 2030 climate goals.

The CCC warns that with volatile gas prices, consumers could end up paying more for electricity, not less.

This is laughable given the massive drop in electricity prices in the US caused by the shale gas revolution, the Climate Change Committee and all the other Greens know shale gas will renewables stone dead, so they hope by not speaking its name shale gas will go away.

Joss Garman from campaign group Greenpeace tweeted: “Osborne’s position means he’s exposed to claim he’s putting partisan politics before jobs & investment.”

James Murray, editor of said: “Make no mistake this is an all-out assault on the entire green energy sector.”

If the Green energy sector were financially viable it would not need the support of Green tax payer subsidy, the shale gas revolution has been funded with private venture capital, is profitable and has created hundreds of thousands of jobs globally, unlike renewables which kill jobs, force energy prices up and require a fossil fuel power station on standby for those days when the sun does not shine and there is the wrong type of wind to drive the bird choppers.

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  1. Furor Teutonicus

    The “energy minister” here is also made comments in the pst week, or two, along the same lines.

    Are we seeing a return to a sensible policy? We can only hope.

    What IS a little niggling is, that, yet again, it appears to be that the whole of “Europe” is following the same line.

    (For example, what was “sold” as independant polling on “junk food” (among other things), just “happened” to have been carried out, purely coincidentally, of course, in multiple European member states.)

    I feel, although it is refreshing, that once again we see a “european policy” in the making.

    That sais more about the wall they have built around themselves that it does about what comes out. And, we must ask, are they merely “playing to the audience”?

  2. Hasn’t Ed Davey just ‘won’ a reduced reduction in in subsidies, from the chancellors proposed 25% cut to 10%? much as I would love to see a realist like osborne running this side of the government, I still see and hear endless prattle about emissions targets from just about every other member of the gov.

    I think we of the sceptic pursuasion are congratulating ourselves way too early. I also hear there is a risk Osborne will be ‘moved’ at the next re-shuffle, probably to make way for some Lib Dem who would be more in keeping with Sam Cam’s green wishes…

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