New Fracking Process Uses No Water

The shale gas revolution has always met with hysterical opposition from the warming alarmists and the Green NGOs for the simple reason that shale gas will wipeout the uneconomic Green dreams of wind and solar power.

Unlike the Green renewables, shale gas is profitable without tax payer subsidies, provides lasting jobs and creates wealth and prosperity, as the shale gas revolution in the US has demonstrated.

Fracking has been met with the usual Green hysteria, lies and propaganda as was amply demonstrated by “Gasland” a Green anti-fracking documentary by Josh Fox that set out to prove that fracking contaminated ground water with methane by shooting footage of people setting fire to the water coming out of their taps.

The mere fact that the ground water had been contaminated with methane for decades before fracking ever started does not matter according to Fox, no surprises there then, facts have always been an irrelevance to a Green eco zealot spreading a new fear message.

So desperate were the warmists to stop fracking, the Park Foundation produced a report that alleged that shale gas was dirty than coal for CO2 emissions, strangely this report was too much junk science for the warmists who rapidly backed away from the Park Foundation and its findings.

Fracking has been declared safe by British geologists, and the even that bastion of Climate Religion, the EU have declared that fracking does not  need more regulation.

Now a new method of fracking that does not use water has been developed and tested, originally for getting more gas out of low pressure wells, the method of using a butane/propane gel also has significant environmental benefits as well:

According to an industry report, the project is focused on using a technology that pumps a thick gel made from propane into the ground as opposed to using traditional methods of hydraulic fracking that make use of a mixture of water, sand, and chemicals to extract natural gas reserves from deep shale formations. Unlike traditional technologies, the gel from the new liquefied propane gas (LPG) fracking method reverts to vapor while still underground, and as a result returns to the surface in a recoverable form.

According to its developer, Calgary-based GASFRAC Energy Services, the gel also holds advantages over water-based methods in that it does not carry the chemicals used during the drilling process back to the surface.

This process is significant in that if proven effective, it could potentially allow for the extraction of shale gas and oil from 135,000 acres in Tioga County, New York, breaking through the state’s current hydraulic fracking moratorium. The moratorium was imposed in 2010 after environmentalists expressed concerns that the drilling process could pose a threat to regional water supplies.

Shale gas extraction has been funded by venture capital, not the endless crony capitalism and Green taxation that fund wind and solar, because of the commercial imperative shale gas technologies have leapt forward in a very short space of time, the same cannot be said for wind and solar which continue to consume billions of dollars in Green susbidy globally, and provide less than 1% of the world energy needs.

According to a report by The Vancouver Sun, while GASFRAC charges a 50 percent premium in comparison to traditional fracking companies, there can be significant savings in water use, truck traffic, and easier site cleanups. Apart from logistical gains, the article also referred to the rise in well production as “spectacular.” Reports from the Cardium formation, which is west of Edmonton, displayed that LPG fracking results are “two to three times better” at increasing the flow of oil and gas in comparison to traditional methods.

This sentiment was echoed when San Antonio-based BlackBrush Oil & Gas announced a two-year contract with GASFRAC in the oil-rich Eagle Ford shale in Texas. BlackBrush’s co-CEO commented in a press release that using LPG brought “oil production at a sustainable rate weeks earlier than with the standard water frac and we are seeing huge savings on disposal of frac fluids.”

The propane and butane used in the fracking gel revert to gas and are also recovered, so this really is a quantum leap in fracking, and reducing the environmental impact of the gas extraction operations.

This of course will make no difference to warming alarmists who will continue to oppose any form of reliable,  affordable energy, on the grounds that it is both reliable and affordable, and will drive econimic growth and prosperity becuase in Green think the only future is the childish stupidity of the zero growth economy,  sometimes called North Korea.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. bj kristiansen

    I have worked in energy exploration for over 35 years and these new technologies not only are “clean” they are also much more efficient than conventional fracking. The only surprise is that we didn’t think of it sooner.

    The envirozombies will find something to whine about regardless of the techniques used for gas production. They will probably try to argue that excessive vaporized propane will contaminate groundwater IN A FORMATION FULL OF NATURAL GAS. The gas-bearing lithologies are generally 10 to 20 times deeper than the deepest usable aquifer and each well generally has 7 layers of casing and cement to isolate the resource zone from the surface.

    Extreme environmentalism has to be a mental illness primarily characterized by denial and dishonesty.

    -bj in Wyoming (BTU heaven)

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