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Climate Scam – The New Attempt At Wealth Redistribution

Scientists that believe in Anthropogenic Global Warming can now prove the link between extreme weather events and human CO2 emissions

IPCC Lead Author Myles Allen is back, after recently defending champagne environmentalist Will.I.Am for his personal hip.hop.copter, where Allen said:

“The irony didn’t escape everybody. But he’s committed to the issues and he’s written songs about it.”

“A better understanding of the problems is probably more important than whether Will flies a helicopter from London to Oxford.”

Well this is the warming alarmist industry, and an IPCC lead author is involved so hypocrisy will always abound.

When Al Gores excruciating ClimateReality project saw the light of day in December 2011 Allen was ready with criticism about Gore and his penchant for attributing extreme weather events to Anthropogenic Global Warming:

When Al Gore said last week that scientists now have “clear proof that climate change is directly responsible for the extreme and devastating floods, storms and droughts that displaced millions of people this year,” my heart sank.

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The Climate Was Hotter In Roman & Medieval Periods

Nature Climate Change, the cooling effect of orbital shifting on the climate has been up to four times as powerful as anthropogenic (human-caused) warming pressures

The denial by warming alarmists  of a hotter climate in Roman and Medieval times has long been a central foundation to support the flawed theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming.

According to hockey stick creator Michael E Mann, the Medieval Warming Period (MWP) was a localised event,  if indeed the MWP  actually happened for Michael Mann at all.

New research has found that the MWP reached as far as Antarctica, as an indicator atmospheric levels of CO2, at the time were around 250 ppm,  as opposed to 393 ppm today. Greenland (the clue is in the name) was not always covered in ice as it is today, between 982 AD – 1500 AD the Vikings farmed Greenland, in recent times Viking Farms have been found frozen in the permafrost. Read the rest of this entry

Sir Richard Branson Does A Rapid About Turn On All Things Green

Sir Richard Branson just a few short months ago was saving Antartica with Al Gore from CO2 emissions, now Branson says Green Britain is on the verge of joining the Third World.

Another Green evangelist profiteer has shown their true colours and ceased to be Green as the realisation dawns, that post Rio+20, the huge profits they expected to reap from the Great Global Warming Scam have dried up.

In January this year Branson was cruising Antarctica with Al Gore and worrying about the effects of Anthropogenic Global Warming on the continent, and especially the impact of Climate Change on krill stocks.

Still fired up with Green idealism in February, Branson wrote an article for Age of Energy: The Green Economy where he stated “We must put the planet before profit“. Read the rest of this entry

Dutch Report – Wind Turbines Are Not Fit For Purpose

European Physical Society “Decisions to install large-scale wind-powered electricity generation are based more on the expectation to save significant amounts of fossil fuel and CO2 emission than on any evidence that this is indeed the case”.

One of the corner stones of the Green Dream was renewable energy, based on a child like thought process that energy generated by the wind is free, and as, no fossil fuels are used in the generation process, none of that frighteningly scary trace gas CO2 would be produced, so the non existent threat of Anthropogenic Global Warming would be averted and a Green economy would grow based on cheap Green energy.

The same child like simplicity of thought was also applied to solar energy with posters proclaiming “if every home in Britain had a solar panel on its roof we could generate all the electricity we need”, a complete and utter fantasy of course, but to the Green zealot who never thinks anything through to its logical conclusion these poster  statements become both a mantra and central to their core belief system.

The hardcore reality is that the sun does not always shine, and the wind does not always blow at the correct speed to allow the bird choppers to function, so like it or not, there always has to be a conventional power station on standby, ready to instantly pick up the demand that renewables are usually unable to generate sufficient electricity to meet. Read the rest of this entry

Al Gore – This Is What The Climate Crisis Looks Like

Al Gore has been largely ignored and shunned by the Church of Climatology, since the embarrassment of Al’s Climate Reality project last year.

The whole 24 hours of the Climate Reality project was so crass, so embarrassingly bad that even the ecomentalist hacks at the Guardian could find nothing positive to say about Al and his gaggle of champagne celebrities and junk scientists.

Now the Goreacle has broken his silence to pontificate about how absolutely every weather event is proof of his religious teachings: Read the rest of this entry

Carbon Tax – How Long Can Julia Gillard Survive

Australia’s carbon tax became law on July 1st, it is against the law to blame cost increases on the carbon tax in the Green socialist state Australia has now become

Julia Gillards minority government and their Green supporters dream of a carbon tax became a reality on July 1st, to the detriment of Australia’s economy and people.

The Greening of Australia has seen the real face of Green environmentalism, which has shown it self to be every bit as totalitarian as any communist regime. Christine Milne, deputy leader of the Australian Green party wants  “to punish newspapers which publish articles sceptical of global warming and critical of the Gillard Government.“.

The ghosts of dictators past must be dancing for joy, Australia, a country that has always stood up for freedom and resisted tyrants like Adolf Hitler is having its very own freedoms eroded from within by the Green followers of climate religion. In the middle ages people were punished for being sceptical of the Catholic Church’s teachings, in the communist/socialist totalitarian regimes of the 20th Century people critical of the government were also punished, these are exactly the same draconian measures that Green environmentalists want. Read the rest of this entry