Green Stupidity – Biofuels Cause Hunger

George “Peak Oil” Monbiot “We were wrong on peak oil. There’s enough to fry us all. the facts have changed……disaster for humanity”

The whole Anthropogenic Global Warming scam has been driven by an irrational fear of CO2, any idea that would reduce the deeply feared carbon emissions was adopted as the politically correct way forward to a Green sustainable future economic disaster.

Spin, fear and cherry picked partial truths have characterised the Green machine in operation, wind farms are allegedly a nice clean form of renewable energy, well they are if you ignore the huge lake of pollution around at  wind turbine magnet manufacturing facility in Batou, China. Out of sight, out of mind as the old saying goes.

It is no secret that the Greens hate cars, well for us ordinary folks anyway,  for Greens at UN COP meetings huge fleets of limos have long been the standard mode of transport.

Realizing that parting people from their cars was not going to happen, the Greens went for biofuels as the politically correct fuel for vehicles.

Biofuels are made typically from corn which is  nice, because it is not a fossil fuel,  so the Green thinking goes make fuel from corn, which is sustainable and cut carbon emissions at the same time.

What could possibly go wrong?

The UN has called for an immediate suspension of government-mandated US ethanol production, adding to pressure on Barack Obama to address the food-versus-fuel debate in the run-up to presidential elections.

Most US ethanol is made from corn. The dispute over ethanol promotion pits states such as Iowa that benefit from higher corn prices – and in some cases are swing states in the election – against livestock-raising states such as Texas that are helped by lower corn prices.

Borrowing a word from warming alarmism speak, this has to be unprecedented, the driving force behind the great man made Climate Change Scam, the UN, is asking one of its iconic Green leaders to abandon a Green policy that reduces CO2 emissions.

Green Liberals are kind of binary in outlook, they are either “outraged” and “offended”, or, they are feeling good and morally superior for caring and being politically correct.

Now George Monbiot is outraged about Biofuels, conveniently forgetting that he has always been behind the AGW scam, Moonbat has persistently written about the obscene levels of CO2 being emitted, now he complains when politicians take measures to reduce global CO2 emissions from vehicles.

The US and the European Union have both set targets and created generous financial incentives for the use of biofuels. The results have been a disaster for people and the planet.

Already, 40% of US corn (maize) production is used to feed cars. The proportion will rise this year as a result of the smaller harvest.

Though the market for biodiesel is largely confined to the European Union, it has already captured 7% of the world’s output of vegetable oil. The European commission admits that its target (10% of transport fuels by 2020) will raise world cereal prices by between 3% and 6%. Oxfam estimates that with every 1% increase in the price of food, another 16 million people go hungry.

The UN and its many organisations that deal with famine and food production should have seen that one coming, but as usual, when the Climate Change fear meme is being pushed rational, balanced thinking is the second casualty after the truth.

By 2021, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development says that 14% of the world’s maize and other coarse grains, 16% of its vegetable oil and 34% of its sugarcane will be used to make people in the gas-guzzling nations feel better about themselves.

George for the record it is only rich Green Liberals like yourself, and the audience you write for that feel the Liberal sense of guilt that has to be assuaged at all costs, so the feel good endorphin can rule supreme in the Liberal mind, the rest of us were happy running our vehicles on petrol and diesel and letting farmers grow food for people.

About Tory Aardvark

Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. Furor Teutonicus

    My Grandmother, and way back were all Sammi shamans. One thing my Grand and great Grand Mother were always convinced of was, that when they were able to make “car fuel” (Their description) out of food, then the human race was doomed.

    Don’t knock shamanism. 🙂

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