Christian Climatologist Preaches Climate Religion

God has promised a new heaven and earth with his second coming, until then we must adopt Climate Religion because God is an intollerant warming alarmist.

Meet Katherine Hayhoe the associate professor of atmospheric sciences at Texas Tech University, director of the university’s Climate Science Centre and a devout Christian.

Hayhoe has married her Christian beliefs, with her belief in Climate Religion, to produce a result that shows she has little understanding of the planet’s atmosphere and demonstrates a ready willingness to regurgitate the usual Green lies and misinformation.

In April 2012 Hayhoe gave a talk to students at Hardin-Simmons University about Climate Change and her role at the Climate Science Centre:

“It may happen any day, but we don’t know when it is,” she said on the topic of Christ’s expected return. So in the meantime?

“Make wise choices,” said Hayhoe. The associate professor of atmospheric sciences at Texas Tech University spoke to Hardin-Simmons University students and others Tuesday on climate change and her role as director of the Climate Science Center at Tech.

To Hayhoe, the earth, being “God’s second-greatest gift” after Christ himself, is made up of resources given by the creator.

But in return, she said, people have produced massive amounts of waste, resulting in an island of plastic garbage in the middle of the Pacific Ocean as big as Texas, despoiled the habitats of millions of species and plants, and created air pollution from burning fossil fuels.

An island of floating garbage the size of Texas in the Pacific, a plague of plastic of biblical proportions, or is it?

Plastic is definitely a problem in the oceans, both for animal life and the environment, said Angel White, a microbial oceanographer at Oregon State University in Corvallis. But there are not floating towers of milk jugs, toilet seats and rubber duckies swirling in the middle of the ocean.

Instead, the majority of plastic in the sea consists of confetti-like specks that are spread out widely and nearly impossible to see with the naked eye.

There is of course the faint possibility that Hayhoe got the mythical plastic floating Texas confused with the Climate Change con artists in the Maldives.

The islands will allegedly slip beneath the waves in 2019 according to the Green meme, which does beggar the question why are the Maldives building a new airport to cope with increased tourism over the next 25 years, or using one of their islands as a national garbage dump.

The Maldives island of Thilafushi where every day upwards of 330 tons of garbage are dumped.

Rubbish Island is a far cry from the Maldives’ famous turquoise waters and white sands.

Those who have been there describe vast piles of rubbish and perpetual smog and smoke.

The Greens frequently quote the environmental credentials of the Maldives, says it all really.

The next item Hayhoe addressed was the planet’s atmosphere, and remember Hayhoe is a professor of atmospheric science:

Most insidious, she said, are heat-trapping gases — colorless and odorless, but to Hayhoe and other climatologists producing an obvious impact on the planet.

“Every time we burn these gases they produce heat, and we know how much we’re been producing over the last 100 years because we keep good records of how much gas and oil we’ve been burning,” she said.

There is a natural greenhouse effect, she said, created by earth’s atmosphere.

As a blanket keeps one warm by trapping body heat, the atmosphere traps the earth’s heat and doesn’t let it escape into space, she said.

Unbelievable, it is common knowledge that heat escapes through the upper atmosphere into space, always has and always will.

In March this year NASA produced a video showing that the sun heats the planet, and CO2 and NO in the upper atmosphere actually cool the planet, Hayhoe must be aware of this information, yet she choses to ignore it.

“The 2000s were the warmest decade on record, 2010 tied as the warmest year on record, and 2011 was the warmest La Niña year ever recorded,” she said, a weather pattern that usually means cooling.

How do we know people are responsible? Climate models have been created using massive supercomputers that simulate everything from clouds to ocean currents to plants and animals and people.

The much pushed Climate Models have predicted warming that real observation has shown is not happening, the warming alarmist models are incapable of predicting Climate events from history,  and as for  the modelling of cloud feedback, the models get cloud feedback wrong, but only  by 70W/m2 (that’s 19 times larger than the CO2 effect).

Hayhoe has “faith” in the models, but is clearly religious rather than scientific faith.

“With these models, we can create a world without people,” she said.

A world without people, the Green warning alarmist dream.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. “Most insidious, she said, are heat-trapping gases. Every time we burn these gases they produce heat”

    But don’t these same climate “evangelists” tell us that CO2 is the primary evil? I would like to see her try and burn that. It’s the active constituent of many fire extinguishers…

  2. The island of garbage in the pacific that you and you shoddy expert denounce exists – the North Pacific Tropical Gyre is host to more than 7 million tons of plastic and much of it isn’t microscopic. You really should check your facts before ranting like an ignorant fool.
    I know that the whole point of your blog is to try to discourage action on climate change because you don’t believe it is happening despite the evidence, but as I and I’m sure others have pointed out before, denying that heat is trapped by the gasses in the atmosphere is the same as denying the possibility of live evolving on Earth, because without this mechanism it would be a ball of ice. You must accept that CO2 absorbs infra-red radiation (at particular wavelengths [that water vapour doesn’t]), unless you believe that heat-seeking missiles operate by magic and the USAF tricked us into thinking that CO2 was a greenhouse gas for some (bizarre) reason.
    You continue to trot out your straw man arguments for why climate science is wrong, while the rest of us at least try to prevent the catasrophe that you are stupidly welcoming.

  3. I think people are scared. We know we are polluting the planet and we are, but not with CO2. We’ve had some rather ominous volcanic eruptions in the last year or two, and Mt Vesuvius is a problem if she does another Pompeii-Herculaneum stint. (I doing a MA level on this at the moment). Earthquakes and Tsunamis and an asteroid attack. Some are coming rather close at the moment. That idiotic Mayan 2012 claim. Overpopulation, famine, wars, illegal immigrants, clash of religions and terrorism. Political instability and economic declines – why wouldn’t people be scared for the futures especially if one becomes unemployed and has a mortgage. Too much funding for weapons to countries who can ill afford them and need food and public facilities. The world is in a flux. But nature has a way of balancing it and often that doesn’t spell well for humanity. I believe that we of the so called developed nations need to reassess our priorities. And as Sir David Attenborough is noted as suggesting, start looking more to our needs rather than our wants.
    Clean energy is not the answer unless one wants to go into electricity rationing? Like in the war (WW11)

  4. manoffireandlight your nom de plume spells …. arrogance or pretension. Pollution is not climate change. Humans can not change climates, they can clean up though. But too many green lovers are reaping money on this spurious claims of theirs. Before the internet few people would have disbelieved them. And where is this money going for the UN climate change fund. No audit yet.

  5. All of you guys are missing the essential point. There are approx. 7,000,000,000 humans
    jostling for space and resources on a planet that can sustain at most 5,000,000 people
    living in a harmonious relationship with the millions of other species in the biosphere. A lot
    of you, including Aardvark, Me, and Bush Bunny will have to leave, whether by voluntary or
    involuntary means is up to you.

  6. You go first Jay and tell us what’s on the other side of the moon? LOL I agree but nature has a way of righting the situation if allowed. At least China had the right idea, although somewhat cruel, limiting one child per family. Actually in Western countries their birth rate has stabilized it’s all the added refugees and illegal immigrants that are unbalancing the status quo and infrastructures. I reckon those boat people swamping Australia’s top end and Christmas Island, we should try and get the countries where they came from to pay some of the expenses. I am sure we can appreciate the plight of these people. But they are exchanging a third rate or class country for the right to live in a first class and find work they can’t get in their home country. Some can’t speak English. Look what has happened in UK they pay welfare to relatives who have yet to leave their homes say in Poland when one of them is over here. It can’t go on.

  7. While critisising the green nut jobs and big scare scam guys,why the need for “Original Sin”? I admit it has been a constant in the human psyche for as long as we can track it in history and pre-history. How do YOU know the earth cant cope with the population we have now? Got it from the MSM? From the same people who bring you the global governments printing money and Climate change scam? Or you just worked it out from first principles that you cant have infinite growth in a finite universe? Try reading some refutation of Malthus. There are a few out there on the net these days thank goodness. Malthus has a lot to answer for. Took me a while to question my own gut reactions to the idea that we are overpopulated.

    Most of todays crisis and impending crisis around the world have been caused by their governments one way or another. Governments like other things like global warming to get the blame not them. Governments worldwide over the last few decades have been printing money and spending money they dont have which has to be paid for eventually (despite what the govts and MSM say) and we are likely to get a REAL world depression sometime, – soonish?

    I suspect that a feeling of guilt is somehow evolved in the human brain and that it is part of our social behaviour or a side effect of a massive brain. Just because you FEEL a sense of impending doom, and that humans are bad (on mass, except for the ones you know and love) does not make it true. It was not true for all those other civilisations and beliefs in the past was it? There has always been a doomsday message – but ours now is the real one – right? Not like all those others in the past – this one really is the real doomsday!

    We dont have to believe our feelings as truth.

    I suspect religions over history are based on this feeling of guilt and blame of others and have caused lots of virgins to be thrown in lots of volcanoes to appease the sky gods for the entirety of human history.

    Our sky gods are different this time right!
    We must be guilty of ruining the planet/upsetting the sky gods/ damning our souls.

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