Global Temps Have Dropped Unprecendented 1°C Since 1990

Global temperature in 1990 was 15.5° C

In 1990 the consensus amongst scientists was the mean global temperature was 15.5°C, as the above chart produced by the German government shows, this figure was also used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Now 20 years later:

At that rate of colling, 15.5° in 1990 to 14.5° in 2010, we’ll be deep into an ice age by the end of the century.

How can we be having global warming when the temperature went from 15.5°C in the early 1990s to only 14.5°C today? Are climate scientists just throwing out numbers?

How much are 14.5 – 15.5? The answer is -1.0. But the IPCC is telling us it’s +0.5.

The Green propaganda machine relentlessly pushes the ever increasing temperature meme, when the IPCC’s own evidence directly contradicts the propaganda.

Which does lead to the conclusion that the scientists involved are congenitally stupid and should pursue careers that do not involve complex mathematical calculations, or that, the scientists concerned are not in fact climate scientists, but political scientists pushing a global Green political agenda and using numbers to frighten people into their way of thinking.

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  1. If this is so, why does the artic sea ice continue to melt? 2012 is showing record low levels of sea ice in the arctic, and will almost certainly beat the record minimum set in 2007. How can this be, if something is not warming and melting that ice?

    Also, after that record area of surface melt in Greenland, the measured melt of the Greenland ice in total has also reached a record level.

    How does this observed – not modelled – evidence fit with no AGW and a 1 degree drop?

    You can check the sea ice levels on the ‘watts up with that’ sea ice page – it has all the graphs and comparisons of 2007 with 2012.

  2. Oceans store and transport vast amounts of heat. They heat most in the tropics and that water goes to the poles where it melts ice, and cools. Cooling periods are usually shepherded in by a warm spike. The oceans are still releasing their heat.

    And there was nothing unusual about the Greenland melt, it has happened about every 150 years during this latest interglacial.

    See: “Natural variability”. 😉

    • The post says that it has been cooling since 1990 – and in 2007, 17 years after that cooling started there was a record melt of ice?

      And now 22 years after, there is an even bigger melt of ice, in a year when weather conditions were less favourable to ice melt.

      (Incidentally apart from that surface melt event in Greenland, the year to date total ice melt has also hit a record level).

      It seems to me that in world where temperature rise stopped in 1998 or cooling started in 1990, that it is not credible that there should be an increase in how much ice melts that many years after.

      Please look at the comparisons between the 1980s and today and see the enormous volume of ice loss.

      If the whole floating sea ice melts in the next few years, can we really say that it is natural variability?

  3. “If the whole floating sea ice melts in the next few years, can we really say that it is natural variability?”


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