Warming Alarmism Must Become A Religion To Save The World

The only solution to Climate Change is to adopt the sense of conformation and moral obligation offered by religious thought and ritual

To save the world from Climate Change, warming alarmism must become akin to a religion.

The warming alarmists with their hate filled diatribes against people who do not believe that science is ever settled, or that science is based on a consensus rather than facts, have split the debate on Anthropogenic Global Warming into Good (warming alarmist) and Evil (climate sceptics) which is effectively the argument that religion has always been based on.

In addition to being evil climate sceptics are also often called “stupid” and “irrational”, however in a new study by Yale Professor of Law and Psychology, Daniel M Kahan finds AGW sceptics are amongst the most the most scientifically literate members of the general population.

The author, Dan Kahan, is not a scientist but a professor of both law and psychology. He is attacking the position that people reject the science of climate change because they are too stupid and too irrational. The idea that people disagree with them only because they are stupid and irrational is probably the consensus among scientists, even if you can’t call it the scientific consensus because there’s too much evidence to show that it is wrong.

Kahan cites some of his own research to show that the members of the lay public who are most science literate, and the most proficient at technical reasoning, are also the most divided on climate change – in other words, the deniers of climate change are among the most scientifically literate members of the general population.

So if the sceptics are the most science literate, and they base their position on science, then by implication those that believe in man made Climate Change do so from a less scientific perspective.

The kind of changes in consumption needed to make a real difference to our carbon output would require multinational action at government level. But democratic governments act from perceived self-interest even more than individual voters do.

Governments are elected by people to do a job and reflect the views of their electorate, despite the overwhelming consensus the warmists would have the world believe exists, belief in Anthropogenic Global Warming is a minority view in the developed world.

Kahan, however, sees a rather more powerful explanation. “Positions on climate change have come to signify the kind of person one is. People whose beliefs are at odds with those of the people with whom they share their basic cultural commitments risk being labelled as weird and obnoxious in the eyes of those on whom they depend for social and financial support.”

This polarisation of views in the climate change debate has come about because of the vilification of anyone who does not buy into the AGW idea, the use of the term denier and all that implies by the warming alarmist machine has largely brought about this problem.

What religious thought – and ritual – can supply is the two things absent from normative consumer liberalism. The first is a belief that the choice between ends is not arbitrary or wholly personal: that there are moral facts of the matter; that saving as much of humanity as possible is an obligation on all of us, and that this is actually true, and not just a matter of preference.

What Kahan has missed out is the sense of “original guilt” that pervades the Liberal mindset, Liberals always feel guilty about something, lets face it, they are born that way.

Taking the moral high ground on climate change aka economic suicide has long been a warming alarmist rallying call, this latest paper is an effort to make everyone feel the Liberal Green guilt to solve a problem that simply does not exist.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. http://toryaardvark.com @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. I’d still like an answer on the question I posted against your previous entry: what is causing the record low level of Arctic sea ice this year?

    Debate on any warming shouldn’t be about classing people good or evil, but a debate on evidence.

    If you look at this website


    and scroll down a bit, you’ll find a link which lets you compare ‘how much ice’ on any 2 dates. If I do that for August 17 2007 and August 17 2012, I can see that there’s likely to be a new record low this year.

    (2007 was year of record low measurement to date, August 17 is just convenient date for which past/present data can be found).

    If I then compare with August 17 1982, 1983 or similar I can see just how much less ice we have now than 30 years ago.

    If debating global warming, we need to have a view on why we have less ice today than 30 years ago, in fact a record low.

    Warming melting the ice is one answer – do you have another?

    • Yes it’s called warming,
      Its happened before it will happen again
      I live on Anglesey on a drumlin left by a glacier. Down the road I can show you beds of rock laid down in a desert & baked in the sun… on top of lateral and medial moraines from a previous ice age.
      Enormous fluctuations in temperatures all done without the help or cause of man.

      I remember, yes I feel I’m that old that –
      The Vikings called Greenland – Greenland because it was …..green
      The Romans grew grapes on Hadrian’s wall
      The Chinese mapped the north Siberian coast using ships
      The Londoners held fairs on the frozen Thames.

      Climate change has always happened & always will, we, like other animals must adapt to it or die.

      It makes a great substitute religion, you have good & evil, hellfire & damnation but the high priests allow a glimmer of hope & salvation ,but you must buy indulgences (solar PV or windmill etc) from your local priest (Green wash inc) then you can walk with god seeking out the heretic deniers.

      The parallels with the medieval Church of Rome are uncanny.

  2. I agree, the parallels are uncanny. Just think, the alarmist religion has a god (Gaia), an organization (IPCC), a good book (AR4), an invisible devil (CO2), sinners (humanity), and apocalyptic retribution (climate catastrophe). I think the only things missing are a martyr and a network of churches.

    In a few centuries we might see frescoes of Gore and Pachaurie on the ceiling in the Sistine Chapel. Now there’s a happy thought.

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