The Truth About Green Jobs From A Former Insider

“Nuclear is dead!” proclaimed my boss at a staff meeting just days after the Fukushima disaster. “This will be good for us!” he continued, in the wake of 20,000 deaths, not one caused by nuclear radiation.

The myth of Green jobs has long been part of the warmist meme, the transition to a brave new Green Orwellian world where there is limitless carbon free electricity generated by wind and solar, well that would be case were it not for an embarrassing problem known as intermittency, more on that later.

A report in September 2011 by the US House of Representatives concluded that the so called Green jobs revolution had failed globally and there were no such things as long term Green jobs, so the warmists changed the definition of Green jobs to be just about any existing job, for example if you work in a bicycle repair shop that is a Green job, if you work as a clerk in the bicycle repair shop, that is also a Green job.

The problem for wind and solar, apart from intermittency, is that neither technology is economically viable without huge Green subsidies extracted from consumers via taxation, globally as governments have cut subsidies so solar panel and wind turbine manufacturers have cut jobs, or gone spectacularly bust like Obama’s Green flag ship debacle with Solyndra.

In 2008 Deborah Sloan completed her Masters in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford and took a “Green Job” with a solar company, this is her story:

Management said we would be competitive with oil and gas once we manufactured panels for $1.00/watt. But as a mechanical engineer, I learned most of solar’s cost is not panels themselves but “balance of system” (BOS) components like DC to AC converters, wiring, and structural mounting, adding about $3.00/watt for a best-case total of $4.00/watt. Coal and hydroelectric systems cost as low as $2.10/watt and $1.00/watt, respectively. Ifound no evidence that solar’s BOS costs would decrease meaningfully.

Nor did anyone have a solution to the problem that has plagued solar and wind energy since their inception: intermittency. Solar and wind energy come intermittently, with no means to store it for later use that wouldn’t add considerably to their already-high cost. Thus, the idea of a large scale solar and wind economy is farcical.

The intermittency issue with wind and solar has always been ignored by the warmists, along with all the fossil fuel power stations on standby to counter the intermittency problem.

A wind farm in Hawaii that was using a massive number of batteries to store electricity caught fire at the beginning of this month, the pollution caused by the fire was an environmental disaster, then when you include the huge environmental footprint of manufacturing all those batteries, and the huge lake of pollution around Batou in China from the manufacture of magnets for wind turbines, these so called icons of Green environmentalism are anything but Green.

If the industry was fundamentally unproductive, so were my colleagues and I. We were wasting a tragic amount of time, talent–and other people’s money–making a far inferior form of power when we could have been creating real advances in other, legitimate kinds of energy.

Just as disturbing was what these “jobs” did to people’s spirits. Every high-ranking person in solar or wind must eventually figure out, as I did, that he cannot compete in the market, that his competitive advantages are government subsidies and forced limitations on competitors.

Yet again the truth is out, wind and solar cannot survive without Green taxation which kills jobs and a plunges families into energy poverty.

I wish I could say people work in Green energy because they sincerely believe in catastrophic global warming. But most also reject nuclear power, the only scalable form of CO2-free energy, hating it as a competitor while celebrating Fukushima for creating anti-nuclear sentiment. “Nuclear is dead!” proclaimed my boss at a staff meeting just days after the disaster. “This will be good for us!” he continued, in the wake of 20,000 deaths, not one caused by nuclear radiation.

He was right–we needed disasters to compete.

I remember researching catastrophic global warming claims extensively, then sharing evidence against such a threat with the director of engineering, a very intelligent man. I expected either a scientific counter-argument or excitement at the prospect that we do not face an unprecedented climate disaster and the unprecedented economic disaster of a carbon cap. Instead, he responded that our company would be better off if catastrophic global warming were imminent.He wanted it to be true, because it would help us. Our company could not survive on merit, so our interests were aligned with destruction.

If you click here there is an hour long interview with Deborah Sloan on You Tube.

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