More Arctic Sea Ice Hysteria – Again

Here we go again, I hope everyone is seated comfortably as tonight’s programme is another block buster production from *Greenworks GHM – Arctic Sea Ice Yet Another Armageddon or (One day we will get something right, until then we will cry Wolf at every opportunity and hope for disaster).

This summers Arctic sea ice melt has been rapid, in fact one of the most rapid since records began:

“The previous record, set in 2007, occurred because of near perfect summer weather for melting ice. Apart from one big storm in early August, weather patterns this year were unremarkable. The ice is so thin and weak now, it doesn’t matter how the winds blow,” said the NSIDC director, Mark Serreze.

Since records began, impressive or is it?

Records began with satellite monitoring in 1979, just 33 years ago and this micro blink of eyelid is supposed to be a definitive record of Arctic sea ice and its trends, including Ice Ages and the Middle Age Warming Period?

The cause for all this ice melting is bound to be Anthropogenic and involve fossil fuels:

“These figures are not the result of some freak of nature but the effects of man-made global warming caused by our reliance on dirty fossil fuels,” said John Sauven, the Greenpeace UK director.

“Record-breaking ice minimums are becoming the new normal,” says Clive Tesar of WWF’s global Arctic programme. “We’re breaking records on a regular basis as the sea ice continues its decline.”

The usual suspects preaching the same old tired anti everything they do not endorse message.

A factor completely ignored by the Big Green Propaganda machine is the length of Arctic ice melt this year:

According to JAXA, the Arctic melt season (date max minus date min) has gotten about 30 days shorter since 2005. If the melt season ends in the next eight days, 2012 will be the shortest on record.

So to summarise there has a been a trend to more rapid melting over shorter periods, if then duration of the melt had remained constant as it was in 2005 then Arctic Sea would indeed be in serious decline, but this is not the case.

Next how much ice has been lost to this unprecedented frozen apocalypse?

1. Antarctica continent:
Area = 13,700,000 km2 covered with ice
Mean ice thickness: 1.6 km
Ice volume: 21,920,000 km3

2. Antarctica sea ice (Aug):
Area 15,000,000 km2
Mean sea ice thinkness: 0.002 km (rough conservative estimate)
Antarctica sea ice volume = 30,000 km3

3. Greenland
Ice volume (Wikipedia) = 2,850,000 km3

4. Arctic sea ice
Area, September 2007: 4.3 million km2
Average ice thickness: 0.002 km
Total September Arctic sea ice volume = 8600 km3

Adding them up, it yields a total ice volume of: 24,808,600 cubic km stockpiled on the planet (neglecting the glaciers on mountains, which are puny in comparison).

This year in the Arctic, I estimate (see above) that a “whopping” 1600 km3 more Arctic sea ice will have melted by mid September. Yes, 1600 km3 from the total of almost 25 million we have stocked on Earth!

How much is that in percent? (1600 / 24,808,600) x 100 = 0.006%

.006% Arctic ice loss and possibly the shorted melt period in warming alarmist records and this is supposed to be further proof of Anthropogenic Global Warming?

*Greenworks GHM (Gore, Hansen, Mann)

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. I think you are reaching a bit here to compare the arctic ice loss with total world ice.

    The Arctic ice extent appears to be the lowest in 33 years, depending on which data you look at. Let’s just accept this. I understand that Arcttic ice was much lower in the very recent past, so this is not unprecedented and maybe not even unusual, time will tell. This is a valid argument.

    The hype and glee from the CAGW believers is to be expected – “see we told you everyone was going to die!” We should be a little more grown up in our response to this.

  2. With the record low levels of sea ice melt in the arctic, the case for global warming is effectively proved.

    There is no longer any point in arguing about hockey sticks, climate models, misplaced weather stations or satellite temperature measurements – here is physical evidence with only one likely cause. To prove global warming cause by human produced CO2 is NOT taking palce, you need to show conclusively ‘what melted the ice’.

    It was not soot, a natural cycle, volcanoes. It is at a lower level than at any point in human history.

    This paper shows that the ice melt can only have been caused by CO2 produced global warming:

    Notz, D., and J. Marotzke. 2012. Observations reveal external driver for Arctic sea-ice retreat, Geophys. Res. Lett., 39, L08502, doi:10.1029/2012GL051094.

    Its mentioned here:

    And here’s quote from it:

    Notz and colleagues then looked at other possible drivers for ice decline, ranging from solar radiation and cosmic rays, to volcanic eruptions, wind patterns, and oceanic heat transport. For all of these potential causes, their analysis showed that none of these were correlated with ice extent.

    ‘In the end, only the increase in CO2 remained on our list of possible drivers,’ Notz said, ‘We find a clear, physically plausible correlation of increasing CO2 and decreasing sea-ice cover.’ While other research has previously shown a connection between sea ice decline and global warming, most of those studies focused on climate models. The new study provides an independent confirmation that sea ice is in fact declining because of human-caused climate change.

    The post ‘Similar melts from 1938-43?’ here:

    effectively nails the idea that there have been similar low ice levels in the 20th century. See especially remarks on Danish ice records from the 1890s on.

    And a comment on a post here caught my eye:

    ‘When looking at ice cover during the satellite period I think we miss the big picture. Whaling records since 1880 together with aircraft and submarine records during the cold war make it pretty clear that prior to 1960 arctic sea ice extent never got below 8 million square km’
    Sea ice extent fell to 4.10 million square kilometers (1.58 million square miles) on August 26, 2012

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