COP18 The Next UN Climate Fiasco

They may live to regret the number of visa applications counter, travel to Qatar requires a Visa……..

The next UN Climate fiasco is just 88 days away now and just like its predecessors since 2009, COP15 Copenhagen, COP16 Cancun, COP17 Durban and the Rio+20 Earth summit nothing is likely to be achieved.

Climate Change has rated hardly a mention in the US Presidential election, voters go to the polls on November 6th and a Republican win by Mitt Romney will see Climate Change pushed even further off the political agenda.

Even a win by Obama is unlikely improve the situation for Big Green.

There is a pre COP18  meeting taking  place in Bangkok where the usual suspects are hoping to generate some enthusiasm for the Global Green Agrarian Society:

International climate change talks will kick off in Bangkok tomorrow with diplomats hopeful the wide-ranging meeting can revitalise negotiations ahead of the UN’s annual climate summit in Qatar at the end of the year.

Observers are increasingly concerned the UN-backed talks have made scant progress since an agreement was brokered at last year’s Durban Summit, committing countries to the extension of the Kyoto Protocol and the development of a new negotiating roadmap designed to agree a binding international climate change treaty by 2015 that would come into force at the end of the decade.

The “Durban Platform” as the deal was called lasted just 1 day, when the day after COP17 ended, Canada announced that it was exercising its legal right to leave the Kyoto Protocol as “Kyoto was not the way forward for Canada or the world

The next battle will be for control of the US$ 100 billion Green Climate Fund:

Plans to launch a new Green Climate Fund, also agreed in Durban, have faced similar delays, with the group tasked with developing and managing the fund only meeting for the first time earlier this month.

Funding is again expected to dominate this week’s talks in Thailand with developing countries poised to increase pressure on industrialised nations to renew climate funding pledges that are due to expire at the end of the year.

“In Bangkok, governments will be forced to focus on the fact that at this stage no new money has been pledged for climate finance in 2013 and that up to 90 per cent of the finance provided in 2010-2012 has simply been pre-existing foreign aid repackaged,” green NGO WWF said in a media statement.

There is no money and the so called rich countries no longer have billions to waste on climate mitigation and adaptation (wealth redistribution) to try and control the weather.

The likely stand-off has the potential to delay important parallel negotiations on how to finalise the second commitment period for the Kyoto Protocol – which has to be agreed by the end of the year if the legally-binding treaty is not to lapse – and the roadmap for agreeing a new international treaty by 2015.

The chances of an extension to Kyoto, or a new treaty are virtually nil, Canada is extremely unlikely to sign up again, Brazil, Russia and India have opposed, both  Kyoto and an extension to the treaty.

Just like COP17, COP18 has an offical airline, now called a Travel Partner as Travel Partners could not possibly emit CO2 unlike those evil airlines which normal people use for business and holidays.

Flying is politically correct if you are saving the world, poor Leonardo Di Caprio made the supreme Green sacrifice and instead of using his private Jet, used a scheduled airline service, and OMG how the poor Green evangelist suffered for his act of Green sacrifice, the airline lost his luggage.

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