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Britain To Build 20 New Gas Fired Powerstations

Britain is to build 20 gas fired power stations which according to Greenpeace will prevent the country from achieving its Carbon targets

The Dash for Gas picked up speed today with the news that Britain is build 20 new gas fired power stations which will add 20GW of generating capacity to the national grid.

The statement from Climate Change secretary Ed Davey has upset Greenpeace who have started moaning about something called Carbon Targets being unattainable, Carbon Targets used to be the approved Green way of de-industrialising western civilisation until the term fell into disuse in mainstream politics. Read the rest of this entry


Obama Voter Speaks – Vote Obamaphone

A Democrat voter speaks at a demonstration against Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney in Bedford Ohio, apparently Romney sucks,  although the articulate Obama supporter does not tell us why.

She does however say very clearly that if you are sucking the country dry on social security benefits, Barry Obama will give you a Obama phone and that is the reason she will vote for Obama on November 6th.

Nothing like keeping the dependent, dependent Read the rest of this entry

Green Company Joins The Dash For Gas

A Green company is working side by side with Caudrilla in the Dash for Gas

This is an interesting story given the normal Green hysteria and total opposition to fracking and shale gas, a Green company that is working side by side with Caudrilla on fracking.

In the US fracking and shale gas have created an energy boom, electricity prices are typically 75% less than in Europe, hundreds of thousands of real lasting jobs have been created and the whole industry has been funded by private venture capital with not $1 dollar of taxpayer funded Green subsidy.

The minimal cost of shale gas has terrified the Greens, their beloved wind and solar cannot compete on cost and are only kept alive by taxpayer funded Green subsidies, when the subsidy is cut or reduced then the renewables industry immediately goes in to a downturn, because their industry is not real, it is propped up by Governments enforcing taxation on energy bill payers. Read the rest of this entry

Electric Cars – Toyota Kills Off The eQ

Toyota has announced it will not be releasing the eQ  electric town car due to lack of consumer demand because of the usual problems of  limited range and charging time.

The Electric Vehicle (EV) has been another spectacular and very expensive Green failure, like the renewable energies of wind and solar, EV’s require huge tax payer funded subsidies to even make them faintly attractive to consumers.

In the US the Chevy Volt, which is sold in Britain as the Vauxhall Ampera, has been a huge failure both in terms of sales and economically for General Motors, Reuters estimate that General Motors are losing US$ 49000 on each Volt they sell, though General Motors contest this figure. One thing is for sure however, General Motors spent over US$ 1bn developing the Volt and total US sales for 2011 were 7700  cars, a good way short of the target of 10000 cars.

In both Britain and the US  EVs are subsidised with taxpayers money in Britain subsidising each EV to the tune of £5000, and in the US $7500, but even with the taxpayer funded subsidies EV’s still do not sell: Read the rest of this entry

24 Hours Of Al Gores’s Reality: The Dirty Weather Report

Al Gore is back, not satisfied with last years cringe makingly awful Climate Reality project, Gore is back for a second dose of false facts and an orgy of event attribution.

Al Gore’s 24 hours of Climate Reality last November, embarrassed even the Green propagandists who continued the trend of backing away from, and then ignoring Gore.

The central theme of the Climate Reality project was event attribution, in this case attributing any extreme weather event to man made climate change, because prior to 1700 and the industrialisation of Europe the weather had for centuries always been gentle and balmy, there were no heatwaves or floods, the Middle Age warming period and the Little Ice Age that followed simply never happened, well in Gore and the warming alarmists world that is. Read the rest of this entry

US Says No To EU Flying Tax

First the House of Representatives, now the US Senate have passed a bill that stops US airlines taking part in EU Flying Tax

The Green EU flying tax that came into force on January 1st 2012 has not been a success, the hollow Green lie of there being a global consensus to act on Climate Change, all that is needed is the fine print, has never been more hollow, as the global reaction to EU’s unilateral flying tax has shown.

From the outset there were rumblings of a Trade War from China, as the row progressed, so China froze deals for new aircraft with EU Aircraft Manufacturer Airbus worth around US$ 14bn.

The EU Flying Tax has been seen around the world as the EU imposing a unilateral tax on flying to try to get additional funds to try to stop the sinking Eurozone, from sinking. Read the rest of this entry

Connie Hedegaard – Wrong Again This Time On Extreme Weather

Comrade Connie gets it wrong again by jumping on the warming alarmist event attribution bandwagon

The EU’s unelected Climate Commissar Connie Hedegaard is at it again, pushing fear stories of extreme weather events, naturally caused by Anthropogenic Global Warming of course.

This is the Green silly season, the run up to a UN COP meeting which always sees a massive increase of Green doom and gloom predictions, historically none of which have ever come true thus far.

Hedegaard it is worth remembering was responsible for hosting and preparing COP Climategate 15 before being appointed EU Climate Commissar, so she is hardly impartial when it comes to pushing the Global Agrarian Society.

In warming alarmist reality, Global Warming is the cause for just about everything that has ever happened or will ever happen, event attribution to give it’s name and it is a very popular tool in promoting the political science of Climate Change.

Event Attribution makes even IPCC lead authors despair, IPCC Lead Author Myles Allen had this to say about Al Gore and event attribution: Read the rest of this entry

More Green Subsidies For The Rich – Britain’s Electric Cars

Like all things in the Green world Electric Cars cannot exist without subsidies, tax payers give £5000 to everyone who buys one.

Mention the electric car and depending upon the person you are talking to, the first thing mentioned will either be how Green and tree huggy they are, or range anxiety, the very limited range that current electric vehicles have.

Big Green has pushed the Electric Vehicle (EV) as the way forward because EV’s have zero CO2 emissions, according to the warmists.

Lets examine this claim of zero CO2 emissions, which is not actually possible because the CO2 footprint of a vehicle is manufacture, use and destruction, not just driving the charged car which is what the warmist claims are based on.

Then there is the inconvenient truth of how the electricity that charges the battery is generated, if the power station is powered by fossil fuels then under warmist rules the electric car has caused CO2 emissions, the fact is that in environmental terms EVs are no cleaner than the current generation of modern diesel cars.

Now the House of Commons Transport Select Committee has warned that EVs, just like wind turbines, benefit the rich as ordinary tax payers subsidise the Green Dream, again: Read the rest of this entry

Arctic Sea Ice Hysteria – What Does Ice Free Really Mean?

Arctic will be ice free within 4 years according to Professor Peter Wadhams

This years record Arctic sea ice melt has got the warming alarmist doom sayers all fired up and predicting more environmental Armageddon in the Arctic, even though the warming alarmist propaganda machine had already predicted that the Arctic would be ice free by the summer of 2012.

Of course this is the start of the silly season for Big Green, the run up to COP18 in Doha, the same cycle that happens every year in preparation for the annually declining attendance at UN COP meetings.

This year the fear theme is Arctic Sea Ice, and this time the Arctic will be ice free in just 4 years according to Professor Peter Wadhams: Read the rest of this entry

Green Lies – The Fossil Fuel Subsidy

New interpretation of subsidy by Damian “Head of Environment” Carrington, if items that are essential to life are VAT rated at 5% then they are subsidised, especially if they are fossil fuels.

As the public knowledge about the real cost of renewable energy has grown, so too, have the attempts by the Greens to hide the real cost of their renewable energy boondoggle, which continues to take money from the poor and give it to the rich, wind turbines really are an inflation proof cash machine that pays out vast sums of money.

On February 27th this year, Damian Carrington at the Guardian claimed  to have discovered new data which showed that fossil fuels got roughly 5 times the amount of subsidy (£3.63bn) in 2010, when renewables only got £0.7bn for the same period.

One of those figures is true, the other is a complete fabrication arrived at by comparing something that has never existed, fossil fuel subsidies, with something that does, renewable energy subsidies. Read the rest of this entry