Green Insanity – The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement

The hopeful alternative to the extinction of millions of species of plants and animals is the voluntary extinction of one species: Homo sapiens… us.

It is no secret that a significantly large segment of the warming alarmists put Gaia ahead of people, and long for a mass extinction event to do to Homo Sapiens, what a meteorite did for the dinosaurs.

VEHMT (pronounced Vehement) is a movement that wants people to die out so the planet can be saved, members of VEHMT are described as extinctionists on their website.

The top level spin on the website is for people to voluntarily stop having children breeding and for the human race to die out that way:

This is from the aboutvehmt page on their web site:

Q: What is the official position of VHEMT?

Since the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement isn’t alive with a brain or a mouth, it can’t take positions or have opinions. It can’t get into arguments, tell people what to do and think, nor get punched for doing so.

Voluntary human extinction is simply a concept to be added to existing belief systems, not a complex code of behavior to live by. No committee of Movement shakers decides what position everyone else should take.

Most Volunteers subscribe to the philosophy embodied in the motto “May we live long and die out”, but if someone doesn’t want to live long that’s their business.

So if the movement is about humans not breeding, why even mention suicide if that is not what the organisation is about?

As the people who wrote the text for the web site well know, these movements attract  all sorts of people from the vulnerable to fanatics, people who are susceptible to suggestions made in this way.

Q: We have children. Can we still join?

Today’s children are tomorrow’s destiny. Our children have the potential for achieving the awareness needed to reverse civilization’s direction and begin restoring Earth’s biosphere. Most could use our help in realizing their full potentials.

Naturally you’re welcome to join, and you won’t be alone. When people gain the VHEMT perspective, they decide to add no more to the existing human family. They don’t pressure their children to give them grandchildren and might encourage them to make a responsible choice with their fertility.

Nothing like brainwashing your children with the idea that children are evil planet destroying vermin, and that your children should be persuaded not to have their own children.

According to VEHMT the Path of Progressive Awareness leads to not having children:

The above diagram is a bad modification of the paradigm developed by Elizabeth Kubler Ross to help people deal with trauma and bereavement.

Q: How do I join?

Being VHEMT is a state of mind. All you have to do to join is make the choice to refrain from further reproduction. For some, this is an easy decision to make. For others, it’s a moot issue. But for many, joining The Movement means making a monumental personal sacrifice.

The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement is not an organization, so no membership dues go to officials in offices. We are millions of individuals, each doing what we feel is best. Join with other VHEMT Volunteers and Supporters.

About Tory Aardvark

Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. Sounds good to me, actually. Them first, of course. After that, we’ll evaluate the experiment… 😉

  2. Please let us know when all your members have died out – Last one please switch off the lights and dismantle the website

  3. Hi JuliaM, I guess reading comprehension wasn’t your
    strongest subject at school right? No matter. The VHEMT
    folks have already gone “first” by taking the responsible
    course of not adding to the world’s problems by adding
    more people to it. They’re not asking you to commit
    suicide, just to practice birth control. Congratulations to
    Tory for helping publicise the organisation. (I guess he ran
    out of pictures of wind turbines or something). P.S. I am
    not a supporter of VHEMT voluntarism. I think Penti
    Linkola has a more realistic perspective on the problem.
    P.P.S. Tory, maybe you could do a future spotlight feature
    on the Church of Euthanasia?

    • jay donnelly | August 21, 2012 at 04:16

      All of you guys are missing the essential point. There are approx. 7,000,000,000 humans
      jostling for space and resources on a planet that can sustain at most 5,000,000 people
      living in a harmonious relationship with the millions of other species in the biosphere. A lot
      of you, including Aardvark, Me, and Bush Bunny will have to leave, whether by voluntary or
      involuntary means is up to you.

  4. Can’t argue with childish notions……..brighteyed spoiled brats have about the level of compassion and empathy as rocks………and I’m insulting rocks.

  5. Interesting though that when people are reasonably affluent, comfortable, employed, educated etc., the birth rate drops. I think Tory is bringing to attention the fanatasism at the extreme end of enviromentalism, which is something of course one witnesses within most religious/political groups, I think its a brain chemistry thing. I am myself a reasonably dippy hippy environmentalist with a concern for Gaia and all that sail with her but the people are part of her in this time. Self/human hatred is not healthy and not witnessed in self actualised, happy humans.

  6. What a load of crap ME,The entire population can stand in the Isle of White.There is enough land on this rock for 20 billion people.Greed of a few is the problem so like this mob should be the first to donate themselves for fertiliser for the plant life on this planet!

  7. I really admire the reasoning behind this movement, it’s just that I could cry at the ironic injustice that was caused should it succeed.

    If all of the ‘Voluntary extinction for the Human Race’ people (that really care about this planet enough to sacrifice the continuation of their own gene) go ahead with this plan of action, then we could could actually lose all of the people on this planet that are of some positive influence to this dire situation that the globe is facing (or so I hear).

    Parenting, social and democratic influences are the best influences that this movement has at it’s disposal, at least where it’s influence over the human race and resultant effect on the planet is concerned , as I I believe that the governments around the world (it’s nemesis) are otherwise intent on encouraging a growing population at all costs. That is because the growing population’s working masses can then pay the taxes that support an ever larger retired proportion of the population, who’s pension kitty; the government has actually spent already.

    The removal of these (vhem) humans would pave the the way for the continuation of the others; those that would rather instead satisfy their selfish/genetic urges for large families unchecked and pension payments as per normal along with economic growth (instead of a selfless/rationalized desire to leave their descendants with a world capable of sustaining life) to flourish freely, away from the moral scrutiny of those who wish to live a more sustainable existence.

    The world needs some tough decisions right now, but if all of the people that are willing to take them choose to die out so suddenly- leaving extra space for all the large family breeders, that carry on their courses of action despite contradictory evidence and advice concerning the state of our planet …..then the planet is quite simply screwed.

    It’s you (vehm) against them, for all of our sakes. Keep at least a little bit of you alive, so that your selfless wisdom can live on. One child per couple, and the world would be good to go again, for an infinitely long time.

    It’s just an idea anyhow, and I won’t be having any more.

    Nice one.

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