Friends Of The Earth – Britain Must Not Have Shale Gas

The appointment of Owen Paterson as Environment Secretary last week caused significant upset and turmoil in watermelon world.

Paterson has spoken out in the past about ending subsidies for the Green renewable energy boondoggle and fast tracking shale gas, which according to Monbiot is a declaration of war on the environment.

Now Friends of the Earth, RSPB and the WWF have joined the wailing and gnashing of Green teeth:

Friends of the Earth, RSPB and WWF have written to the Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey asking to prove shale gas doesn’t affect the nation’s ability to deliver on its climate change targets and has no effect on wildlife.

They claim the regulations in place for the extraction process, known as fracking, are not adequate and the impacts are not fully understood. The process works by pumping high pressured water into tight layers of rock deep underground to extract gas.

The sheer naked hypocrisy of the RSPB complaining about fracking is the usual Green double standard that permeates every single part of the environmental movement, the RSPB is willing to ignore the killing of raptors by wind turbines, because wind is a politically correct form of Green energy, but opposes fracking because it is politically correct.

Whatever happened to the RSPB mission of protecting birds first?

Andy Atkins, Friends of the Earth Executive Director said: “The Government must halt shale gas drilling to properly assess the risks – including the impact on climate change. With big changes to our electricity system due in the months ahead, Energy Secretary Ed Davey must resist calls to hook the nation on polluting gas that has been the main drive of rising energy bills and instead back a switch to home-grown clean energy.”

The EU has already declared that fracking does need further regulation, and that is from the Climate Religion obsessed EU, so Atkins saying fracking must be halted is just a feeble delaying tactic.

The earthquake risk from fracking that the Greens endlessly harp on about is another non problem, fracking can cause small earthquakes, up to 2.2 on the Richter scale, but without a seismograph a quake of this scale in undetectable. Incidentally coal mining has always caused quakes of this scale, as would carbon capture and storage underground, but as a Green scheme these would nice fluffy friendly quakes caused by a politically correct action.

Fluctuations in the international gas market have caused energy price rises, so has the 11% added to energy bills to pay for the Green renewable dream but the point of shale gas is, it is produced locally and provides energy independence, shale gas is plentiful and thus it is cheap, and best of all it does not require Green subsidies.

Climate Change targets, in the post Rio+20 world, climate change targets are an anochronsim, mentioned only by those still adjusting to the fact that no one listens to their Greenwash anymore, with the Kyoto Protocol due to expire at the end of 2012 that will largely be the end of emissions targets.

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