US Says No To EU Flying Tax

First the House of Representatives, now the US Senate have passed a bill that stops US airlines taking part in EU Flying Tax

The Green EU flying tax that came into force on January 1st 2012 has not been a success, the hollow Green lie of there being a global consensus to act on Climate Change, all that is needed is the fine print, has never been more hollow, as the global reaction to EU’s unilateral flying tax has shown.

From the outset there were rumblings of a Trade War from China, as the row progressed, so China froze deals for new aircraft with EU Aircraft Manufacturer Airbus worth around US$ 14bn.

The EU Flying Tax has been seen around the world as the EU imposing a unilateral tax on flying to try to get additional funds to try to stop the sinking Eurozone, from sinking.

The US Senate unanimously passed a bill on Saturday that would shield US airlines from paying for their carbon emissions on European flights, pressuring the European Union to back down from applying its emissions law to foreign carriers.

Since January, the European Commission has been enforcing its law to make all airlines take part in its Emissions Trading Scheme, which aims to combat global warming.

The Senate approved the bill shortly after midnight, as it scrambled to complete business to recess ahead of the 6 November congressional and presidential elections.

Republican senator John Thune, a sponsor of the measure, said it sent a “strong message” to the EU that it cannot impose taxes on the United States.

“The Senate’s action today will help ensure that US air carriers and passengers will not be paying down European debt through this illegal tax and can instead be investing in creating jobs and stimulating our own economy,” Thune said in a statement.

There are 100 seats in the US Senate, at the time of the vote there were 53 Democrats (including 2 independents who vote with the Democrats) and 47 Republicans, and the vote was passed unanimously, making the Democrats position on Anthropogenic Global Warming even more ambiguous than it already is.

The Senate bill gives the US  transport secretary the power to instruct US airlines  to stop complying with the EU law,  as usual EU Climate Commissar Connie Hedegaard is still trying to force her will on the world:

Connie Hedegaard, the European climate commissioner, said on Saturday that while the bill encourages the United States to work within the UN organization for a global deal on aviation emissions, she is skeptical that Washington will accept such a deal.

“It’s not enough to say you want it, you have to work hard to get it done,” she said. “That means that the US needs to change its approach in ICAO and show willingness to actually seal a meaningful global deal that will facilitate action.”

Hedegaard needs to wake up, the EU is all but bankrupt, a trade war with the rest of the world is like all things Green, economic suicide and countries like the US are not going to have taxes imposed on them by an unelected blinkered Green zealot from Denmark.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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