Green Company Joins The Dash For Gas

A Green company is working side by side with Caudrilla in the Dash for Gas

This is an interesting story given the normal Green hysteria and total opposition to fracking and shale gas, a Green company that is working side by side with Caudrilla on fracking.

In the US fracking and shale gas have created an energy boom, electricity prices are typically 75% less than in Europe, hundreds of thousands of real lasting jobs have been created and the whole industry has been funded by private venture capital with not $1 dollar of taxpayer funded Green subsidy.

The minimal cost of shale gas has terrified the Greens, their beloved wind and solar cannot compete on cost and are only kept alive by taxpayer funded Green subsidies, when the subsidy is cut or reduced then the renewables industry immediately goes in to a downturn, because their industry is not real, it is propped up by Governments enforcing taxation on energy bill payers.

In market led economies anything propped up by taxation or enforced subsidy will always be an economic disaster, quite simply because the real demand is not there, that is why Government interference in markets with false industries  always has been, and always will be an economic disaster.

A Lancashire environmental firm believes it has found a new line of business through the burgeoning ‘fracking’ industry.

Remsol, which is based on Liverpool Road, Penwortham, has worked alongside Cuadrilla Resources to find a safe way to get rid of waste water generated by hydraulic fracturing.

Managing director Lee Petts said it had taken on an extra worker and boosted its revenues with the hope of securing further work from energy firms heading to the UK to harness the potential new energy source.

Green business has suffered a downturn in the UK with subsidy cuts for solar, growing opposition to wind farms and the ludicrous subsidies they attract, and most recently, with the news that biofuels do little for the environment but do cause the price of food to rise globally.

There is a delicious irony which will be lost on the ecomentalists, because sadly they are not programmed for irony, about a Green business taking on additional staff because of revenues generated from fracking money.

Mr Petts said: “The work we are doing for Cuadrilla has provided a welcome boost to our revenues in what is the worst economic downturn in recent memory.

“To cope with the increased workload, we’ve already had to recruit an additional member of staff and so it has had a very positive impact in a short period of time.”

He described himself as “a pragmatic environmentalist” and a “committed advocate of green business” adding he was keen to help Cuadrilla comply with legislation to carry out its work safely.

Petts is probably one of the first of the Green business leaders to wise up, instead of bitching about the Government cutting Green subsidies again, he has realised that shale gas is coming and there is a business opportunity by working with Caudrilla, instead of against them with pointless weighted polls that always say that 97% of public want a bird chopper in their back garden.

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