Britain To Build 20 New Gas Fired Powerstations

Britain is to build 20 gas fired power stations which according to Greenpeace will prevent the country from achieving its Carbon targets

The Dash for Gas picked up speed today with the news that Britain is build 20 new gas fired power stations which will add 20GW of generating capacity to the national grid.

The statement from Climate Change secretary Ed Davey has upset Greenpeace who have started moaning about something called Carbon Targets being unattainable, Carbon Targets used to be the approved Green way of de-industrialising western civilisation until the term fell into disuse in mainstream politics.

But Davey insisted the expansion – the biggest construction effort in the power sector for decades – would not harm the prospects for investment in renewable energy or in the government’s carbon reduction targets.

He said: “I strongly support more gas, just as I strongly support more renewable energy. We need a big expansion of renewable energy and of gas if we are to tackle our climate change challenges.”

Davey is expected to announce a new gas strategy this autumn, which will require the investment of hundreds of billions of pounds in new electricity generation capacity and dictate the shape and construction of the UK’s energy infrastructure for decades to come. But environmental groups and renewable energy investors are concerned that a new “dash for gas” would put carbon targets beyond reach and deter investment in renewables.

Davey’s stance is a lot different from the Liberal Democrat conference where the Green economy was the way forward and any future role for shale gas in Britain’s energy mix was doubtful or at best minimal, 20GW of generating capacity is not minimal by anyone’s standards.

Joss Garman, political director of Greenpeace, said: “Green-lighting a whole fleet of new fossil fuel power stations would cause a huge jump in emissions and blow this autumn’s once-in-a-generation opportunity to replace dirty power stations with clean ones.”

Britain produces just 1.6% of global CO2 emissions, any cuts in CO2 here will be almost instantly replaced by Chinese emissions, what Garman is advocating is gesture politics brought at the price of jobs and energy poverty for families.

Greenpeace’s Garman said investment in renewable energy was the way to cut emissions: “Only days ago Ed Davey and Danny Alexander said they were fully committed to achieving completely carbon-free power in the UK by 2030. Nick Clegg can’t afford to make this another ‘sorry’.”

Garman, Greenpeace and all the other Green NGOs can scream all they like, shale gas is coming to Britain.

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