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Eco Sheep In The Cooling Towers

Shepherd Trouble is, sheep are very dim. Once they get an idea in their ‘eads, there’s no shiftin’ it.

Tourist: But where did they get the idea?

Shepherd: From Harold. He’s that most dangerous of creatures, a clever sheep.

The Shepherd is actually wrong the most dangerous sheep are eco sheep, they have an idea in their heads which is also their belief system, a few sound bytes of Green rhetoric as slogans and its off to the power station or oil rig to cause disruption of production, as the Greens demonstrate for what they ludicrously call the public interest.

On Monday a group of 30 eco sheep occupied a new gas power station at West Burton in Nottinghamshire, 15 of the eco sheep climbed 2 of the chimneys and setup camp with enough supplies they claim, to last them for a week.

The whole incident has passed off largely unnoticed by the MSM with the exception of the Guardian which carried a post from one of the eco sheep in Comment is Free: Read the rest of this entry


A Climate Of Fear In Poland, But Not The One You Would Expect

Fear has long been the message from the warming alarmists, whose stories of fear, gloom, doom and environmental Armageddon are typified by the above video clip which was used at the opening ceremony of COP15 in Copenhagen.

Fear as they say is key, the warming alarmist machine has tried to make us afraid of everything from alien invasion, yes really, to fear of rising sea levels, increasing global temperatures, species extinction, ocean acidification, the list is endless.

The sad thing is that for some people the warming alarmist fear meme really hits home, in 2010 a family committed suicide in Argentina because of fear of Global Warming, a 7 month old baby girl the sole survivor of this needless tragic incident.

The Climate of Fear usually emerges a couple of months before the annual UN Climate Circus when the warming alarmist propaganda machine goes into overdrive, however, in 2012 there is a new Climate of Fear in Poland: Read the rest of this entry

Greens Upset By Peter Lilley’s Appointment To Commons Energy Committee

Peter Lilley MP his appointment to the Commons Energy Committee has upset Greens and warmists, because only warmists, Green crony capitalists and Green subsidy junkies should be allowed to be on the committee.

There is on the face of it, some strange manoeuvring going on in the coalition government right now, the Liberal Democrats at their recent party conference restated their belief in Climate Religion and their intention to keep Climate Change policies at the heart of government. Meanwhile the Conservative majority in the coalition government keeps appointing climate sceptics to ministerial positions.

The Greenest Government ever, is quietly and surreptitiously becoming less Green, the appointments of John Hayes, a very vocal opponent to wind farms as Energy Minister and Owen Paterson as Environment Secretary caused a shrill outburst of moral indignation from the warmist alarmist industry.

The in September Conservative MP Peter Lilley produce a storm of outrage, as Greens and warmists are always outraged, when their religious texts are challenged and shown to be flawed and based on cherry picked data to produce the Green political conclusion required, in this case the Stern Report. Read the rest of this entry

Obama’s Green Energy Failures

It is always a mistake when governments try to create markets they believe should exist, and using tax payers money the politicians create businesses that are not economically viable without huge tax payer funded subsidies. Usually launched amid a fanfare of this stimulus will create trillions of jobs, earn gazillions in export revenues for the country and create a whole new economy, these white elephants of crony capitalism burn bright all too briefly, before crashing hard and terminally.

The Green Dream of the low carbon economy has proved once again that governments cannot create markets for which commercial reality does not exist, the US House of Representatives in a report on global green jobs concluded that there were no such things as lasting Green jobs.

Green investments have proved just as useless, shares in wind turbine manufacturer Vestas in 2008 cost 698 Danish Kroner, today they are worth just 35 kroner, a fall of 95%. Read the rest of this entry

Liberal Democrats – The Environmental Taliban In Britain’s Coalition Government

Chancellor George Osborne now refers to the Green lobby and crony capitalists in Parliament as the Environmental Taliban

Global Warming, Climate Change or what ever the Green boondoggle is being called this week has dropped off the political radar and regularly appears in last place in polls about what voters are concerned about.

Climate Change has hardly been mentioned in the current US Presidential Elections, in Britain the party conference season has just ended and Climate Change has largely been ignored by the Conservatives and Labour, the Liberal Democrats however, were pushing the gesture politics of being Green as a major policy objective for them, as partners in the Coalition Government.

The fact that there are no such things as real Green industries, and no lasting Green jobs without taxpayer subsidy is lost on the Liberal Democrats: Read the rest of this entry

Northern Scandinavian Forests Confirm Roman & Medieval Warming Periods

A new peer reviewed study has just been completed Variability and extremes of northern Scandinavian summer temperatures over the past two millennia by scientists from the Johannes Gutenberg University, Swiss Federal Research Institute, Finnish Forest Research Institute and the Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research which confirms the existence of both the Roman Warm Period (RWP) and Medieval Warm Period.

A believable Climate computer model must be able to reconstruct past warming and cooling events, after all, if the computer model cannot recreate the past reliably then it’s future predictions are going to be significantly different to the observed reality, as is the case with the current generation of computer climate models.

The need to benchmark and calibrate the computer climate models against recorded real world temperatures is recognised by the authors of the study: Read the rest of this entry

Renewable Energy Investments Crash And Burn

The quickest way to lose your money get an ethical portfolio of Green renewable low carbon stocks  and watch your money vanish

The future according to the warmists is Green low carbon intermittent renewable energy, industry and private venture capital is according to the Green meme,  rushing to invest in what Obama’s regime calls CleanTech.

There was an initial boom in renewables, the huge sums on offer for Green subsidy for wind and  solar  ensured this would always be the case, however, as the AGW band wagon has lost its wheels and governments across the planet have cut subsidies so renewable energy and electic cars have turned into a bottomless Green money pit.

Mind you things must be bad in Green Investment La La land when Al Gores investments have no Green stocks and shares, but Al does have an investment in a natural gas pipeline company: Read the rest of this entry

Green Fail – Ireland Has Seven Charging Points For Each Electric Vehicle On The Road

Chalk up another Green fail for the EV, Ireland has 1500 public charging points and 192 EVs on the road.

The Electric Vehicle (EV) has failed in Ireland, in the same way that EVs have failed everywhere, because there  is no real market demand for electric cars.

Sales of the electric car in Ireland have been slower, than a sloth on Tamazpan, registrations in 2010 were just 48 vehicles, 2011 saw a massive fall from 48 vehicles to 23, although registrations thus far in 2012 have risen by a massive 526% (Green spin) to 121 vehicles (reality).

It has all gone so terribly  wrong as Ireland was going to lead by example: Read the rest of this entry

Connie Hedegaard Looking Increasingly Isolated And Delusional

EU Climate Commissar Connie Hedegaard “So why not create a world we like, with a climate we like – while we still have time?”

EU Climate Commissar Connie Hedegaard is looking increasingly isolated from the other EU Commissars about Carbon Targets and the de-industrialisation of Europe, for Hedegaard it is business as usual while she ignores the economic realities of Green stupidity.

The first signs of the EU distancing itself from Green Climate stupidity happened at the UN  pre COP18 meeting in Bangkok last month, where Hedegaard was pushing for a 30% cut in EU CO2 emissions, while EU officials described even a 25% cut as fancilful thinking.

The next set back for Hedegaard came again in September when the US conclusively said no to the EU Green flying tax, Hedegaards response was to jump on the Global Warming Extreme Weather event attribution band wagon, at the very time when the warming alarmist journal Nature concluded that climate science was too immature to link extreme weather with Anthropogenic Global Warming.

The good news is, it gets worse for Comrade Connie’s Green Agenda Read the rest of this entry

Flying – More Hollywood Champange Enviormentalist Green Hypocrisy

Arnold Schwarzenegger the caring enviornmentalist in his new $250,000 Mercedes Unimog military truck which does at best 16 mpg

Fortunes have been mixed for Arnold Schwarzenegger after ceasing to be governor of the worlds largest libtard asylum California, the Governator tried to start his own warming alarmist outfit, the R20 Climate Network, which has hardly been a success.

There was that unfortunate incident where the Sperminator got caught playing hide the salami with the maid, and then the man with multiple Hummers and a carbon footprint the size of a mastodon announced his future as Green activist.

There is this common misconception in Green Hollywood that if you fly first class on a normal scheduled airline to an environmental conference, instead of using your own private jet then you have made the ultimate sacrifice and your Green credentials have, well for wont of a better expression, even more credibility. Read the rest of this entry