Connie Hedegaard Looking Increasingly Isolated And Delusional

EU Climate Commissar Connie Hedegaard “So why not create a world we like, with a climate we like – while we still have time?”

EU Climate Commissar Connie Hedegaard is looking increasingly isolated from the other EU Commissars about Carbon Targets and the de-industrialisation of Europe, for Hedegaard it is business as usual while she ignores the economic realities of Green stupidity.

The first signs of the EU distancing itself from Green Climate stupidity happened at the UN  pre COP18 meeting in Bangkok last month, where Hedegaard was pushing for a 30% cut in EU CO2 emissions, while EU officials described even a 25% cut as fancilful thinking.

The next set back for Hedegaard came again in September when the US conclusively said no to the EU Green flying tax, Hedegaards response was to jump on the Global Warming Extreme Weather event attribution band wagon, at the very time when the warming alarmist journal Nature concluded that climate science was too immature to link extreme weather with Anthropogenic Global Warming.

The good news is, it gets worse for Comrade Connie’s Green Agenda

The EU Energy Commissioner opposes a tightening of the EU’s climate targets. Instead, energy policy should focus more closely on the needs of European industry. In Berlin, Günther Oettinger made jokes about the green “do-gooders” in his own party.

This is an interesting turn of events when the unelected EU Commissars start to turn on each other, and make jokes about Green do-gooders.

Addressing MEPs in the hall, he said that he stood by the EU’s 2007 agreed climate targets of 20 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions and a 20 percent share of renewable energies. These objectives would be achieved.

“I strongly advise against more stringent targets after 2020″, Oettinger said. During the years 2007 to 2009, there had been too many “do-gooders” in the European Parliament and climate policy enthusiasm had become excessive. It was useless “to go to Greenland and hug polar bears,” said the CDU politician. German Chancellor Angela Merkel had visited Greenland in August 2007 as part of her climate policy and had been photographed in front of melting icebergs.

Climate policy enthusiasm had become excessive, polite politico speak for what most sensible people have already determined to be the Green Agenda at any economic price, Oettinger is also correct about the Green gesture politics of hugging polar bears, or bothering huskies come to that.

Never one to let reality derail her thought process, Hedegaard now believes that by cutting CO2 emissions further mankind will then be able to select the climate of their own choosing:

“We have a choice: We can ACT on our knowledge about climate change. Or we can sit idly by and watch as things get worse. Both options come with a price tag. So why not create a world we like, with a climate we like – while we still have time? With this campaign we want to focus the debate on the solutions and find out what is holding us back from applying them,” said Connie Hedegaard.

Delusional is one description, barking mad another, both are applicable to someone who believes that at anytime in the near or distant future, mankind will ever be able to control the weather and thus the Climate in the long term.

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  1. Nollyprott!

    Your UK problem started when you opened your doors to the EU! Allowing anyone to come over and work there and rorte the welfare system. Got nothing to do with green policies and now the subsidies are removed from wind and solar, you might as well send unemployed back to where they came. Populations implode when resources don’t meet demand. But all extreme green politics are toxic, and real sustainability measures are being ignored. Ask people to work for the dole otherwise you’ll submerge under the Mediterranean sea. Green policies were politically based, and thinking we can control the climate by cutting CO2 emissions is as stupid as the people who promote this ideology.
    Face it the world has too many and in some regions people are going to die.

  2. Let’s not discourage Connie from hugging Polar Bears. Moronic Merkel ought to be taught that icebergs – it’s what they do. Once detached from a glacier, an iceberg will melt. It’s an ineluctable event. Icebergs don’t grow back. I suspect that she is one of these idiots who thinks that a glacier calving icebergs is a melting glacier, when it is exactly the opposite.

  3. Agree owenmorgan (from Wales?) sea ice melts, it’s a natural happening. What they don’t understand that the Arctic is made up of not only the circle but the North Pole is not on land but on sea ice. The Antarctic is also made up of a lot of sea ice and although has land as it core try living there for more than a year. Half the year is dark, and half the sun doesn’t set, no wonder some people go crazy?

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