Green Fail – Ireland Has Seven Charging Points For Each Electric Vehicle On The Road

Chalk up another Green fail for the EV, Ireland has 1500 public charging points and 192 EVs on the road.

The Electric Vehicle (EV) has failed in Ireland, in the same way that EVs have failed everywhere, because there  is no real market demand for electric cars.

Sales of the electric car in Ireland have been slower, than a sloth on Tamazpan, registrations in 2010 were just 48 vehicles, 2011 saw a massive fall from 48 vehicles to 23, although registrations thus far in 2012 have risen by a massive 526% (Green spin) to 121 vehicles (reality).

It has all gone so terribly  wrong as Ireland was going to lead by example:

When we say that Ireland is leading the charge with a nationwide introduction of electric transport, the words are carefully chosen. Leading by example is something that we have proven we can do as a country, and electric cars (ecars) offer an efficient, sustainable and clean alternative to fossil-based fuels. Ireland’s reputation as a leading advocate of technology, research and innovation provides a fantastic opportunity for the country to take a global leadership role.

By 2020 it is projected that every tenth car on Irish roads will be fully powered by electricity. This 10% uptake will represent a fundamental change in how we consider transport and consumer energy. It could be seen as the most exciting challenge facing our generation. ESB, along with key partners including national and local government and motor manufacturers, is already well along the road to making electric car driving in Ireland an everyday reality.

Yet another example that disproves the Green Liberal meme that if you lead the Green way to moral high ground with gesture politics, others will follow your lead because it is Green and politically correct.

Of the new cars, diesel engines are now far more popular than petrol varieties.

The low electric car sales figures mean there are now hundreds more public charging points in the country than there are vehicles to use them.

And the total number of electric cars bought in the last three years undermines the ambition to have 10% of the national fleet running on electricity by 2020.

According to targets released last year, the Department of Energy had intended to have 6,000 passenger cars using electricity by the end of 2012.

The ESB has committed to maintaining 1,500 public charging points and making 2,000 home charging points available.

With so many charging points in a relatively small country like Ireland, the range anxiety issue has been inadvertently addressed, all that remains to be sorted is for it to take less than 8 hours to charge the battery, and last but not least, the most important thing really, customers that actually want to buy these vehicles.

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  1. That’s not surprising Tory, years ago I attended a talk by a Green Senator on electricity.
    He did not recommend solar panels nor electric cars. He did recommend switching from coal fueled power plants to solar thermal plants though. Electric cars still need supply by coal generated electricity. Green is going very Brown, eh.

  2. He must have been the only Green in history to have actually thought something through

  3. Meanwhile, over in Guardian sponsored “LaLa” land, we have these head-in-the-sand stories:

    Since Toyota have given up on purely electric cars, how much longer is this lunacy going to continue?

  4. Reverend Aardvark,
    I would like to join your strange Climate Realist, Tea-Party & Guns religion.
    I know it’s a mass-suicide cult and I don’t care. The world is our ashtray
    and if the tree-huggin’ green slime don’t like it that’s TOUGH. Keep up the
    good work!

  5. The sad thing here is that Ireland can’t afford electric cars, they are broke, and who can afford these stupid things. Yes – some Greens have sense. But even the sensible ones are under pressure to conform to the mass delusion that CO2 kills us. Well if we cut out the oxygen two atoms it most probably would, LOL.

  6. Actually, you could take advantage of NMVTIS (National Automobile Title Information System).

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