Northern Scandinavian Forests Confirm Roman & Medieval Warming Periods

A new peer reviewed study has just been completed Variability and extremes of northern Scandinavian summer temperatures over the past two millennia by scientists from the Johannes Gutenberg University, Swiss Federal Research Institute, Finnish Forest Research Institute and the Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research which confirms the existence of both the Roman Warm Period (RWP) and Medieval Warm Period.

A believable Climate computer model must be able to reconstruct past warming and cooling events, after all, if the computer model cannot recreate the past reliably then it’s future predictions are going to be significantly different to the observed reality, as is the case with the current generation of computer climate models.

The need to benchmark and calibrate the computer climate models against recorded real world temperatures is recognised by the authors of the study:

In introducing the report of their study, Esper et al. (2012) write that millennial-length temperature reconstructions have become “an important source of information to benchmark climate models, detect and attribute the role of natural and anthropogenic forcing agents, and quantify the feedback strength of the global carbon cycle.” And, therefore, the four researchers have dedicated themselves and their talents to developing the most reliable long-term regional temperature reconstructions possible, focusing their attention most recently on parts of northern Sweden and Finland.

The study analysed living and sub-fossil Pinus sylvestris trees, Scots pines as they are more usually called.

Scots pines are long lived trees usually 150-300 years, though there are some that have lived for 700 years in Scandinavia.

In considering the authors’ findings with respect to the purpose of this review, the four researchers say that the new temperature history “provides evidence for substantial warmth during Roman and Medieval times, larger in extent and longer in duration than 20th century warmth.” Once again, therefore, as ever more data-inclusive and carefully-analyzed studies of palaeotemperature proxies are conducted, it is becoming ever more evident that there has not been anything unusual, unnatural or unprecedented about either the rate of warming or the level of warmth achieved during the 20th century, which further suggests that there is no real-world empirical evidence for any CO2-induced global or regional warming. It has all been natural.

It has all been natural, recently the weather soothsayers at the UK Met Office quietly stealthily released data that shows conclusively that there has been no warming for the last 16 years.

The warmists would have us all believe that the pause in their Global Warming wet dream, which has lasted for the same duration as the warming did, is of course caused by Anthropogenic Global Warming and that we must commit economic and democratic suicide and adopt the Green Agrarian Dream to prevent an increase of more than 2 C.



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  1. Wow, this article has absolutely no credibility. You have blatantly altered the data to make it look as though the medieval warming period was warmer than it was today. Please leave the data analysis up to scientists. Expand your horizons and please do a google scholar search on any recent climatology paper published in the last 10 years and read it.

    • I have altered nothing, I leave altering data to your warming alarmist hero & charlatan James Hansen. attempts to discredit real peer reviewed show just how weak your case is.

      The MWP was a global happening, but then I suspect you believe Michael Manns hockeystick is real data (ROFL) and the peak oil picture was actually a graph, not just a picture

      No statistically significant warming for 16 years, guess you ignored that.

      As to just using Google, If you want answers that match your belief system and confirm that your science is settled then Google will definitely do that, or you could try reading peer reviewed papers from universities and arrive at your own conclusions.

      Instead you in common with the other supporters of the man made climate change scam resort to the typical pattern of the left, Ad Hominen attacks, straw man arguments and vague quotes as to information sources, but not actual links to disprove the paper in the post.

      Do you actually believe mankind can select and control the weather on this planet?

      If so then its my turn to go WOW

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