Liberal Democrats – The Environmental Taliban In Britain’s Coalition Government

Chancellor George Osborne now refers to the Green lobby and crony capitalists in Parliament as the Environmental Taliban

Global Warming, Climate Change or what ever the Green boondoggle is being called this week has dropped off the political radar and regularly appears in last place in polls about what voters are concerned about.

Climate Change has hardly been mentioned in the current US Presidential Elections, in Britain the party conference season has just ended and Climate Change has largely been ignored by the Conservatives and Labour, the Liberal Democrats however, were pushing the gesture politics of being Green as a major policy objective for them, as partners in the Coalition Government.

The fact that there are no such things as real Green industries, and no lasting Green jobs without taxpayer subsidy is lost on the Liberal Democrats:

Ed Davey, the Climate Change Secretary, is pushing for the legislation to contain a specific legally binding commitment on the total amount of carbon that can be emitted by powers stations by 2030 to “bind in” the Government to renewable energy.

He is also arguing that the Treasury should be the ultimate guarantor of the loans that renewable energy companies will need to take out to invest in new renewable and nuclear power stations. These so-called “contracts for difference”, it is argued, would give investors the confidence that there will be long-term revenues in renewables and reduce the cost of upfront capital expenditure for new low-carbon projects.

Ed Davey, the Climate Change Secretary is a Liberal Democrat and these legally binding commitments are nothing more than the usual Liberal gesture politics, assuming that others will follow their lead, which in  reality,  never happens .

To put what the Liberal Democrats are pushing for into perspective, Britain produces just 1.60% of global CO2 emissions, any cuts in CO2 are made at the expense of jobs and families being forced into energy poverty for absolutely nothing at all, China and India will negate any CO2 cuts by Britain in literally, a few seconds.

But Mr Osborne and the Treasury have been opposing both measures. Senior Conservative sources said that Mr Osborne’s objections to the plans reflect his growing scepticism about the need to take immediate action to decarbonise the economy during a time of recession.

“I think that George’s position reflects a growing scepticism about current climate change policy across the party,” said one MP.

Osborne is wise to oppose ideology motivated Green measures, he will be fully aware of the financial and energy problems Germany is facing, since abandoning nuclear power to appease German Greens post Fukushima. The situation in Germany is so bad that the deputy leader of Christian Democrats has called for Germany to abandon the Green energy transition.

Another source added: “George has started referring to the green lobby in Government and Tory party as the environmental Taliban. It’s meant as a joke but it shows where he’s coming from.”

Mr Osborne is also pushing for the creation of a ‘levy control framework’ which would, in effect, put a cap on the total subsidy from tax payers and energy consumers going towards green power.

Green subsidies for the intermittent and the mostly useless wind and solar should be set at £0, if wind and solar cannot survive without Green subsidy then they are not winners, just the usual losers of vast sums of money that happen when governments attempt to buck the market and a create a winner. This is a lesson that socialists never learn, Obama fell into this trap with Solyndra, Electric Vehicles (EV) and now EV battery manufacturer A123 Systems Inc.

Senior Lib Dems fear that unless they are seen to get a “win” on the energy bill they could pay a heavy electoral price. At the party’s recent conference in Brighton Greenpeace targeted the party warning them “not to let Osborne kill green growth”.

Senior Lib Dems have good reason to be worried, after the debacle with student loans, Little Nicky Clegg and his party have been shown to be the opportunistic duplicitous snake oil purveying Liberals they really are, opinion polls regularly show the Lib Dems at 8%, and the situation is not likely to improve any time soon.

Climate Change is not a major vote winner, yet the Lib Dems will push hard for the Green Agenda so they can be seen to have kept their word, the price for this Liberal integrity will be increased energy prices, increased cost of living, lost jobs and more families pushed into energy poverty by the annually  increasing  Green subsidies for wind and solar.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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