A Climate Of Fear In Poland, But Not The One You Would Expect

Fear has long been the message from the warming alarmists, whose stories of fear, gloom, doom and environmental Armageddon are typified by the above video clip which was used at the opening ceremony of COP15 in Copenhagen.

Fear as they say is key, the warming alarmist machine has tried to make us afraid of everything from alien invasion, yes really, to fear of rising sea levels, increasing global temperatures, species extinction, ocean acidification, the list is endless.

The sad thing is that for some people the warming alarmist fear meme really hits home, in 2010 a family committed suicide in Argentina because of fear of Global Warming, a 7 month old baby girl the sole survivor of this needless tragic incident.

The Climate of Fear usually emerges a couple of months before the annual UN Climate Circus when the warming alarmist propaganda machine goes into overdrive, however, in 2012 there is a new Climate of Fear in Poland:

Polish environmentalists say that they are operating in a ‘climate of fear’ involving harassment by the country’s security police, and denunciations from government ministers for “working against the public interests of the state”.

Earlier this month, Treasury Minister Nikołaj Budzanowski used that phrase to drub a registered environmental charity, Client Earth, which has campaigned against coal-fired power plants and for shale gas regulation.

“This kind of organisation should accept that there are limits to its activities,” Budzanowski said. “In my opinion they have passed their limit.”

Globally the Green environmental movement has made repeated demands for the suspension of democracy, trials for Climate Change Deniers, treatment for the sickness of not believing in the ManBearPig religion, while more extreme Greens want ecogulags for the deniers.

Now the Polish Police are looking more closely at the legality of the actions carried out by Greens and Polish Ministers dare to criticise the saintliness of Green environmentalists, the Greens will immediately cry that they are being persecuted because their tired old message is losing the impact it once had, and worst of all they are not going to the get their Green Agrarian hell.

Days earlier, a populist right-wing Polish newspaper had denounced Client Earth as “eco-terrorists”.

“A climate of fear is definitely being created,” Marcin Stoczkiewicz, a lawyer for Client Earth, told EurActiv.

“We are acting in the public benefit and we think that cannot just be understood narrowly as the interests of the energy companies. The public interest is also about public health, a healthy environment, and environmental law,” he said.

Half a dozen environmentalists, and Lucy Lawless chained to an oil rig does not represent the so called public interest, instead it represents an infinitesimal minority, a fringe to use popular warming alarmist terminology, trying to enforce their will on a majority who are no longer interested in the Environmental Armageddon events that never happen.

For far too long now the saintly environmentalists and unelected Green NGOs have had far too much influence on energy and other policies, the desperate driving Green desire to reduce CO2 emissions at any cost has resulted in way too many Green crony capitlists making a fortune while jobs are lost and families across Europe driven into energy poverty by the Green Agenda.

“A lot of activities by ecological groups are sometimes grey,” said Michał Gołębiowski, the deputy director the Polish treasury ministry’s department of strategic projects, which deals with shale gas extraction.

“It is rather unclear whether such [environmental] organisations represent the interests of local communities or rather some unidentified interests, which are not always very clear or pure of intention,” he told EurActiv.

The Poles are not the first to spot that the Green Environmental movement is both international and very well funded, it is commonplace for say funds raised in the US to be used to obstruct projects in Canada.

In January 2012 Canadian Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver launched an unprecedented attack on ecomentalists:

“These groups,” said Mr. Oliver, “seek to exploit any loophole they can find, stacking public hearings with bodies to ensure that delays kill good projects. They use funding from foreign special interests to undermine Canada’s national economic interest. They attract jet-setting celebrities with some of the largest personal carbon footprints in the world to lecture Canadians not to develop our natural resources.”

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. http://toryaardvark.com @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. Bleeding radicals, with government backing. I suspect the green machine is losing momentum and they are fearing all those billions spent on useless projects, carbon taxes, and Al Gore’s lessening bank account is shaking them up.

  2. Furor Teutonicus

    XX They use funding from foreign special interests to undermine Canada’s national economic interest. XX

    As far as I understand it, that is “war-like action”.

    Or does any one else read that differently?

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