Eco Sheep In The Cooling Towers

Shepherd Trouble is, sheep are very dim. Once they get an idea in their ‘eads, there’s no shiftin’ it.

Tourist: But where did they get the idea?

Shepherd: From Harold. He’s that most dangerous of creatures, a clever sheep.

The Shepherd is actually wrong the most dangerous sheep are eco sheep, they have an idea in their heads which is also their belief system, a few sound bytes of Green rhetoric as slogans and its off to the power station or oil rig to cause disruption of production, as the Greens demonstrate for what they ludicrously call the public interest.

On Monday a group of 30 eco sheep occupied a new gas power station at West Burton in Nottinghamshire, 15 of the eco sheep climbed 2 of the chimneys and setup camp with enough supplies they claim, to last them for a week.

The whole incident has passed off largely unnoticed by the MSM with the exception of the Guardian which carried a post from one of the eco sheep in Comment is Free:

Making our home on top of a power station in October may seem like a strange thing to do, but we’ve thought long and hard about it, and we are here for very serious reasons. We’re aware that as we sit here surveying the horizon, the east coast of the US is being devastated by Hurricane Sandy. These two things are inextricably connected.

The Shepherd was right sheep being dim, no climate scientist has yet attributed Hurricane Storm Sandy to Anthropogenic Global Warming, or concentrations of atmospheric CO2, any tabloid attribution has been by the usual warming alarmist suspects who know their eco sheep will repeat the message, verbatim and endlessly.

We’re doing this because the gas plant, which is still being constructed by its operator, EDF, is one of the first in a new dash for gas that has to be stopped.

Baaaa, the global Green opposition to Shale Gas which has to be stopped because it is affordable and is killing the preferred Green option of intermittent renewables like wind, tidal and solar.

Strangely for the Grauniad the majority of comments to the post are hostile:

I love it when an article backfires.

Other comments are equally derisory and mention attention seeking, at least it keeps you off the streets and of course the Guardian Green censor has been at working removing comments as well.

As is the standard operating procedure at the Grauniad, when a post backfires and the guilty liberals who read the rag dont agree with the 97% consensus, the article quitely drops off the environment page, although sometimes they try to respin the story with the help of a professional journalist:

After tweeting a dawn picture of the second occupied chimney with the River Trent winding behind, they linked the fierce gusts to Wednesday’s political row over wind power, suggesting that the huge West Burton complex would be “an ideal site for a windfarm.”

Ewa Jasiewicz, one of 11 people occupying the plant’s central chimney, said: “It’s really seriously windy up here and we’re really seriously upset by this nonsense today about stopping windfarms.

Ewa Jasiewicz is a professional left wing activist involved in all the usual left wing liberal activities of hating Israel and of course environmental activism becuase of capitalist made Climate Change.

Jasiewicz shows little knowledge of the wind farms that she so desperately wants, important things like bird choppers have an operating envelope of wind speed, below which, and above which they cannot generate power, at wind speeds of 55mph or over the bird chopper applies the brakes and stops the blades, when the brakes do not work this happens.

Nottinghamshire police warned late on Monday that their operation could cost over £200,000 if the protest continued for more than a week, and the local Labour MP for Bassetlaw, John Mann, attacked the “waste of money by pseudo-environmentalists”.

Things are really bad for the eco sheep when a Labour MP calls them pseudo-environmentalists, Labour were party that created the Climate Change Act 2008 and set the Green boondoggle rolling in Britain.

The eco sheep are bleating happily about their achievements:

The group said: “The occupiers have so far prevented 2,371 tonnes of CO2 emissions a day by shutting down the one working chimney. This is equivalent to the energy that an average home uses for 182 years, or taking 465 cars off the road for a year. As the human and economic costs of hurricane Sandy become clearer, the need to take action on climate change and avoid many more instances of such extreme weather-related disasters has never been more pressing.”

So how does their achievement actually add up?

They have saved the CO2 emissions of 182 homes for one year, that is 182 homes out of billions of homes on the planet, in number terms is less than a rounding error when calculating to 6 decimal places.

As of August 2011 there were 1 bn cars in the world, this number has undoubtedly increased 15 months later so 465 cars amounts to another 6 decimal place rounding error.

For once a Labour MP is actually right about something these eco sheep are nothing more than badly brain washed briefed  pseudo-environmentalists that are attributing Storm Sandy as caused by Anthropogenic Global Warming, when no climate scientists support this theory, they are still calling the Storm a Hurricane, even after the MSM had to admit Sandy was no longer a hurricane, and they achieved nothing in emissions reductions with their actions except to put already stretched police budgets under more pressure, with money being spent that could have been used for proper policing not having to deal with a herd of eco sheep.

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  1. This article must prove that alleged green policy was always about supporting the price of gas the oil companies like Shell currently flare off, environmentalists pushing policy in the favour of the ” Big Oil ” they always claimed was their key enemy !

    We are paying through the nose for the gas companies gambling losses on the stock market, the idiot UK energy companies all signed up to long contracts based on $147 oil with the Arabs when we should be buying spot from the US where shale gas has cut prices by 43%. The UK energy companies would all be bust now if we had a true free market in operation !,-bp-and-edf.html

  2. I’m sure James J Lee thought he could save the planet too.

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