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Friends Of The Earth Plan Extreme Weather Attribution Campaign

This makes for interesting reading the ecozealots at Green NGO Friends of the Earth are busy planning a climate change awareness event attribution campaign where they are asking subscribers to the mailing list if they or anyone they know has been impacted by the warmists current favourite meme “extreme weather”: Read the rest of this entry

Antarctic Sea Ice Sets All Time Record High

The warming alarmists and their MSM propaganda machine have been beside themselves with glee with the record recent low in Arctic Sea Ice extent that  has been repeatedly used,  as the conclusive proof that Anthropogenic Global Warming is real and happening much sooner than their sacred computer models predicted.

The record Arctic Sea Ice low was due to a cyclone which started on August 20th as this video from NASA shows: Read the rest of this entry

50 Months To Green Armageddon

There are  just 50 months to save the world or fish will shrink, the four horseman of the Apolcalypse will appear in supercharged SUVs and all Green renewable industries wil be gone.

You can always tell when another doomed UN COP meeting is weeks away, the Climate of Fear returns, and this year Fear is making a comeback, big time, there are just 50 months left to save the world or we will all die, horribly in some environmentalist longed for global calamity.

Fear has always been central to the whole Anthropogenic Global Warming boondoggle, back in 2009, the Scottish incompetent Gordon Brown, who at the time was destroying Britain as Prime Minister, darkened our TV screens with his Gollum like presence to announce that there were just “50 days left to save the world“.

Then of course there is Rajendra Pachauri, head of the UN IPCC who has been predicting our imminent doom, albeit on an ever shifting end date for years now: Read the rest of this entry

Green Fatigue Comes To Britain

Britain’s Coalition Vichy Government launches the Green Deal today, another taxpayer subsidised and incentivized Green boondoggle.

The Green Deal is supposed to make all of Britain’s residential and commercial property more energy efficient by installing cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, solid wall insulation, condensing boilers, double glazing, floor insulation, solar panels, photovoltaic PV panels, ground source heat pumps, electric storage heaters or wind turbines with little or no upfront cost, except for the taxpayers subsidising yet another pointless gesture politics Green scheme.

Big Green would have us all believe that business is behind all Green schemes for a low carbon economy economic suicide: Read the rest of this entry