COP18 President – Shale Gas Is Good News For The World

Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Attiyah is deputy prime minister of Qatar and President of UN COP18 being held in Doha. The COP18 president thinks that fracking and shale gas is a good thing because it will bring energy security for 300 years.

One thing that nobody ever expected to hear from a president of a UN Climate Circus meeting is that shale gas is a good thing for the world.

Climate Religion has finally had its Martin Luther moment, sacrilege is being preached from the pulpit of the Church of Climatology.

Attendance at COP18 is likely to be even lower than last years dismal attendance for COP17, as witnessed by the removal of the visa applications counter from the COP18 website.

Al-Attiyah’s statement about shale gas is not the meme the warming alarmists expect from a UN Climate Circus Ring Master:

The President of the forthcoming UN Climate Change Summit in Qatar says shale gas is “good news” and will ensure global energy security for the next 300 years.

In comments which raise serious questions over Qatar’s ambitions for the COP18 negotiations, which start in Doha on November 26, His Excellency Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Attiyah, deputy Prime Minister of the Gulf state, said the exploitation of unconventional sources of fossil fuels would be good for consumers.

Good news for consumers is exactly the news that the Greens never want to hear, because it promotes consumption and rising living standards for all.

“It’s good news because it gives the world trust and confidence in gas,” he told a TV reporter at the 2012 Oil and Money Conference.

“A few years ago there was uncertainty about enough supply to the world – today the gas will give the world 300 years of security. I believe this is good news and it will give the consumer more trust in gas.”

Ouch! The president of COP18 backs shale gas as the future, not the heavily subsidised intermittent Green politically correct wind and solar, so obviously Al-Attiyah does not believe that CO2 is a climate driver, if he did he would not advocate another 300 years of burning gas if that were the case.

The UNFCCC says it is happy with preparations, but these comments will add to the view that the Emirate, which boasts the highest per-capita emissions in the world, is firmly committed to a high-carbon future.

UNFCCC is happy with the COP18 preparations is best translated as we can’t cancel COP18 now, way too embarrassing and we took it for granted that the COP18 president was terrified of CO2, still never mind there is always COP19.

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  1. Well that will put the cat amongst the pigeons all right. Perhaps he will be leaned on sufficiently to issue a clarification along the lines of “when I said gas was good what I meant was gas is bad”.

    In the meantime I am sending this little bit of encouragement far and wide.

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