WWF “David Cameron Must Break His Silence On Climate Change”

Dave bothering a husky on Svalbard in 2006 on a trip organised by impartial environment group WWF

The world was a different place in 2006, the Anthropogenic Global Warming fad was still new and shiny, when the WWF took then leader of Her Majesty’s opposition David “Call me Dave” Cameron to Svalbard to see the effects of man made global warming in the Arctic.

Cameron like any other vote seeking politician saw the Green fear stories of man made environmental holocaust as a vote winner, and before long Dave was bothering huskies, putting wind turbines on his roof and having the Conservative Party logo changed to a green tree; Vote Blue Go Green was the crass logo on Conservative Party T-shirts of the time.

Cameron along with Ed Miliband, Gordon Brown and many other leading politicians were instrumental in crafting and getting the disastrous Climate Change Act 2008 passed by Parliament.

When the Vichy coalition government was formed Dave was going to be the “fourth minister” at the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

Since the fourth minister moment, the silence as they say, has been deafening, Cameron has uttered little if not nothing on the environment, man made climate change and the huskies have been left to do whatever it is huskies do, apart from making yellow snow.

Over at WWF-UK they are feeling that their investment in all expenses paid trip to the Arctic for Dave has not paid off:

Since then, though, the prime minister has said very little publicly either on climate change or on wider environmental issues. The vacuum left by his silence has been filled by others in his party who seem determined to manipulate the debate around climate and energy policy for their own political ends.

Manipulate the debate about climate and energy policy for their own political ends, now that really is priceless coming from a Green NGO.

The whole Anthropogenic Global Warming boondoggle is all about a political agenda, but then that is the politically correct Green Agenda,  so that is of course acceptable, and should  never be mentioned because being Green is all about a noble cause which transcends such things of course.

In office though, the chancellor has publicly promoted the fiction that green measures are a burden on our economy. His words, and those of others such as energy minister John Hayes, have undermined investor confidence and pushed up the cost of the capital UK businesses need to replace our obsolete, high-carbon energy infrastructure. Our country needs the jobs that these ill-advised words have jeopardised.

Next Monday is the fourth anniversary of the Climate Change Act becoming law – a fitting opportunity for David Cameron to restore his credibility on an issue fundamental both to his own political identity and to our nation’s economy and security. What could he do to end the damaging headlines?

Damaging headlines, the problem with that is all the damaging headlines are in the left wing media outlets which push the Global Warming scam, and whose readers are unlikely to ever vote Conservative, in totality it amounts to nothing more significant than preaching to the converted.

The daily increasing problem for the warming alarmists is the decline in the belief of their Green scam, the world has not warmed for 16 years, the predictions of environmental Armageddon have not happened, the truth about the real costs to energy bill payers of the Green energy icons of wind and solar is out and Green Climate policies cost jobs and push up the cost of living.

Barack Obama said about Gordon Browns government “His regime has the smell of death about it”, much the same can be said about the Great Man Made Climate Change scam these days.

Cameron is not likely to publicly support policies which are unpopular, policies which Dave would probably describe as “so yesterday” when appealing to the youth vote, policies which are causing public anger about the costs of fuel and keeping warm in the increasingly cold winters.

Climate Change is hardly mentioned by politicians any more, in Britain during the Party Conference season, only the Liberal Democrats mentioned AGW and their continuing commitment to the Church of Climatology, during the recent US Presidential elections AGW barely surfaced.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. http://toryaardvark.com @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. Ed Miliband admits that the 2008 Climate Change Act was in effect a license for the Corporate Multinational Cartel to rip the UK energy consumer off for the next 40 years, especially before 2020 !


    Note that its the World Bank squealing the most, anything to save their beloved stock market parasites !

  2. Not sure that Cameron had his own Climate Change Awareness moment. More than likley, he is dodging the growing controversy, relishing the potential for added revenues and stalling definitive comment until a clear winner emerges. True the headlines are preaching to the converted. Problem is, the ‘converted’ represent a huge assemblage. Happily the ‘aware’ are growing!

  3. Well it will only take one first tier leader to disown the whole farrago and it will collapse in a heap. Is our Dave that guy I wonder?

    The whole CAGW thing has been quite incredible as an object lesson in the danger of a fringe scientific endeavour being picked up by opportunistic politicians and a compliant media. If we didn’t have an internet where honest questions could be asked the whole destructive might of “decarbonisation” would have been unleashed on us all.

    The moves by Cameron to de-emphasise wind and solar are a good beginning but now is the time to leap forward into an era of cheap and ubiquitous energy using coal, gas and nuclear. That is what democracy and prosperity for all will be built on not this doomsday cult of sunbeams and zephyrs. So come on Dave, or Barry or Angela let’s hear you speak out.

  4. ” If we didn’t have an internet where honest questions could be asked the whole destructive might of “decarbonisation” would have been unleashed on us all. ”
    Keith A B
    What planet do you live on ?
    It well and truly has been unleashed on us.

    • Nuh uh . . . things would be truly awful if not for the push back so far and the internet is to be thanked for that. However I will agree that the pig bastards are still trying to relegate us to living in dark, cold misery while they whoop it up at our expense.

      At the moment wind is producing a lousy 4% of Britain’s electricity right now while coal, gas and nuclear does the other 90 odd %. If those idiots had their way we would have stopped burning shit years ago.

      But, like you, I do feel mightily oppressed by these eco-nuts.

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