COP18 Day 1 Paranoia, Mistrust & Failure Abound

COP18 is barely 1 day old and already paranoia, mistrust and loathing are stalking the corridors.

The UNFCCC COP18 opened in Doha today, though the event passed with hardly a mention from most MSM outlets, the Guardian of course rallied to the cause with 2 posts, the first  a diatribe of loathing about rich countries and the west, the other was pushing for something that always quickens the pulse, and sets the knees trembling of the average warming alarmist, a new Green tax, this time on emissions from ships.

COP18 is a curious beast, there is no doubt that attendance is down from previous COPs like COP15 in Copenhagen, then there was the very strange announcement from COP18 President Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Attiyah earlier this month that “Shale Gas was good for the world“.

The Green NGOs like Greenpeace, WWF and FoE have already picked up on the Shale Gas statement and are crying about it, then there is the internecine fighting between various factions of the warming alarmists none of which is leading to an atmosphere of trust and goodwill for the negotiations:

The Qatari Presidency of the UN climate talks must prepare to counter cynical efforts to derail negotiations, a leading British climate diplomat has warned.

Speaking on the eve of the Doha COP18 summit, John Ashton told RTCC that Qatar was now sailing into “shark infested waters”, and that organisers needed to be aware that it “sometimes serves people to undermine the authority of the Presidency, by arguing that its proposals are biased”.

As a result the Presidency must ensure it is “completely transparent and even handed” he said. “It cannot afford to give the impression that it is biased – to keep the initiative it needs to be proactive – both in public and private.”

John Ashton used to be Foreign Secretary Willam Hague’s special representative on climate change, and his prediction for COP18 is failure.

Doha would not see a global agreement on climate change, bar an extension to the Kyoto Protocol, a collapse of trust during the talks could derail the negotiations and send them into stasis: “There is no inherent reason why these talks should fail. The issues look soluble, and in that sense this COP is not a cup final. But with bad luck or bad handling it could be a train wreck”, he added.

It could all be a train wreck” just like COP15, COP16, COP17 and Rio+20 then.

And he(Ashton) believes COP President Al-Attiyah is determined to stage a successful round of talks, which will bolster Qatar’s standing on the international stage.

But doubts remain over the country’s commitment to a process that will ultimately see if having to change its entire growth model.

That pesky Shale Gas statement by Al-Attiyah still hangs in the air, like the smoke from a burning wind turbine:

Many environmental NGOs have already made their mind up after seeing Al Attiyah at an oil and money conference in London two weeks ago hailing the impact of shale exploration: “Gas will give the world 300 years of security”, he said.

While admitting this was an unusual event for a COP President to attend, Ashton has not written off Qatar’s sincerity as a result.

When the blame game starts after COP18 fails, you can be sure Al-Attiyahs Shale Gas statement will have played a big part in its failure.

There is another interesting aspect to this story, Al Jazeera the satellite news channel is Qatari owned and has been running the AGW fear meme relentlessly in the run up to COP18, while the COP18 President is pushing the merits of the evil fossil fuels, a cynic could construe that the Qataris are hedging their bets by the telling the warming alarmists what they want to hear, while quietly making sure that their economic growth model driven by fossil fuels continues uninterrupted.

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  1. Wouldn’t it be great if Hauge was forced to resign over hobbling the North Wales child abuse inquiry when he was Welsh secretary and ” accessory to the fact ” on the cover up ?

  2. XX As a result the Presidency must ensure it is “completely transparent and even handed” he said. “It cannot afford to give the impression that it is biased –XX

    Sorry, I just spat my beer all over my computer!

    So where are the scientists, invited speakers, who DISAGREE with the loony-tune-greeny-loons?

    Surely THAT would be the BEST way to show “even handidness”?

    Or am I a bit naive today?

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