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COP18 Could This Be The Last UN Climate Circus Meeting?

With little over a week to go until COP18 starts, there are increasing signs that the Anthropogenic Global Warming boondoggle is disintegrating at an ever increasing pace.

Attendance is down to a lower level than COP17, so slow has the take up for visas been that, the counter for visa applications was removed from the COP18 website.

Then in one of the strangest statements to ever come out of the UNFCCC, the COP18 President, Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Attiyah declared that Shale Gas was good news for the world as it would provide energy security for the next 300 years, which is poles apart from the UN official meme of abandoning the use of fossil fuels.

Now the United States has suggested that the UN is not the best place to ever achieve a climate deal: Read the rest of this entry

COP18 President – Shale Gas Is Good News For The World

Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Attiyah is deputy prime minister of Qatar and President of UN COP18 being held in Doha. The COP18 president thinks that fracking and shale gas is a good thing because it will bring energy security for 300 years.

One thing that nobody ever expected to hear from a president of a UN Climate Circus meeting is that shale gas is a good thing for the world.

Climate Religion has finally had its Martin Luther moment, sacrilege is being preached from the pulpit of the Church of Climatology.

Attendance at COP18 is likely to be even lower than last years dismal attendance for COP17, as witnessed by the removal of the visa applications counter from the COP18 website.

Al-Attiyah’s statement about shale gas is not the meme the warming alarmists expect from a UN Climate Circus Ring Master: Read the rest of this entry

EU Backs Down And Suspends Green Flying Tax For 12 months

2012 has not been a good year for Comrade Connie and her Green Agenda, now the EU has suspended the Green flying tax for a year

2012 was going to be a good year for unelected EU Climate Commissar Connie Hedegaard, January 1st saw the imposition of the EU’s Green tax on flying, in June Rio+20 held the promise of reigniting the climate superstition and fear of 20 years earlier and Hedegaard was pushing all out for the complete de-industrialisation of Europe with a bigger 30% emissions cutting target.

In June Rio+20 failed to achieve anything, despite the prolific use of the sustainable development meme, 20 years of failed environmental Armageddon events and Green politically correct science saw the  much hyped Earth Summit fail.

In response Comrade Connie along with the sheep of the tabloid warming alarmist movement embraced event attribution, despite the very climate scientists and organisations so often quoted by the Greens, warning against attributing weather events to Anthropogenic Global Warming.

Now as a global trade war with the bankrupt European Union vs the rest of the world has loomed large, the Green rollback in europe gathers pace as the EU suspends its Green flying tax for 12 months: Read the rest of this entry

COP18 Removes Visa Applicants Counter From The Web Site

The COP18 web site on November 5th which had a count of 5638 Visa applicants

This years UN Climate Circus annual meeting COP18, is being held in Doha and as usual is being billed as the last chance to save the world from CO2, until COP18 fails and then the burden of saving the world  will be on COP19.

Someone in the UN still thought that the annual COP meetings were as important as they ocne were, the high water mark for COP attendance was COP15 in Copenhagen with 33000 attendees including a huge press presence and the usual posses from the Green NGOs, but with just 20 days to the start of COP18 the counter for visa applications was well below 6000, not exactly the huge take up they were expecting.

Now just the 3 days later the visa application counter has vanished from the COP18 web site: Read the rest of this entry

The Next IPCC Report “Is Going To Scare The Wits Out Of Everyone”

Former UN Climate Scam chief Yvo De Boer knows the next IPCC report will be full of scientific errors, Green NGO propaganda and more scary predictions of environmental Armageddon

The 5th Assessment report of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is going to be full of more scary predictions of environmental Armageddon, so scared will we be, that without a murmur we will all acquiesce to one world government by the UN and embrace the Green Agrarian Hell with joy.

Once upon a time Yvo De Boer was the head honcho in the UN Climate Change scam, but after the failure of COP15, De Boer unexpectedly resigned due to frustration at the outcome of COP15.

The IPCC reports are either politically motivated science to support the Green Agenda, or simply the propaganda of Greenpeace and the WWF, as was the case with Glaciergate.

In common with the vast majority of those employed at the IPCC, their Leader Dr Rajendra Pachauri is not a Climate Scientist, neither is he unbelievably a researcher for Greenpeace or the WWF, he is in fact a Railway Engineer who has presided over one of the biggest scientific scams since Piltdown Man: Read the rest of this entry

COP18 Doha – Is Anyone Actually Going?

It has all been downhill for the warming alarmists since COP15 in Copenhagen where 33526 delegates and press attended what they called Hopenhagen, where the hope was to destroy western industrialised society and pave the way for the Green Hell of the Agrarian Dream.

Then in a flash Climategate destroyed the illusion of Anthropogenic Global Warming, despite the then socialist British Prime Minister Gordon Brown telling us there only 50 days to save the world and the current incumbent socialist US President Barack Obama saying the science is settled.

Then just as the great Green socialist hope for one world government, Barack Obama flew into Copenhagen to save the world from what was then called Global Warming, Gaia saw fit to unleash an unprecedented  irony on the warmists with a massive snow storm that forced Obama to leave early citing “weather constraints in Washington

Last years UN Climate Circus COP17 in Durban attracted just 12,500 delegates, where 7300 were from Green NGOs and journalists, COP17 like its predecessors COP16 and COP15 achieved nothing, but did provide yet another exotic location for the saviours of the planet to consume huge quantities of fossil fuel and enjoy 5 star luxury living while saving the planet.

The fall in attendees between COP15 and COP17 was around 60% in just 2 years, thus far in 2012 with just 20 days to go less than 6000 people have applied for visas to Qatar: Read the rest of this entry

IPCC – “Sandy Was Not Caused By Anthropogenic Global Warming”

World wide storm activity is decreasing not increasing

If there is one thing the Greens and the warming alarmists really get their rocks off on, it is a natural disaster or weather event.

The bigger the loss of life and damage the happier the warmists are, making Green political capital out of people’s suffering is all in a day’s work  for the average Green warming alarmist.

In Green La La land everything is attributable to Anthropogenic Global Warming, or increasing levels of atmospheric CO2, or both.

As the list of Green environmental Armageddon non-events has continued to grow, so the increasingly desperate warming alarmist have turned to event attribution as the way to keep their scam alive, despite warmist scientists saying that event attribution is dangerous and scientifically unsound.

Tropical Storm Sandy was always going to be grabbed by the watermelons as still more proof of their irrational fear of CO2: Read the rest of this entry

Green Wise – Earthquakes Are Now Extreme Weather Events

Afghanistan is to spend US $6 million on Climate Change Policy

War ravaged Afghanistan is to spend US $6 million on the country’s first ever Climate Change programme.

The programme will be managed by Afghanistans National Environmental Protection Agency and the United Nations Environment Programme, with funding coming from the Global Environment Facility.

The UN has identified Afghanistan as one of the countries most at risk from Anthropogenic Global Warming: Read the rest of this entry