COP18 Fear And Loathing In Doha

COP18 Host Qatar wants to scrap the work done so far and get a set of key ministers to draft new negotiating texts, negating all the work done since the conference started.

COP18 Host Qatar wants to scrap the work done so far and get a set of key ministers to draft new negotiating texts, negating all the work done since the conference started.

This years UN Climate Circus meeting in Doha, COP18 is a very strange beast, there is distrust of the COP18 President, the host nations stance on Anthropogenic Global Warming, Kyoto and the Long term Cooperative Action (LCA) are coming to an end with no successors likely to emerge, the Green NGOs have found out that they are now largely peripheral to the whole process and the USA has said they will not commit economic suicide by signing up to a climate deal.

On November 26th the COP18 climate negotiators started work on agreeing the texts for the Ministers who fly in on December 3rd to hammer some sort of agreement out of, against this background of mutual distrust,  the host nation Qatar wants to trash all the work done by the negotiators and produce new texts with selected ministers, behind closed doors.

Rewind to 2009 and COP15 Copenhagen, the then hosts Denmark did exactly what the Qataris propose and COP15 ended with arguments, no agreement and bitter disappointment for the outcome of Hopenhagen.

Only at COP18 against a background of distrust, loathing and division could the host nation use the very same tactic that helped to ensure that COP15 was a massive failure:

DOHA: Host Qatar plans to start a ministerial-level closed door meeting at the ongoing UN climate negotiations but outside the formal schedule, which could potentially short circuit and make redundant the negotiator-level talks that started on November 26.

The move has got several developing countries, who have been informed of the plan, agitated.

While a pre-schedule meeting of the 190 plus ministers is slated for December 5, sources in the developing countries told TOI that the host plans to hold a meeting of ministers even before the date. This has evoked distrust and bad blood among gathered nations that have been characteristic of UN climate talks.

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  1. The devastating impact of hydro on the river system. Well worth watching.

  2. As with the fall of hated government regimes the end of this little adventure into planetary control will take a form that is unexpected. The huge behemoth that is CAGW is about to die but bits of it will stagger on for a while under their own momentum. Windmills , bio fuel and bio mass being three that are tied up in economic and legal spider webs are beginning to wither as subsidies are withdrawn. Hybrids and leccy cars will still go on with the “my farts don’t stink” crowd till that becomes unfashionable.

    Sixteen years boys, sixteen years and no answer from the scientists. No plan for the coming course correction. It is really unsurprising that we are in the huge economic hole we find ourselves when chops like the current, and recent, crop of politicians are showing just how incompetent they are.

    Thanks for the updates Tory, please keep them coming.

    Warm Regards,


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