COP18 Russia Backs Off 25% Emissions Reduction Target

Russia refused to sign up to Kyoto, refuses to sign up to Kyoto CP2 and is now backsliding on 25% emissions cut.

Russia refused to sign up to Kyoto, refuses to sign up to Kyoto CP2 and is now backsliding on 25% emissions cut.

Russia has always played a cynical game in the Climate Change scam, although a massive exporter of fossil fuels, mainly natural gas, Russia has been Green when it was politically and commercially expedient to be Green.

Take for example the sudden Greening of Russia when it comes to fracking in Eastern Europe, the reason for the opposition to Polish shale gas extraction is that the Russian energy Gazprom will see a decline in profits as countries produce their own gas much more cheaply, and Russia will lose political influence and not be able to force its political and economic will on other countries by turning off the gas, like Russia did to the Ukraine in 2009.

Russia as the Greens would say has form for signing up to emissions deals, at COP16 Russia opposed an extension of Kyoto, at COP17 one year later Russia stated it will never sign up to an extension of Kyoto.

Playing the game expertly as ever, Russia at the failed Rio+20 Earth summit in June announced a 25% emissions cut target:

A draft presidential decree seen by RIA Novosti shows that Russia might be backing away from an unconditional 25% emission reduction target announced by Prime Minister Medvedev during the Rio+20 summit in June to its 15-25% range stated in the 2009 Copenhagen Accord.

The Russian government, which remains entrenched in its refusal to join Kyoto second commitment period, has been contemplating a firmer 2020 goal on the national level for several months.

There is a world of difference between contemplation and action, the Russians know that by “contemplating” an emissions cut the Greens will be happy because any support, no matter how dubious, for their dying scam is better than none at all.

This led many to believe that a legally binding national goal might be announced by Russia’s climate change envoy and head of delegation in Doha, Alexander Bedritsky, in his speech at the high-level segment.

The politicians at COP18 know that there is no support for a climate deal, the UN Climate Commissar Christiana Figueres has said there is no populist support for an ambitious climate deal so the outcome was thankfully always a predetermined failure, at the same time the politicians still feel the need to appease the Greens and be politically correct by holding a UN Climate Circus meeting ever year where they pretend to be in search of a deal on climate.

It is difficult to know which is more ludicrous, thinking man can control the weather or staging an annual UN Climate Circus meeting that always fails.

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