COP18 – Barker & Davey Britain’s Spendthrift Climate Change Fools

Greg Barker and Ed Davey Climate Change Fools at the heart of the Coalition Government

Greg Barker and Ed Davey Climate Change Fools at the heart of Britain’s Coalition Government

There has been no warming for 16 years, a fact that even the UK Met Office cannot spin out of existence, yet for some people wedded to a belief system or a Liberal we must be fair and it makes me feel good to be equitable mindset, we live in an ever warming world where by 2050 we will all be as crisp as toast or the remnants of humanity will be fighting for the last place on Mount Ararat as the global sea levels rise 100’s of feet.

This is the sort of behaviour we have grown to expect from the Green NGOs like Greenpeace, WWF and FoE, it is par for the course, the problem begins when there are government ministers who think like this and they then give away billions of pounds that Britain does not have, to solve a problem that does not exist.

A UNFCCC Conference always brings out the staunch believers in Climate Religion, these days a dwindling band, but make no mistake there are still some people in the process who wield power and have the ability to spend waste tax payers money on their pet crusades:

Enter the Climate Fools apprentice Greg Barker.

Barker lives in cloud cuckoo land, which is further exacerbated by his complete lack of understanding of the realities of the global marketplace.

Barker wants Britain to become an exporter of wind turbines to the world, because this will create billions of jobs in Britain and earn the country mega trillions in export earnings, a great a idea were it not for one inconvenient truth.

There is a global glut of bird choppers, prices are depressed and there is no way that Britain, the EU or just about anywhere else can compete with China on price, there is a reason that China has become the factory of the world, and it is quite simply cost.

Barker is definitely suffering from a bad case of do not confuse me with facts my mind is made up, a fact his constituents should consider at the next election.

The Court Jester of the Climate Fools is Chris “I am on trial for perverting the course of justice next month” Huhne’s replacement at the Ministry for Climate Religion Ed Davey.

Barker was echoing the alarmism of his lame-brained Lib Dem boss at the energy department, Ed Davey, who tried to justify spending billions of pounds we haven’t got subsidising a variety of greenhouse-related projects around the globe.

As well as giving British money to German and Japanese firms to erect windmills in Africa, Davey is also bunging the Colombians £21 million of our hard-earned to develop ‘greener’ cattle farms. Never mind that this comes at the same time as another Government-funded quango is warning that unless we stop eating dairy produce NOW we’re all going to DIE!

And, anyway, it wasn’t that long ago we were being told that the ‘eructations’ from cattle were the single biggest cause of global warming. Make your minds up.

From Barker and Davey’s Liberal,  I need to feel good perspective, what could be better than giving away Green Foreign Aid, afterall it is the closest a Lib will ever come to a multiple orgasm.

But what really matters is where the money ends up.

Barker and Davey probably both believe in the earnest way that only a Liberal mindset can that Colombia’s biggest cash crop is Coffee or Cattle.

The biggest cash crop in Colombia is not cattle, it’s cocaine. Where, exactly, does dopey Davey think this largesse is going to end up? My money’s on the Medellin Cartel. Yet he’s quite happy to keep on doling out the cash.

If Davey wants to play Lady Bountiful and salve his Liberal conscience, let him give his own money away. Someone should remind the Minister for Windmills he was elected to serve the people of Surbiton, not Sudan.

Another victory for the Greens then, sustainable cocaine production with a low carbon footprint.

One thing though it does put a whole new meaning on a line of climate finance.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. Did Prince Charles go to Doha Cop18 ?

    Got the Eco-Nazi Prince Charles next in line, like the original Charles the people are likely to demand his execution when if given the facts about the Co2 scam and the corporate ethnic cleansing in his name by WWF in the third world. The charge would probably amount to Treason against UK people and now 2bn foreign aid spent on multinationals building wind farms for Africa and greener cows for Columbia. Who’s pulling who’s pisser when at the same time the Corporate Nazi’s cut 3bn from welfare when there are foodbanks everywhere to stop people from starving on the current levels of benefits actually paid to the poor person and soon to include anyone not paying 40% income tax !

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