COP18 Fails But There Is Still A Chance For Revenge On The West

COP18 The fifth UN Climate Circus failure in a row

COP18 The fifth UN Climate Circus failure in a row

COP18 has ended, and like its predecessors COP15, COP16, COP17 and Rio+20, COP18 has failed to achieve very much, which was frankly the expectation of both sides of the Anthropogenic Global Warming debate, before the conference even started.

Words and phrases like lame, toothless and the much used hell in a handcart have been used to describe the outcome of COP18.

So what was achieved at COP18?

Well the Kyoto Protocol will be extended until 2020, the problem being that only 37 countries out of the 194 attending signed up for the extension.

These countries are responsible for just 15% of global CO2 emissions, the treaty is not internationally binding,  so it falls far short of  the benchmark of the warming alarmists,  and it is yet another example of the totally pointless Green gesture politics that the European Union excels at.

The Green NGOs and climate fraudsters like the Maldives are deeply dissapointed that their wealth redistribution scam has failed to get any real money, again.

Developing countries were left disappointed by limited financial pledges by richer states, although work will begin on a new loss and damage mechanism that could see countries hit by climatic disasters compensated by historically high emitters.

But despite applause as the conference closed, climate campaigners said it had been a deep disappointment.

Greenpeace Executive Director Kumi Naidoo said the process was “bankrupt” as it had failed to protect poorer countries from the onset of global warming. “Any government walking out of here saying this was a success is suffering from a terrible case of cognitive dissonance”, he said.

The Greens have been pushing hard for “climate justice” which like “sustainable development” means different things to different people, the ambiguity is deliberate as all ambiguities always are, in a political agenda.

Climate Justice really means wealth redistribution by one means or another, as one scam fails so a new one surfaces.

Poor countries have won historic recognition of the plight they face from the ravages of climate change, wringing a pledge from rich nations that they will receive funds to repair the “loss and damage” incurred.

This is the first time developing countries have received such assurances, and the first time the phrase “loss and damage from climate change” has been enshrined in an international legal document.

With the warmists attributing every weather event to man made climate change the loss and damage meme could be a virtual blank cheque for the grasping hands of the developing nations:

Ronald Jumeau, negotiating for the Seychelles, scolded the US negotiator: “If we had had more ambition [on emissions cuts from rich countries], we would not have to ask for so much [money] for adaptation. If there had been more money for adaptation [to climate change], we would not be looking for money for loss and damage. What’s next? Loss of our islands?”

There is no significant sea level rise, the European Space Agency’s Envisat reported that the 2 year decline in sea level was continuing at the rate of 5mm per year, Jumeau is just pushing the warmist fear meme hard in return for the money he now expects as a right.

Barack Obama’s USA however is having none of it:

The US had strongly opposed the initial “loss and damage” proposals, which would have set up a new international institution to collect and disperse funds to vulnerable countries. US negotiators also made certain that neither the word “compensation”, nor any other term connoting legal liability, was used, to avoid opening the floodgates to litigation – instead, the money will be judged as aid.

Judging from the previous pledges of climate finance made at earlier COP meetings the money, if any actually materializes at all, will come from existing aid budgets.

Then there is the problem of who will control and distribute the money, some nations want a bank set up for the purpose, others want to use existing international institutions.

The bloodbath to resolve this and all the other unfinished business from COP18 will resume next year at COP19 in Poland, where 12 months down the line the Great Man Made Global Warming Scam will have decayed still further, but one thing will still remain constant, the desire to punish the so called rich nations for having achieved a modern industrial society instead of languishing in the drudge and misery of the Green Agrarian dream.

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  1. Yep so now they need in between the COPs to party and push their agenda, 😆 Maximize on the travel and party before the party ends…. LMAO! I wonder how Poland will work out the next round, but ya never know with the new leadership there after that Russian plane crash awhile back…… Wait and see if it happens and then you know if the fix is in! 😆

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