COP18 Postmortem – Green NGOs Despair

COP18 President Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Attiyah closes yet another failed UN Climate Conference

COP18 President Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Attiyah closes yet another failed UN Climate Conference

COP18 was even by the standards of the UNFCCC, a spectacular failure, the delegates left Doha without any of the major emitters making a new pledge to cut the CO2 emissions.

There never were high expectations of COP18 producing a new binding agreement, but those attending were expecting some progress.

Instead they got absolutely nothing, and now the Green warming alarmists are in despair, no matter how loud or often they cry “Wolf”, no one listens any more:

Greenpeace – Kumi Naidoo

“Any government walking out here saying it is a success is suffering from a terrible case of cognitive dissonance. The science and the reality says we need more ambition. we have to call this a substantial failure. They have to align the political reality of these conversations with what the science says. Yes we defended a second commitment period but it is weak it doesn’t give us any joy. This failure is a betrayal of the people in the Philippines and all the other people who face climate impacts now.”

The typical Green factually unfounded rhetoric about attributing extreme weather events to man, even the warming alarmist journal Nature concluded that climate science was too immature to link extreme weather with Anthropogenic Global Warming.

ActionAid – Brandon Wu

“Climate finance is not charity or foreign aid; it’s an obligation of developed countries, whose accumulated emissions have caused the climate crisis. The Doha outcome completely fails to provide clarity on how these countries will meet this obligation.

No warming for 16 years, the IPCC, warming alarmist scientists and even Nature magazine stating again and again there is no link to weather events like Sandy and CO2 emissions.

WWF – Samantha Smith

“Some developed countries have made a mockery of the negotiations by backing away from their past commitments and refusing to take on new ones. And to make matters worse, it was only a handful of countries – such as Poland, Russia, Canada, the US and Japan – who held the negotiations to ransom.”

A bit wide of the truth there as well, only 37 countries sort of signed up to a Kyoto extension,  so blaming the usual suspects is par for the course, rather than waking up to the reality that the Great Man Made Global Warming Scam is mostly dead.

You do have to wonder what COP19 will bring, the host country for that upcoming climate conference farce is Poland,  an even bigger Satan to the Greens than Qatar is.

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  1. Aren’t those 37 countries ashamed of themselves? Although I suspect most of them are EU countries who had no choice but to do what the EU Commission decided

  2. One was Australia, alas.

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