COP18 – Kyoto 2 Comes Apart

Oleg Shamanov at COP18 trying to get the President's attention

Oleg Shamanov at COP18 trying to get the President’s attention

The outcome of COP18 did at least last a little bit longer than COP17, where just 1 day after COP17 finished, Canada exercised its legal right to withdraw from the Kyoto protocol stating that “Kyoto was not the way forward for Canada or the world“.

So it is no real surprise to learn that once again Kyoto is rapidly eroding what little COP18 achieved, which in essence was 37 countries agreeing to a non legally binding extension of Kyoto to run until 2020, not one major CO2 emitting country has signed up.

The scale of the Green defeat at Doha can be quantified by the fact that the 37 countries emit just 15% of the scary CO2 emissions, and the majority of the 15% (11%) comes from the EU block of nations.

The way that the new Kyoto texts were forced through by the COP18 President Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Attiyah at the close of the meeting is causing problems for the outcome:

Three former Soviet nations could leave the Kyoto Protocol as a result of a last minute change to the new terms of the treaty agreed in Doha on Saturday.

Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan are unhappy with an amendment to the Kyoto treaty at the Doha UN climate talks that means their emissions must remain lower than they were between 2008-2010. They believe this will limit their economic development.

At last 3 more countries have woken up to the Green Dream of suppressing further economic progress and development, what a shame for the whole world that politicians cannot think past the news worthy sound bite and actually think something through to the end, once the Green euphoria fades all that is left is the economic reality of what once seemed a noble and lofty idea.

A negotiator representing Belarus told Reuters that he would advise his country to leave and that other former Soviet nations could do the same.

The possibility of any of the Russian Federation staying in Kyoto if 1 country leaves is pretty remote, committing economic suicide seems to be a European and Australian trait.

A negotiator representing Belarus told Reuters that he would advise his country to leave and that other former Soviet nations could do the same. Canada will officially exit Kyoto later this month having announced its intentions in Durban last year.

Russia raised its disapproval to the new Kyoto deal during the last session of the UN talks. The meeting’s President H.E. Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Attiyah, gavelled through the agreement regardless saying that consensus had been reached

The amendment that has caused all the problems was put forward by the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS):

The amendment, which was put forward by the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS), effectively means only countries reducing total emissions under Kyoto, rather than limiting their growth, can take part in the second commitment period.

“Belarus and Kazakhstan aren’t really developed yet. They have emerging economies and in Kazakhstan’s case, lots of mining potential,” said Alexey Kokorin, head of WWF-Russia’s climate change programme and a former Russian negotiator.

“They will continue to see emissions growing and will incur a penalty that forces them to buy extra carbon credits so that they are back down to the 2008-2010 levels. That’s not possible. So Belarus and Kazakhstan are essentially excluded from the second period of Kyoto,”

The priceless irony in this Green debacle is that the AOSIS nations are so determined to get their grasping duplicitous hands on western money, that they will follow the CO2 causes global warming lie to the ends of the earth, in pursuit of this goal. However the rest of world has shown it is not willing to limit its economic growth, and so will not sign up to a new Kyoto or commit money for the ludicrous historic blame for having had an industrial revolution.

All the Kyoto extension is now, is an economic suicide pact between the EU and Australia, cheered on by AOSIS who want bucket loads of western money to save their islands from falling sea levels, so they can build new airports and hotels on islands which they say will have sunk beneath the waves by 2015.

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