Green Defeat – Germany Votes To Keep On Fracking

Fracking? Ja bitte

Fracking? Ja bitte

The inexorable march of shale gas in europe continues, no sooner has Britain given the green light for fracking so the German Parliament has voted by 309 against 259 to continue fracking.

Continue fracking?

But isn’t fracking according to the Greens a new and barely tried technology?

Germany has been fracking since the 1960s, without any of the often predicted Green disasters happening, after 50 years fracking is hardly an emergent technology.

Following the usual global pattern the Green Party and the Left Party tried to ban fracking in Germany:

Merkel’s coalition government defeated motions from the Green Party and Left Party that called for banning hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, after the opposition argued the technique is harmful to the environment. The vote was 309 against the Green Party’s motion, 259 in favor and two abstentions. There was no count for the second motion.

There’s no reason to prohibit a technique that’s been used in Germany for many years without incidents, said Andreas Laemmel, a lawmaker with the Christian Democratic Union.

No reason unless you are Green, then of course fracking must be opposed, as fracking does not fall into the category of Green tokenism, energy generation if you are Green must be intermittent, heavily tax payer subsidised and can only come from wind and solar.

The Green party says the method should be banned until possible risks related to groundwater pollution and seismic shocks can be managed.

Fracking has been practiced in Germany since the 1960s, and has been used at least 275 times at conventional gas and oil wells in Lower Saxony state, according to a study presented by the Environment Ministry in September.

The fracking debate has polarised the environmental movement, the Guardian is naturally in the thick of the disinformation fog, though the article where an environmental journalist and Greenpeace activist discuss fracking is tellingly accurate:

Mark Lynas a professional writer on climate change:

By going big on opposition to fracking, the environmental movement risks scoring a large own-goal. Just as they have done with nuclear power, the greens are using arguments about trivial and manageable risks to try to stop a technology that can help to reduce a much greater risk – that of global warming.

David Santillo, senior scientist for Greenpeace:

A range of hazardous chemicals are added to fracturing fluids (at least 260 chemical additives are known to be used), some of which are toxic, carcinogenic or mutagenic. These chemicals can contaminate groundwater if well bores fail, and are part of waste fluid streams returned to the surface, which can also pick up contaminants such as heavy metals, volatile hydrocarbons and naturally occurring radioactive elements from the shale itself. Well-drilling operations can also cause severe landscape degradation and noise pollution simply as a result of normal operations.

On top of all this, it appears that the greenhouse gas “footprint” of shale gas may be significantly greater than for conventional gas and has even be claimed by some to be worse than coal.

Absolutely true to type, the Greenpeace “scientist” rolls out the environmental Armageddon scenario and then back up the predicted Green holocaust with a junk science report on shale gas that was so bad, other Green zealots panned it for what it was, politically motivated junk science.

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  1. XX A range of hazardous chemicals are added to…… (at least 260 chemical additives are known to be used), some of which are toxic, carcinogenic or mutagenic. XX

    Now WHERE have I heard this riculous B.S “argument” before???

  2. The chemicals used in fracturing are found in our kitchens, and are mostly recovered. Water is the ‘chemical’ actually used in fracturing. Thgere is no noise at all after the drilling operation. It is as silent as wind turbine when the wind is not blowing.

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