Doorstep Renewable Energy Sellers Prey On The Elderly

Doorstep sellers for renewables like solar are targetting the elderly with methods that will give the renewables industry a bad name

Doorstep sellers for renewables like solar are targeting the elderly with methods that will give the renewables industry a bad name

This story did not come from a climate sceptic blog, the Daily Mail, James Delingpole, The Koch Brothers or any similar source, it comes from the Green Wise Blog for business:

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) recently reported that it has had a record 35,000 complaints to its helpline on doorstep selling. This is likely to be the tip of the iceberg as many of the victims of this sales technique are elderly, have savings, may live alone and, most pertinently, don’t know their rights, so aren’t complaining.

This is certainly the demographic that the cowboy element of the solar industry is targeting, and there have been some horror stories. Just this month I’ve heard of someone who locked herself in her bathroom while she phoned a neighbour to ask if they could come over and help her get the sales man out of the house.

Another salesman broke all the rules in the book offering discounts for signing up on the day. The final discounted price was still significantly higher than the going rate in the market.

There is something deeply abhorrent about people who prey on the weak, the sick and the elderly and yet another aspect of Green job creation that you will never read about in the Guardian.

The problem is going to get worse:

It is beyond doubt that this minority of companies who do not stick to the strict guidelines laid down in the REAL consumer code are in danger of giving the renewable energy business a bad name. This matters. And I would argue that it matters for this exciting new sector more than it matters for most. There is also a danger that it will get worse when the Renewable Heat Incentive starts next year, and the companies add heat pumps and other products to their portfolio.

When someone involved in the Green boondoggle points out that this type of sales tactic is just the tip of the iceberg and that the problem is going to get worse, then even the most zealous environmentalist should hang their in shame at what is being done for their transition to a low-carbon economy.

Next time you read about the huge take up in micro generation, and how wonderful solar is, stop and think for a moment about how many elderly people were bullied into taking part by some low life scum sucker of a renewable energy salesman.

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  1. Green Deal or Green Steal ? ( will cost you £100 up front for the assesment ! )

    Everyone must be familiar with the Green Deal as proposed by the government in the alleged quest for energy efficiency, most addresses must have been cold called first from India and then with a recorded message even if like me you are theoretically on the Telephone Preference Service. It is alleged that insulating your loft and cavity walls plus double glazing can save you a fortune on your energy, however, consumer group Which has grave reservations about the assessments for the Energy Performance Certificate. It would appear that said assessments only take into account an average of an average and therefore it may be the case that after taking out the government backed LOAN they want you to, you may not actually save any money as a result of the works undertaken. There is also some question about the early payment clause, if in future you actually have the money available to pay off the loan early you will be hit by huge Bank charges. Most people who’s house has been upgraded since the mid 1980s will probably already have some loft insulation ( the biggest energy loss ) and most people have double glazing by now, cavity wall insulation can cause major damp problems.

    It would appear that the Green Deal has all the hallmarks of a stock market parasite investment scam to entice currently solvent people into taking out a loan against their house in the hope that their unfortunate victim will never be able to afford to pay it off. I suppose this particularly applies to pensioners who currently own their own home outright, who are income poor yet their only aim in life is to pass their property onto their children. Its all too easy to be enticed by the prospect of lower energy bills as already 15% inflated by Green Taxes and rising, yet your energy payment will simply be replaced by the repayment of the loan so that in actual fact many people could save precisely nothing, or in some cases pay out more every month.

    The whole Green Deal is wide open to miss-selling and anyone even thinking about it should be wary of the snake oil salesmen likely to move in for a quick buck, I suggest that people should be very very wary of anyone claiming that they can save money by taking out a loan and going into debt, especially pensioners who may not be as sharp minded as they once were. If you are short on ready cash it is said that a good set of thick curtains are almost as good as double glazing at reducing heat loss through your windows !

    Gordon Pye 2012

  2. I just wonder how many foolish ten bob fat cats will fall for the ” £1000 cash back ” they are offering for you to sign up for green deal loans ?

  3. We had one trying to sell us this outer wall clading stuff.

    Was most non-plused when I pointed out the wall are already a half meter thick, and what difference did he think another 2 cm would make.

    Trouble is, all over Berlin WHOLE housing associations are falling for this shite, and THEN have the cheek to put up your rent to pay for it!

    Needless to say, WE never get asked, when it is the landlord that falls into the trap. We just have to PAY for his imbiciity.

  4. So now they are literally door to door snake oil salesmen.

  5. Actually, someone who invests in alternative energy right now, for example a heat pump or solar panels, using their remaining dollars, is actually making one of the best investments they could, with the possible exception of gold and silver coins.

    When the financial system collapses in the not-so-distant future, then all of the those bonds and government pensions the elderly rely on today will lose most of their value, as will most stocks too. Along with this, oil price will rise dramatically, due to the pricing of Peak Oil into the market. This will cause prices of everything to rise dramatically, since everything depends on oil, including alternative energy, which is why investing in that today while you still can is a very worthwhile investment.

    Contrary to what you write about on this blog, alternative energy and Peak Oil is not a scam; it is actually scientific fact. If we do not immediately embrace alternative energy on a global scale (wind, solar and nuclear) and decarbonize, then it is almost certain that the world will enter a Malthusian Collapse and billions of people will die over the next century.

    • Keep believing that if you so wish, or that’s the sales pitch you want to present.

    • So let Me ask you, when the financial system collapses in the not-so-distant future as you describe, what makes you think that those rare metals will be useful? And useful for what and to whom?

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