Climate Activists Want To Keep Remote Indian Villiages In The Dark

Climate Activists are trying to stop remote Indian villiages in the Sundarbans regions from having grid based electricty, envioronmentalists says the village can omly have intermittent renewable enegy.

Climate Activists are trying to stop remote Indian villages in the Sundarbans region from having grid based electricity, environmentalists say the village can only have intermittent renewable enegy.

The left are forever apologising for the British Empire and colonialism, yet at the very first chance to start imposing Green neo-liberal Colonial policies on the developing world. the environmental movement never hesitate to become Green colonial masters.

Take for example the way the Greens tell everyone how to live their lives, one part of the great global warming boondoggle is promoted by caring sharing Oxfam, who once wanted to end world poverty and hunger, but has in recent years suborned this desire in favour of jumping on the AGW band wagon. This leads to a conflict of interest, for the poorer countries to improve their standard of living and join the 21st Century, there needs to be progress, economic growth and a constant reliable electricity supply.

In the Sundarbans region of India another Green NGO, CUTS International is working hard to ensure that the people of this region should be denied any chance to join the 21st Century:

Sundarbans: The ongoing extension of the electric grid to the remote islands of Sundarbans will not only adversely affect the viability of existing renewable energy projects, but will also accelerate the process of climate change, experts say.

“In view of the growing threat of climate change and contribution of the electricity sector to the overall green house gas emission, there is need for adopting appropriate strategies to rationalise use of coal and fossil fuel in the electricity sector,” according to a latest report by research body CUTS International.

The same tired old reasons of prefixed by could,may and might are rolled out again:

Environmentalists warn that the soil in the wetlands of Sundarbans is soft and setting up of large and heavy transmission poles may increase erosion and even change the tidal patterns when installed in rivers and creeks, surrounding the fragile islands.

“The ecological footprint of this scheme will be massive with all these electric poles across the river,” says Anshuman Das of Sabuj Sangha, an NGO that has been working in the Sundarbans for over 10 years.

The typical Green response to any chance of progress for the poor, find as many reasons as possible to oppose any form of energy generation that is not wind or solar.

“Since the conventional grid will allow 24×7 electricity to the consumers, there will be an obvious inclination among consumers to switch over to the conventional grid thereby jeopardising the long-term sustainability of the existing renewable energy run set-up,” says another report by CUTS International.

Given the choice between renewables and a reliable electricty supply, the Greens know which choice people will go for.

How unreasonable to want a reliable electricity supply in a hot climate, imagine having the ability to run hospitals and perform operations at night, keep vaccines and serum refrigerated and all the other things we in the industrialised world take for granted.

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  1. soft sands not a problem — just use longer poles and pile drivers

  2. Wonder what they would say if they were planting wind turbines in the same area?

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